We have came across the biography of India’s freedom fighter Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan. It is in Hindi. On page 15 he writes that he and his friend went to live in Qadian to pursue education. During his stay he had a dream in which he saw that he has fallen in a beautiful deep well. An individual comes to his his help and extends his hand to pull him out of the well and rescues him. That individual look at Mr. Khan with surprise and asks him ‘Dont you see this well, why do you want to throw yourself into it?” The next morning he narrated this dream to his friend and they both decided to leave Qadian.

He wasn’t the only famous Muslim who went to school in Qadian, the son of Allama Iqbal also went, and 2 of Batalvi’s son’s were forcibly taken to Qadian in 1910. More to come.

The Talim ul Islam High School was shut down by the British government in roughly 1904. Most of the teachers were corrupt anyways, they would always pass the sons of MGA and Ahmadi students.

By 1909, the British government gave the Ahmadiyya movement 250,000 rupees to build a building and house most of their students.
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