This is a set of ten volumes also published by Al-Shirkatul Islamiyyah under the title of Divine Treasures – Series II and known as Malfuzat. There seems to be a rare edition published in 1936 (see scan in the below, and the ROR of March-1941, April-1941, May-1941, June-1941, July-1941, Aug-1941, Sep-1941, Oct-1941, Nov-1941, Dec-1941, Jan-1942, Feb-1942, March-1942, Apr-1942, May-1942, June-1942, July-1942, Aug-1942, Sep-1942, Aug-1943, Sep-1943, Oct-1943, Dec-1943, Jan-1944 and Feb-1944 by Sheikh Abdul Hamid) and again quoted in the ROR of Aug-1946. Volume-1 was re-published in the 1960’s (see the exact dates in the below). Since the 1960’s, many revisions have taken place. This started as a 10 volume set, it was then changed into a 5-volume set, and thus all the references were mixed up. This seems to be the 1984 edition. Mirza Tahir Ahmad had this published from the UK it seems. The english editions of Malfuzat do not contain the sub references (to ahmadi newspapers like Badr and Hakam), only the urdu editions have the sub refs.

Many controversial references exist herein. In fact, MGA claimed that any claimant to prophethood would be “Wajibul-Qatl”. #Ahmadis were so embarrassed about MGA eating pig fat, they concocted a story in Malfuzat to somehow disconnect MGA from eating pig fat. 

1936 edition?

Mulfoozat printed in 1936-Jild 1-so if they were able to print and compile this in 1936 – It covers the time of MGA life from 1891-1899 – He dies in 1908 and also he was progressively getting ill -how on earth Mulfoozat become so many volumes -did they collect it from islamic books and made volumes out of them? where is the vol 2 -which they promised – printed 1936 – pakistan comes into being in 1947 -the years between 1936 and 1947 – there was so much turmoil that next printing of Ruhani Khazian (mulfoozat was part of it)started in 1960,s in rabwah- so my point is that how this one volume becomes 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or however many. The ROR of March and April-1941 mentions a “Malfoozat-i-Ahmad” by Sheikh Abdul Hamid, in fact, it is quoted. 

The particulars of the volumes published under the title of Malfuzat are given below:

Volume I
Published in Rabwah, August 1960, in Urdu, 464 pages, covering the period 1891 to 1899.

Volume II
Published in Rabwah, 1960, in Urdu, covering the period from 1900 to 1901.

Volume III
Published in Rabwah, 1961, in Urdu, covering the period from November 1901 to October 14, 1902.

Volume IV
Published in July 1962, in Urdu, 464 pages, covering the period from October 1902 to January 16, 1903.

Volume V
Published in Rabwah, October 1963, in Urdu, 464 pages, covering the period from January 17 to May 30, 1903.

Volume VI
Published in Rabwah, 1963, in Urdu, 464 pages, covering the period from June 1, 1903 to April 1904.

Volume VII
Published in Rabwah, November 1964, in Urdu, 464 pages, covering the period from May 2, 1904 to August, 1905.

Volume VIII
Published in Rabwah, June 1969, in Urdu, covering the period from September 1, 1905 to May 30, 1906.

Volume IX
Published in Rabwah, January 1907, in Urdu, covering the period from June 1906 to October 1907.

Volume X
Published in Rabwah, in Urdu, 464 pages, covering the period from October 1907 up to the time of his demise in May 1908.

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