Khutbah Ilhamiyyah is a total cover-up job by Ahmadiyya sources. Its first edition seems to have been published on August 25, 1901 (see Hidden Treasures), the second edition October 17, 1902 (see Hidden Treasures), it appears during the intervening period, four more chapters and some flyers were added during the period of May 1900 to October 1902, and then it appeared in the final shape in October 1902 (see hidden Treasures, pages 269-273). The Lahori-Ahmadi’s published an abridged version of an english translation in 2003. These are incomplete translations, they only cover roughly 30% of the book and only the alleged Arabic portion, the Qadiani’s made their own translation in 2023.

Watch Ak Shaikh and Akber C’s video analysis here. In 1907, in “Haqiqatul wahy” (see page 457 of the english edition), MGA calls this sermon as sign #165 of his truth. In 1907, MGA was claiming that his speech (Khutbah Ilhamia) was intimated to him on the morning of Eid, however, the full story will prove that MGA and his team planned this weeks in advance. Furthermore, MGA was feuding with Pir Mehr Ali Shah in this time frame, Pir Mehr Ali Shah claimed that MGA couldn’t speak/read/write proper Arabic and had challenged MGA to a speaking contest in Arabic in Lahore.  However, MGA never came to the venue. In the meantime, MGA’s team concocted this story in an attempt to prove that MGA could give speeches in Arabic and much more. You can also listen to the audio of this book herein.

It was Eid of April 11th, 1900, Noorudin led the Eid service and gave the speech, MGA then got up from a sitting position and spoke for about 20 minutes. MGA delivered an unintelligible rant, this was converted into “Khutbah Ilhamia”, and published later by Ahmadiyya sources.  Nevertheless, we have some references and source material in the below. MGA was known to claim these crazy things, in 1890, he claimed that Qadian was also mentioned in the Quran.  Later on in 1907, in Haqiqatul Wahy, on pages 457-458, MGA mentions the Khutbah Ilhamiya.  However, in this book it is mentioned that Khutbah Ilhamiya happened in 1900, not 1901, whereas all Ahmadi sources have always written 1901 (see Dard, page 722).

Khutbah Ilhamiya has 12 pages translated into english in the ROR of Sep-1917, translated by M. Rahim Baksh (M.A.)aka Dard. A brief english translation can be found in the Nov-Dec-1923 edition of the english ROR which corresponds to the second edition of Khutbah ilhamiya, pages 39 to 77. Khutbah ilhamia was mentioned in the ROR of July 1925, very briefly. Khutbah ilhamia is mentioned in the ROR of Apr-1942. Khutbah ilhamia is mentioned in the ROR of May-1947.

In this book, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad laid the foundation for the “hermaphrodite theory”, he basically said that “””Humans sometimes born only from the sperm of woman, although this is rare and this law is not out of nature, but its precedents are found in every nation.””” (page 86).

In Khutbah Ilhamiya, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed that he was given the ability by Allah to raise people from the dead (see page 34, online engish edition)._____________________________________________________________________________________________2nd edition of Khutbah ilhamia

Khutba Ilhamia

Some statements by witnesses, via

Syed Mahmood Alam states:

“Hazrat Maulvi Nuruddin Sahibra used to say that the Promised Messiahas delivered the Eid-ul-Adha sermon in Arabic, [which is stated at the beginning of the book, Khutba Ilhamiyah]. Later, he was asked as to what he experienced; he said, ‘The angels brought plaques having words written on them in bold letters. I would see and read them out. A plaque would appear and disappear after I had finish narrating it. Then, the next plaque would appear and so the series of plaques continued. When the scriber would ask [about a word], the disappeared plaque would come back and I would tell him after seeing it.” (Register Riwayat [unpublished], Reg. 4, p. 38, Riwayat Hazrat Syed Mahmood Alam Sahibra)

Maulvi Sher Ali said:

“My brother, Hafiz Abdul Ali Sahib, asked Hazrat [Hakim] Maulvi [Nuruddin] Sahibra about this [revealed sermon]. Maulvi Sahibra replied, ‘I know that it is beyond the power of the Promised Messiahas.’ His answer meant that it was the word of God and not of the Promised Messiahas.” (Register Riwayat [unpublished], Reg. 10, pp. 303-304, Hazrat Maulvi Sher Ali Sahibra)

Maulvi Abdullah writes:

“Syed Abdul Hayy Arab Sahibra, who came from Arabia and stayed in Qadian for many days for the purpose of research and later took Bai‘at of the Promised Messiahas, described the incident of his Bai‘at to this humble one.

“He said, ‘After reading the expressive and eloquent books of the Promised Messiahas, I was convinced in my heart that no one can write such words without the support of God. However, I was not certain that those works were of the Promised Messiahas, even though Hazrat Maulvi Nuruddin Sahib and other scholars used to assure me of this and testify … I continued to stay in Qadian to examine this matter, so that I too could see for myself any incident of divine succour. Thus, the time of the revelation of Khutba Ilhamiyah came and I witnessed with my own eyes the revelation of this prophetic and miraculous sermon. I heard with my own ears that without the help of any other person, this man was delivering such a powerful and moving sermon before the entire gathering in broad daylight. Hence, after listening to this sermon, I took Bai‘at with full conviction of heart.’” (Ashab-e-Ahmad, Vol. 7, p. 188)

Munshi Zafar Ahmad of Kapurthala, narrates:

“The Promised Messiahas stood in Masjid Aqsa on the day of Eid-ul-Adha and said, ‘I would like to present a few words of revelation in Arabic as a sermon. Both Maulvi Nuruddin Sahib and Maulvi Abdul Karim Sahib should write the words down with perfect accuracy.’ Thereafter, he began to deliver the sermon in Arabic. He was saying words so quickly that it was becoming difficult for the [scribes’] pen to maintain a pace with what was being uttered. We witnessed the special effect of this sermon that all the listeners were in a state of charisma and the sermon was being understood. Every single person was influenced by it.” (Siratul-Mahdi, Vol. 2, pp. 117-118)
_____________________________________________________________________________________________MGA claimed that Muhammad (Saw) visited Qadian

In a footnote, MGA quotes the quran (17:1), this is wherein Allah tells us how he carried Muhammad (Saw) on the night journey from Masjid Haram (In Mecca) to Masjid Aqsa (In jerusalem). In fact, in the 5-volume commentary of the Quran by Ahmadi’s, they have also written there that ‘Masjid Aqsa”, may also refer to MGA’s Masjid Aqsa in Qadian (see page 1404), which was built by MGA’s father in 1876, just before he died.
Khutbah ilhamiyyah, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 16, pages 22-23

“””And this is true because Qadian, which is located in District Gurdaspur of Punjab is located in the south west side of Lahore which is exactly east of Damascus””. 


Khutbah Ilhamiyyah, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 16, p. 31-73, via the 2018 online english edition of Tadhkirah

“”””Translation: [Arabic] O servants of Allah, ponder and reflect on this day of yours, which is the day of the Festival of Sacrifices, for verily hidden secrets have been placed in these sacrifices for those who are wise. All of you know that many animals are slaughtered on this day—many caravans of camels, herds of cattle, and flocks of goats are slaughtered—and all this is done in seeking the pleasure of the Lord of the universe. Such has been the practice ever since the inception of Islam and continues even in these days. In my opinion, these sacrifices that are made in our illustrious Shariah are beyond the realm of estimation, and they are far superior to the sacrifices made by those belonging to the earlier nations of prophets. The abundance of these sacrifices has reached a point that the face of the earth has been covered with their blood; so much so that if all of it were to be amassed and irrigated, streams would flow out and rivers would gush forth with it and all of the plains and valleys of the earth would be inundated with blood. In our religion, this deed is counted among those that are a means of attaining qurb [nearness] to Allah the Most Holy. They have been taken to resemble a mount that is like a flash of lightening in its speed and resplendence. It is for this very reason that these slaughtered animals have been given the name qurban because it is mentioned in the ahadith that they are a means of acquiring qurb [nearness] and communion with God Almighty for all those who offer these sacrifices with sincerity, devotion, and faithfulness. These sacrifices are among the most exalted acts of worship in the Shariah. Hence, the sacrificial animal is called nasikah. In the Arabic language, the word nusuk denotes submission and worship. Similarly, the word nusuk is also used in the aforementioned language to refer to the sacrifice of those animals whose slaughter has been enjoined by the Shariah. So this commonality of meanings in the word nusuk points out conclusively that a true worshipper and sincere servant is he who “slaughters” his self along with all his faculties, and all of the beloveds who have enamoured him, for the pleasure of the Lord of all creation. Such a one repels his selfish desires with a force that causes them to be totally shattered and annihilated. He himself becomes consumed with no trace left of his self and becomes hidden. The fierce winds of fana [self-annihilation] blow upon him and the particles of his very being are blown away by the strong gusts of these winds. And anyone who reflects upon the commonality of the two meanings of the word nusuk, and ponders over this station with an awakened heart and open eyes, will not fail to realize, and will not dispute that this commonality in the meanings of nusuk reveals the secret that the worship which delivers one from a loss of the Hereafter is the slaughter of nafs-e-ammarah which is the self that fervently incites towards evil in the likeness of a ruler who constantly enjoins evil. Thus, salvation lies in the fact that one slays the self that enjoins evil by the knives of turning exclusively towards Allah, the possessor of bounties, power and authority; and by considering God Almighty—to the exclusion of all creation—as being an intimate friend and the comfort of one’s soul. Moreover, one must endure diverse forms of bitter hardships to save one’s self from the death of heedlessness. This is the meaning of Islam and the true import of perfect submission. A Muslim is one who submits himself to slaughter before Allah, the Lord of all the worlds, and who, for His sake, has slaughtered the she-camel of his self
and has thrown it down on its forehead; and is never oblivious, even for a moment, of the time
of death. In short, the slaughters and sacrifices that are ordained in Islam are a reminder of
the objective of giving oneself freely. They are also an incentive for achieving this station, and
a forerunner of the reality to be attained after perfect enlightenment. Thus, it is incumbent upon every believing man and woman who seek the pleasure of the Loving God to understand this reality, so as to make it as their ultimate objective, and to imbue this reality in to their own being until it permeates every particle of their existence. They should not rest or sit at ease until they have offered this sacrifice for the Lord whom they worship, and not be content, like the foolish and ignorant, with the outer form and hollow shell. Rather, one ought to offer true sacrifice, and carry it out with all their intellect, and with a spirit of righteousness and the spirit of sacrifice. This is the height of the pilgrim’s journey, the ultimate objective of those seeking enlightenment, and the culmination of all the stations of the righteous. All the destinations of the truthful and the saints are arrived at, and the journey of the auliya’ reaches its height zenith. If you arrive at
this station, you have taken your struggle to its ultimate limit and have achieved the stage of
fana. It is then that the tree of your sojourn [towards God] will thereby grow to its utmost
perfection; and the neck of your soul will reach the soft green buds in the meadow of purity
and sublimity like a she-camel with a long neck reaching the high branches of a verdant tree.
Thereafter begins the experience of the feelings, the fragrance, and the glorious manifestations
of the One True God, so that He may cut asunder any remaining veins of human frailties. Thereafter, the soul that is content and pleased with God and whom God is pleased
with, and which has achieved the stage of fana, is granted life, permanence and nearness, so
that this servant may be equipped with the capacity to receive favours after his second life.
After this, the perfect man is adorned with the robe of khilafat by the One True God. He is
conferred the colour of divine attributes by way of reflection so that it is proven that he is
worthy of the station of khilafat [i.e., vicegerency]. Then, he descends towards humanity so that he may draw them to spirituality and bring them out of mundane darkness into the heavenly light. Such a man is made to inherit from those that have preceded him from among the Prophets, the Truthful, the men of learning and scholarship, and from the suns of divine nearness and friendship. He is granted the knowledge and insight of those who have preceded him among the learned divines and the wise scholars of the nation, so that it may be proven that he is worthy of the station of warathat [i.e., spiritual inheritance]. Such a man stays in the world for as long as it is ordained by his Lord of honour to enlighten humanity with the light of guidance. After he has illumined the people with the light of his Lord, or has taken the matter of delivering the message to its due level, [the purpose of] his titles is fulfilled and his Lord calls upon him and his soul is raised to its spiritual station. This is the meaning of rafa‘ [i.e., raising]
according to those who possess knowledge and understanding. Marfu‘ [i.e., one who is raised]
is he who is granted a draught of communion by the hand of the True Beloved who is the ocean of beauty and grace. He is draped in the mantle of divine providence, even though he permanently retains his station of servitude. This is the ultimate station that a seeker after
truth attains in human life. O company of people, do not be oblivious to this station, nor
to the secret that is found in sacrifices. Let your sacrifices be like mirrors that reflect this
reality. Do not disregard these advices, nor be like those who have forgotten their Lord and
their death. A reference to this hidden secret has been made in the Word of our All-Sustaining Lord. The Most Truthful among the truthful says whilst addressing His Prophet: [Say, ‘My prayer and my sacrifice and my life and my death are all for Allah, the Lord of the worlds.’] See how He has elaborated the meanings of the word nusuk by the words mahya [i.e, life] and mamat [i.e., death]. By this elaboration, He has thereby pointed towards the reality of sacrifice. O wise ones, reflect upon this. Whoever offers his sacrifice with a true understanding of the meaning of sacrifice, and does so with a sincere heart and pure intention, has verily thereby offered the sacrifice of his self, his children and his grandchildren. And for him is a great reward, like the reward which was for Ibrahim [Abraham], from his Benevolent Lord. Our Master, the Chosen One, the Messenger Elect, the Imam of the Righteous, and the Seal of the Prophets who is
the most truthful after Allah, has stated that: Verily sacrifices are mounts that lead you towards the Lord of Creation; and erase faults and ward off afflictions. This is what has been conveyed to us by the Messenger of God, the best of creation, peace and magnificent bounties of Allah be upon him. In this, he indicates the wisdom of sacrifices in eloquent words that shine like pearls. It is immensely pitiful that many people do not understand these hidden subtleties and do not follow this advice. To them there is no meaning in ‘Id other than to bathe, wear new clothes, gorge themselves and devour mouthfuls of food in the company of their families, servants, and
household workers; and then to proceed forth for the ‘Id prayer adorned like feudal lords. You will find that their greatest joy on this day is to eat sumptuous food, and the height of their
desire lies in fine and splendid garments as a display to the people. They know not what sacrifice is, nor the purpose behind the slaughter of goats and cattle. According to them, the purpose of ‘Id is nothing but to eat, drink, and engage in sheer enjoyment from dawn till dusk; to wear elegant dress, ride swift horses, and consume fresh meat. On this day you will find that their preoccupation is nothing more than to wear fine attire, comb their hair, apply collyrium to their eyes, perfume their clothing, style their dangling forelocks and sidelocks as women do for
adornment. Thereafter they repeat quick movements in their prayer in the likeness of a hen that pecks at grain—completely devoid of focus, abounding in stray thoughts and prey to a distracted heart. Thereafter, they attend to the consumption of a variety of foods and victuals, and fill their bellies with all types of blessings like the cattle. They are inclined towards sport and pastime and towards useless diversions. They leave their selves free to graze in the pastures of lust. They ride horses, carriages, camels and she-camels, mules, and the necks of men. All the while they are fully decorated. They waste the entire day in frivolous talk, giving gifts of meat to each other and displaying their pride in the meat of their cows and goats. This is accompanied by enjoyment, diverse forms of celebrations, attractions to please the self, acts of transgression, laughing with open mouths displaying both their front and back teeth, and
thronging towards the dancing of loose women, kissing and embracing them, and after that
[reaching for] their girdles. We say inna lillah [surely, to Allah we belong] on account of the plights that have descended upon Islam, and the vicissitude of the times. Hearts have
died, and sins have become rampant while grief has intensified. Thus in the black of night, and
in the darkness of the stormy winds, the mercy of Allah demanded the descent of heavenly
light (see Footnote).

Where it is stated in the ahadith that the Promised Messiah will descend, the word nuzul [descent] has been used to indicate that this age will be such that darkness would have swallowed the entire world, while honesty, trust, and truthfulness would have bid it farewell. The
earth would be filled with injustice and tyranny. It was to be then that God would send down a light from the heavens and would thereby illumine the world once again. It was to descend from above, because light always descends from on high. The time of the Promised Messiah is said to be one in which all means for the propagation of Islam would have been out of reach and Muslims would be left totally powerless. This will happen because the jealousy of God wills to remove, refute and eradicate the objection that has been raised against Islam suggesting that it was spread by the sword. Therefore, it is ordained that during the time of the Promised Messiah swords be sheathed and no one take up the sword for the sake of religion. If anyone does so, they would be defeated and suffer humiliating defeat by the disbelievers. The hosts of Hadrat Musa, who had been banished from Egypt continuously suffered defeat in the battles in which they marched forward against the command of Musa. So too will it happen now, for
the descent of the Promised Messiah from the heaven is an indication that his hand will not utilise worldly means. Rather, he will irrigate the garden of Islam with heavenly water, because now God desires to manifest the miracle that Islam does not depend upon the sword and worldly means for its propagation. Thus, anyone who despite this clear prohibition, and in view of the hadith containing the words [he will put an end to warfare], raises the sword and seeks to be a warrior, would essentially cast doubt upon this miracle. It is God Almighty who has willed to manifest this miracle, namely, to make Islam victorious and loved by the people, without the use of material means.

So, I am that light and the reformer who has come by the command of God Almighty, the servant [of Allah] who enjoys support. I am the awaited Mahdi and the Promised Messiah. I have been appointed by my Lord to a station that no man fathoms. My secret is above and beyond the ken of most men of Allah, let alone the common folk. My station is beyond the grasp of those who delve deep in understanding, nor can the height of my ascension be perceived by those who judge. My gait in the sojourn towards Allah is faster than the swiftest she-camels. Therefore, do not judge me by comparing me to others; nor compare others to me. Do not destroy yourselves with suspicion and antagonism. I am the kernel that has no shell. I am the soul that has no body. I am the sun that cannot be concealed with the smoke of enmity and malice. You may search for someone like unto me, but you will surely fail, even if you search carrying a lamp in hand. But this is no pride, it is gratitude for the favours of the God who has planted this seedling. I have been cleansed with the water of divine light and have been purified in the fountain of divine holiness, and have been purged of all filth and impurities, and my Lord has named me Ahmad. So, praise me and do not abuse me and do not take your affair to the brink of hopelessness. Anyone who praises me and leaves no kind of praise unmentioned, has spoken the truth, and has abstained from uttering falsehood. Whoever rejects this statement, speaks falsehood and kindles the wrath of the Gracious God. Woe upon him who doubts, and breaks the covenant, and pollutes his heart with the whisperings of Satan. I have descended from a lofty and honoured station so that my Lord may demonstrate some of His attributes of glory and beauty through me—that is, to remove evil and spread goodness. For
the age demanded that the evil, which had exceeded all bounds, be eradicated, and the virtue which had vanished, be re-established. Therefore, the grace of God willed that the present age be granted what it demanded in light of its prevailing circumstances, and so that mercy may be bestowed upon men and women. Therefore, I was made a reflection of the Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, so that God may remove the elements of harm and misguidance. And He made me the reflection of the most honoured Prophet, Ahmad, the Guided One, to benefit the people and to shower down, once again, the rain of understanding and guidance, and to purify the people from the filth of heedlessness and sin. Thus, I have come with two yellow robes that are coloured with the hues of glory and beauty. And I have been conferred the qualities of causing to die and bringing to life—and I have received these qualities from the Lord who is the Doer of what He wills. But the grandeur that I have been granted by Allah the Possessor of Glory (see footnote).

I have repeatedly affirmed that I have not come with swords and spears. Rather, I have come with signs, divine power, and eloquence of speech. Thus, my grandeur is heavenly and does not consist of armed forces and helpers.

is a result of the reflection of ‘Isa [that manifests itself in me], so that I may put an end to the evil of polytheism which surges forth and is present in the doctrines of the misguided and which has been kindled with utmost fury; for it is the greatest of all calamities in the sight of Allah who is the Knower of all circumstances; and so that I may raze the pillars of falsehood that they have erected in opposition to Allah. The beauty that I have been granted by Allah the
Benevolent and Gracious is a result of the reflection of Ahmad so that I may bring back
the virtue of Tauhid [i.e., the Oneness of God] which has vanished from the tongues, hearts,
words, and deeds of people, and thereby establish the religious order. I have been
commanded to slay (See footnote)

This expression is used in a hadith appearing in Bukhari and the meaning of “slay” here is the completion of proof and the eradication of falsehood with convincing arguments and heavenly signs, and not literal slaughter. 

the swine of disorder, heresy and misguidance which trample underfoot the pearls of truthfulness, destroy the harvests of people, and wreak havoc in the fields of faith, purity, and deeds. This slaying is to be with heavenly weaponry, not with swords and arrows, as is the belief of those who are devoid of rectitude and truthful speech. They are themselves misguided and have misled many others from among the ignorant. It is true that I have been forbidden from fighting the disbelievers. It was ordained even before my existence that I would abolish warfare and would have no inclination towards bloodshed. Thus, there remains no jihad, except the jihad of the tongue, and the jihad of signs and argumentation. Similarly, I have been commanded to fill the houses and pouches of the Muslims with wealth—but not with the wealth of gold and silver; rather, with the wealth of knowledge, rectitude, guidance, and certainty of the highest degree— so that faith may be made firmer than the mountains and glad tidings be given to those who are buried under burdens. Therefore, glad tidings be to you that the Messiah has come, and he has been anointed by the All-Powerful God, and has been granted eloquent speech by Him. He safeguards you from the caravan that travels the earth to deceive people, and he calls you towards Allah and removes all doubts. So felicitations to you that the awaited Mahdi has come to you with an abundance of wealth piled in hoards. He strives to restore to you the wealth that you had lost; and to return from the grave your prosperity that had been buried alive. It is not a thing that has been forged, but it is the light of Allah which is accompanied by extraordinary signs. O people, I am the Messiah of the dispensation of Muhammad and I am Ahmad, the Mahdi [i.e., the Guided One]. Verily, my Lord has remained with me since my childhood and shall stand by me until I reach my grave. I have been granted a fire which devours and water that is sweet. I am the Yemeni Star and a heavenly rain. Infliction of a wound by me is a sharp spear, and my supplication is a proven remedy. I manifest my glory to one people and my beauty to another. I hold a weapon in one hand with which I destroy the practices of cruelty and sin. In my other hand, I possess an elixir by which I restore life to the hearts—an axe to destroy and a breath to revive. I possess glory, because, like the son of Mary, people have tried to uproot me. And, I possess beauty because, just like my Master, Ahmad, my mercy surges forth to guide the people who have become heedless of the Lord who is the Most High. Are you, then, surprised at this, and do you ignore the time and its need? Do you not see that the present age yearns for the Lord, who is the Doer of what He wills, to manifest the attribute of His Glory to one people and the attribute of His Beauty to another. Verily, signs have appeared, [prophesied] indications have been manifested, and all disputes have been resolved. So why do you not see? The solar and lunar eclipses took place in the month of Ramadan, but you fail to recognise. Some from among the people have died in accordance with the tidings of Allah while others, in light of prophecies of death, were killed, but you do not reflect. Many a sign has been manifested in my support, but you pay no heed. The earth, the heaven, water and
dust have testified in my favour, but you do not fear in the least. Intellect, tradition, indications
and signs, as well as other testimonies, dreams and visions also stand in support, but you remain in denial. These signs carry a magnificent import for those who reflect. The Dhus-Sinin [i.e., comet] has appeared, and nearly a fifth of the century has elapsed. So, tell me where the mujaddid [i.e., the rejuvenator] is, if you know. The plague has broken out, the Hajj has been stopped, deaths have multiplied, nations have gone to war over gold mines, the cross has been raised, and Islam has shifted away from its true position and has disappeared like a wayfarer. Wickedness and the wicked have increased manifold, people have become enamoured with wine, gambling, and dancing; evildoers and tyrants have appeared. The righteous have shrunk in number and the time for the manifestation of our Lord has arrived, and all that the Prophets
had foretold has come to pass. So what will you believe in after this? O people, stand firm
altogether or individually for the sake of Allah; fear Him and reflect like such a one who is
consumed with neither greed nor enmity. Is this not the time when Allah should have mercy on men? Is it not time that evil be repelled and the thirst of the hearts be quenched by rain? Has
not the deluge of evil reached its height? Has ignorance not cast its net in all corners? All the
land has been corrupted and Satan has thanked the ignorant. So, be thankful to Allah who has
remembered you and remembered your Faith and safeguarded it from ruin. He safeguarded
the seeds that you had sown and the crops that you cultivated from catastrophe and sent down
rain and thus brought His investment to fruition. He sent His Messiah to ward off harm and His Mahdi to foster goodness and bestow reward, and caused you to join the age of your Imam after the age of the others had gone by. Brethren! This age of ours bears a perfect resemblance with this month of ours, because this is the last age and this is also the last month in the Islamic calendar, and both are about to end. There are sacrifices to be made in this month and also there are sacrifices to be made in this last age. The difference is only of the actual and its mirror image. An example of this has appeared earlier in the age of the Best of Creation, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. O men of understanding! The real sacrifice is that of the spirit. The sacrifices of goats are metaphoric and symbolic. So understand the secret of this truth. After the Companions of the Holy Prophet, may Allah be pleased with them, you are the most deserving and most worthy of understanding this truth. You are the last people that has been joined with them by the grace and mercy of Allah. The succession of the dispensations has come to its culmination in our age by the One True God just as the months of the Islamic calendar come to an end with the month of sacrifice. In this, there is a hidden indication for those who possess good judgment. I have been appointed at the highest station of wilayat just as our Chief, the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, was at the highest station of nubuwwat. He was the Seal of the Prophets and I am the Seal of the Auliya’. There is no wali after me except the one who is from me and is under my covenant. I have been sent by my Lord with every power, blessing, and honour. I stand on a minaret where all heights culminate. So fear Allah, O stalwarts. Recognise me and do not disobey me; nor die in a state of
disobedience. The age is near when every soul shall be called to account for its deeds and be
recompensed. There are many calamities and nothing can deliver you except faith. The errors
[of man] are colossal and nothing can eradicate them except for self-annihilation. O my helpers,
fear the chastisement of Allah; and for him who fears his Lord are two heavens. So do not sit
among the heedless and with those who have forgotten death. Hasten towards Allah and ride
swift steeds and abandon lame horses, so that you may meet the Lord of Creation. Adopt the
habit of severing ties for Allah so that you may be granted His communion and nearness.
Break away from material means so that means may be devised for you. Die, dear ones, so that
you may be granted a new life. This day, the argument is complete against the opponents
and all the excuses of those who plea have been shattered. Those people who spread misguidance and whisper evil have lost all hope in you. They wasted their lives in worldly
pursuits and did not gain aught of faith. Indeed, they are like the blind. So this day Allah has broken their backs and they have turned away disappointed. This day, the truth has become clearly manifest to those who can see and the path of the guilty has become evident. Only such a one has turned away from the truth who is deprived by his eternal misfortune, and only he alone has rejected it who is deprived by his cruel nature. So we bid farewell to them with greetings of peace. The argument has been perfected against them and their being worthy of punishment has been established. If even now they do not desist, patience is called for, and soon, He who is aware of their circumstances will take them to task.””””
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Roohani Khazain khutba Ilhamia footnote Volume 16 page 22

The scan

Some additional quotes
As quoted by Hani Tahir on Facebook, see page 14

“and the battle will be fierce (between the dajjal and the messiah), and the war will be dragged to forty years from the day of the appearance of the messiah until the prayers of the messiah are heard for his righteousness and sincerity, and when the messiah wins; then, all the wars will be over, which were going on between the Rahmaniyah soldiers and the Satanic soldiers. Then, will be the end of the role of this world, and the human instinct returns to its first form”.
______________________________________________________________________________________________Khutba-Ilhamia, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 16, P. 20

“”At the time of this revelation, as i mentioned many times before, I was told in a state of a vision, that this relevation is written in the holy quran. And at that time in the vision I had this in my heart that three cities are mentioned in the quran: Makkah, Madinah and Qadian. This was about 20 years ago.“”


  • “The verse of Quran: ‘Praise be to Allah, who took his servant on the Night Journey from Masjid Haram to Masjid Aqsa‘, in true and literal sense, (Masjid Aqsa) is referring to the mosque of the Promised Messiah (in Qadian and not Jerusalem).”
    (Khutba-Ilhamia, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 16, P. 21;
    Collection of Posters, Vol. 3, P. 286;
    Collection of donations for Minaret-ul-Maseeh 10 years after claiming to be Maseeh)

——-“The Prophet (pbuh) went from Masjid-e-Haram to Mashid-e-Aqsa in his Miraj (ascension to heaven) – the Masjid-e-Aqsa mentioned there is the very mosque in Qadian on the Eastern side, the extreme side of Qadian.  God’s word names this place mubarak (the blessed).”
(Khutba-Ilhamia, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 16, P. 22)

“At the time of this revelation, as I have written many times, through a state of vision I also got to know that this revelation is written in the Holy Qur’an and at the time, in the state of vision, I had the certain belief in my heart that in the Holy Quran there is the mention of three cities, i.e. Mecca and Medina and Qadian. It has been nearly 20 years since I wrote it in Braheen e Ahmadiyya. Now at the time of writing this magazine, it was made clear to me that whatever I wrote as a vision in Braheen e Ahmadiyya about Qadian, i.e. that it’s mention is in the Holy Quran, is correct in reality because it is a certain fact that the verse of the Holy Qur’an Chapter 17, verse 2:- “Glory be to him Who carried His servant by night from the sacred mosque to the divine mosque, the environs of which we have blessed” comprises of both the spatial and the temporal miraj and without this the miraj remains incomplete/flawed. Thus as according to the spatial journey, God Most High took the Holy Prophet may peace be upon him from the Sacred Mosque to the Baitul Muqaddas, similarly in accord with the temporal journey, his holiness was taken from the era of the magnificence (shaukat) of Islam, which was the time of the Holy Prophet may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, to the era of the blessings (barakaat) of Islam, which is the time of the Promised Messiah.  Therefore, in keeping with the aspect that the visionary (kashfi) journey of the Holy Prophet may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him extends to the final era of Islam, Masjid-e- Aqsa means the mosque of the Promised Messiah which is situated in Qadian, relating to which in Braheen e Ahmadiyya, Allah says:


  ومبرک وکل امر مبرک یجعل فیہ مبرک


and this word ‘mubarak’ which has occurred in the objective (accusative) and the subjective case is in accord with the verse بَارَكْنَا حَوْلَه  of the Holy Qur’an. Therefore, there is no doubt that Qadian is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an as Allah Most High says:Glory be to Him Who carried His servant by night from the Sacred Mosque to the Divine Mosque, the environs of which We have blessed (Khutbah Ilhamiyyah, Roohani Khazain Vol 16, pg 20-21. Footnote)
RK, v. 16, pp. 28-29; starts at 5th line from bottom of p. 28; Appendix to Khutbah-e-Ilhaamiyyah
Via Nuzhat Haneef

“From this day, the human jihaad that was performed with the sword [i.e., martial jihaad], has been stopped by the command of God. Now after this whoever lifts a sword against a kaafir and refers to himself as a ‘ghaazee’ [a jihaad participant who is not martyred], he disobeys that Noble Messenger, the blessings of Allaah and peace be on him, who stated thirteen hundred years ago that upon the coming of the Maseeh Mau`ood the jihaads of the sword will come to an end. So now after my appearance there is no jihaad of the sword. … The one who fights evil with evil is not from among us. Save yourself from attack by the mischievous. But do not yourselves engage in mischievous confrontation.”
Khotbah Ilhamia, p.35

“I am “khatamul auliya”. No “wali” will come after me.” 
Khutbah Ilhamiyyah, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 16, page 46

In MGA’s revealed sermon, wherein they claim that the angels were with MGA, he used the phrase, “bhagaya”, many years later, as it was translated into Urdu, the Ahmadi translator translated “bhagya” to mean ‘bazaari aurtain’, or english, “loose women”.

My explanation of this quote, MGA essentially says: And all day they have wasted their lives in two things. They happily gift each other meat. With mutton and beef. And happiness and colourful weddings. And striving with themselves and laughing. Laughing with their teeth and showing their two front teeth when laughing.And they have interest in bazari aurtein (prostitutes?) and want to kiss them and hug them and then want to grab their back sides (asses)… and for the problems of Islam we say inna lillah.


Khutbah ilhamiya, Rk. Vol. 16, Pg 55, 56

MGA claimed that he was given the ability by Allah to die & to raise people from the dead.

The scan work

Khutba Ilhamia Page 61

Mirza said that at the death of Rassul Allah, Umar Ibn Al-khatba said that Rassul Allah will come back in the same way Jesus Will come back. Mirza said that similarly others made mistakes.


Khutbah ilhamiyyah, page 86

“””Humans sometimes born only from the sperm of woman, although this is rare and this law is not out of nature, but its precedents are found in every nation.”””


Khutbah ilhamiya, page 152

In this quote, Qad Khalat means before you.

Rk, Vol 16, Pg 178, Khutbah ilhamiya

MGA claims to be the FINAL BRICK of the prophets.


Khutbah-e-Ilahmiah, pp193-194(Khutbah-e-Ilahmiah; Roohani Khazain, vol.16, p.288

“It is apparent that the time of the manifest victory of the era of the holy Prophet has expired, and the second victory which was to be much greater and clearer then the first one had yet to be achieved. It ws ordained that its time should fall during the times of the promised Masih”. 
RK, v. 16, pp. 259-260, starts at 4th Urdu line from top of pg. 259 and ends at bottom of pg. 260

“”””Our Prophet, the blessings of Allaah and peace be on him, was the Adam of the end [that is, the Adam of the last era or period] of the world and the apex of the days of the period [that is, the apex of his own era]. And His Holiness was made to be born in the manner of Adam. After all kinds of insects and animals and beasts had been born on the earth. … That is, every host [or group] of debauched people and ‘kaafirs’ [disbelievers] and materialistic people was created and, in heaven, [God] brought into existence stars and moons and suns, that is, made manifest the souls of the pure, which were prepared [ready for the Divine]. After this [He] clothed that Aadam in the dress of existence whose name is Muhammad and Ahmad, the blessings of Allaah and peace be on him and he is the chief of the progeny of Adam and the Imaam [leader] of the people and the most righteous and auspicious of all.”””
RK, v. 16, pp. 261-263

“””… Hence, there is no doubt that His Holiness [Muhammad], the blessings of Allaah and peace be on him, is the Aadam of the last era and the ‘ummat’ [nation or followers] of this praised Prophet is in lieu of [his] progeny. … And the era of spirituality of our Prophet started at the fifth millennium and was perfected at the end of sixth millennium and [the following] statement from God Almighty indicates this: ‘li yuzhirahu `aladdeen’ [that He may cause it to prevail over all religion] [a portion of the verse Quraan 61:10]. And the detail of this position is that our Prophet, the blessings of Allaah and peace be on him, came on the footstep [i.e., in the pattern] of Aadam. And Aadam’s spirituality emerged on the fifth day [although he was not yet born] because by that day whatever was of the elements of his substance and the reality of his essence had been created. Because the earth with all its creation and the sky [or heaven] with all its artifacts is the reality of Aadam’s essence.”””
RK, v. 16, pp. 264-267

“”This secret [or mystery] should, in other words, be understood as [follows]: Man at one [point in] time was mineral and at the next time, plants [or sugar] and after this animals and after that [he] was [the] star[s] and the moon and the sun until, on the fifth day, all that which his nature [i.e., the nature of Man] had required from the earthly and heavenly powers [or forces] was collected by the Grace of God, the Best of Creators. Hence, all creation was a perfect individual for Aadam or [it] was a mirror of his existence which was made honored and venerable. Then [He] willed that the hiddenness be made to appear completely in one person who is a manifestation of these characteristics [or essences]. Hence, Aadam’s spirituality, with a comprehensive, complete radiance, radiated forth on the day of Friday in the last hour, that is, on that day which is the sixth day. Similarly, the spirituality of our Prophet, the blessings of Allaah and peace be on him, appeared with abridged characteristics [‘ijmaalee sifaat’] in the fifth millennium and that era was not the apex of the developments of that spirituality but rather was the first step for the acme of its excellencies. Then that spirituality radiated in a complete manner at the end of the sixth millennium that is, at this time [i.e., now], just as Aadam was born at the end of the sixth day by the command of God, the Best of Creators, and the spirituality of the ‘Khayr-ur-Rusul’ [the Best of the Messengers, i.e., Muhammad], for the culmination of its appearance and for the prevalence of its radiance, adopted a manifestation, as God Almighty had promised in the Clear Book [the Quraan], so I am that manifestation.””
______________________________________________________________________________________________ KHUTBA ILHAMIA ROHANI KHAZAIN VOL-16 PAGE 288, 299

”Islam appeared from Makkah in the shape of a crescent (thin moon of first day of the month) it became a full moon once it reached Masjid Aqsa (Qadian). Because Masih was to appear in this period of full moon from there.”

(2) “the first visible victory of the time of holy prophet has passed behind. However, the second victory which is more prestigious and greater than the first one was to come at the time of Masih e Moud (Mirza Qadiani).”

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