In 1922, as the Khalifa invented Lajna Ima’illah he also opened a girls High School at Qadian. He made an old masseuse of MGA as a teacher (Safiya Begum). Barkat Bibi, another masseuse of MGA also gave speeches at this school and proudly told girls about her massage services to MGA, she even told about how she pain in her vagina after massaging MGA.

The Khalifa seems to have always made his wives as the president’s of Lajna Ima’illah. In fact, Maryam Siddiqa, who was wife #6 of the 2nd Khalifa seems to have been the president of Lajna Ima’illah for 39 years, which is most likely the era of 1948–1987. She seems to have been relieved by the widow of Mirza Nasir Ahmad (more to come on this soon).

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