After MGA died, in 1909, Nuzul ul Masih was published an a revelation of MGA was published wherein MGA claimed to have seen an angel named Khairati. This reference was in the 2004 english edition of Tadhkirah (see 2006 PDF edition), however, in the 2009 and 2018 edition of Tadhkirah, the spelling changed to Khaira’iti. 

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had other angel’s named Mithan Lal, Tichi Tichi, Darshani, Khairati, Ayal or Ail, and Sher Ali. MGA had some weird angels who would visit him, sometimes, they would sing and dance. MGA claimed to be surrounded by angels all the time, he even called himself as as having Ruhul-Qudus (1891), in fact, his famous Khutbah ilhamiya was a situation wherein MGA claimed that his tongue was taken over by Gabriel. #Ahmadi sources even claim that angels taught Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad Surah Fatiha in 1906, and no one knew it before him.
Via the 2019 online english edition of Tadhkirah
[Nuzulul-Masih, pp. 236–238, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 18, pp. 614–616]

“””About twenty-five years ago, I saw a dream in Gurdaspur that I was sitting on a char-pa’i [cot] and that Maulavi ‘Abdullah Ghaznavi (deceased) was sitting on my left on the same cot. Meanwhile, it passed through my mind that I should push Maulavi [‘Abdullah Ghaznavi] off the charpa’i. I began to move slowly towards him until he got off the cot and sat down on the ground. Thereupon, three angels appeared from heaven, one of whom bore the name: Khaira’iti. They also sat down on the ground as Maulavi ‘Abdullah was sitting and I remained seated on the charpa’i.
Then I said to all of them: ‘I will now pray and you say Amin.’ Thereafter, I supplicated:

[Arabic] Lord, remove all uncleanliness from me and purify me completely. [Publishers]

On this, the three angels and Maulavi ‘Abdullah all said: ‘Amin’. Thereafter, the three angels and Maulavi ‘Abdullah flew up to the sky and I woke up. 

As soon as I woke up I felt sure that Maulavi ‘Abdullah would soon die and that a special grace had been decreed for me in the heavens. Thereafter, I felt all the time that a heavenly power was working inside me until I began to receive revelation in continuous succession. In that one
night, Allah the Almighty perfected in me a change of the kind which cannot be brought about by the hand of man or by man’s volition.44

It seems to me that Maulavi ‘Abdullah Ghaznavi had been drawn to the Punjab to bear witness to the light which was to be vouchsafed to me and he bore such witness. His testimony was affirmed by Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf and his brother Muhammad Ya‘qub but later they were overcome by the love of the world.

I declare on oath in the name of God—whose false oath is the act of curse—that Maulavi ‘Abdullah made an affirmation of my claim in my dream. I pray that if this statement of mine, which I have made on oath, is false, then Allah the Almighty might be pleased to bring about my
death in great torment within the lifetime of the progeny of Maulavi ‘Abdullah and his followers and disciples; and if I have told the truth, then God might be pleased to make me
prevail and to confound them, or to guide them aright. Maulavi ‘Abdullah’s own words were: ‘You have been given the sword of heavenly Signs and other reasoning. When I was in the world I was hoping that God would raise such a person in the world.’ This is the dream that I saw. [Do You O Lord curse himwho lies and do You succour him who tells the truth.]

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