In english it would be “The Sanatan Faith”, it was published on March 8th, 1903. It’s a small urdu booklet of 16 pages, it was printed at the Diya’ul-Islam Press, Qadian. MGA wrote this book as a book as a supplement to Nasim-e-Da‘wat. In Nasim-e-Da‘wat, MGA wrote about Niyog again (he wrote about it in 1895), he then praised the followers of Sanatan Dharam for their courage in rejecting such a teaching. MGA and his team of writers said that the exception of a few drawbacks, the followers of Sanatan Dharam were a thousand times better than the Aryah Samaj. They specially complimented them for not raising absurd and meaningless objections against Islam. Some of them were humble people and they were not cunning and clever as the Aryah Samaj (See Hidden Tresaures).

This book is also mentioned in the March-April-1903 english edition of the ROR, they claim to have translated portions of it.

Sanatan Dharam, p. 7, footnote, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 19, p. 475 footnote

“”The followers of Sanatan Dharam do not merely love the Gods of the old, but they were also waiting for a reformer, who, on his advent, will purify this land from sin. No wonder, sometimes some of them, after recognizing the Divine signs, may accept the truth, for I see that they were mostly less stubborn and docile.””
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