Naimatullah Khan was first mentioned in Ahmadiyya literature in 1978, via Zafrullah Khan’s, “Ahmadiyya, the Renaissance of Islam”. Zafrullah Khan described Naimatullah Khan as a 19-year afghani who had been studying in Qadian. It’s unclear how he converted to ahmadiyya in the first place. Per Zafrullah Khan he was executed in 1924 by the Afghan government, however, he doesn’t give a date. He seems to have stopped in Peshawar before going to Kabul, which is interesting, the Ahmadi’s there seem to have prepped him to cause discord and thus get himself executed. Zafrullah Khan also claims that a dozen (12 Ahmadi’s) had been killed between Naimatullah Khan (1924) and Syed Abdul Latif (1903). In 1995, Bashir Ahmad Rafiq published his “Afghan Martyr’s” and also claimed that Naimatullah Khan was executed, he even referenced some of the english press, however, these references have never been found. 

Zafrullah Khan, “Ahmadiyya, the Renaissance of Islam”
See pages 252-253

1995, Bashir Ahmad Rafiq, “Afghan Martyr’s”

Click to access The-Afghan-Martyrs-by-B.A.Rafiq.pdf

He referenced:

1—“Times”, 4th, 7th Sept. 1924.

2—-“Observer”, 7th Sept. 1924

3—-“Financial Times”, 3rd Sept. 1924

4—-“Near East”, 4th Sept. 1924

5—-“Daily Telegraph”, 4th September. 1924

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7—-“Daily News”, 4th Sept. 1924

Per “The persecution/org” website, he was the 7th Ahmadi killed for his religion, the first 7 were all in Kabul.

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