Dear readers, we all know about MGA and his medical problems, he suffered from some terrible life-long diseases, that actually explains why he hated everyone so much. In 1907, MGA recalls this entire saga and even mentions how the father of Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi even came to visit MGA in this condition, the family of Batalvi and MGA were very close, in fact, MGA visited them in 1869 at their family mosque in Batala (see Dard page 54).

What was the cause of this disease?? Most likely years and years of eating opium.  Furthermore, you will see that Ahmadi editors have changed the language in the english translation of Haqiqatul Wahy, which they always do. In the english version they have translated this disease as dysenteric colic, which is similar to what MGA died from in 1908.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The quote from the 2018 online edition of Haqiqatul Wahy

See page—301

“””85. [Eighty-fifth] Sign—Once I fell seriously ill with dysenteric colic. For as many as sixteen days I passed blood in stools. The pain was too severe to describe. During those days the late Sheikh Rahim Bakhsh, the revered father of Maulawi Abu Sa‘id Muhammad Husain of Batala, visited me to inquire about my health and he saw my critical condition. And I heard him tell some people that this disease was spreading like an epidemic in those days and that he had just come after offering funeral prayers for someone who had died of the same disease in Batala. And it so happened that a person named Muhammad Bakhsh, a barber and a resident of Qadian, fell ill the same day with the same disease and died on the eighth day.”””

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