After MGA wrote Raz-e-Haqiqat and lied to the world about Yuz Asaf (1898), MGA and his team decided to send Khalifa Nur ud Din to Mohalla Khanyar, Srinagar, Kashmir on a fact finding expedition. You can listen to our sister Pious Spirit explaining this in her video on the Shamd ud Din RB channel (at 18:58 she explains Maulvi Abdullah). This is very odd, since it seems like Maulvi Abdullah left Ahmadiyya shortly after his letter was published in Raz-e-Haqiqat. Ahmadiyya sources tell us that in 1899, MGA and his team began writing the famous “Jesus in India” (it was published as incomplete book after MGA died in 1908). MGA published an announcement entitled, Al-Ishtihar al-Ansar (Announcement – the Helpers) on October 4, 1899 (See Mujadid-e-Azim, online english abridged version, page 835. However, in this announcement, MGA was telling the world that Khalifa Nur ud Din Jamooni had already went to Mohalla Khanyar, Srinagar, Kashmir and obtained the testimony of 556 ulema (see the Friday Sermon of Mirza Masroor Ahmad of 5-25-12 at the 33:28 to 35:19 mark, we have condensed this into a tik tok too)(see also Mujadid-e-Azim, online english abridged version. In 2012, Mirza Masroor said it was 560 ulema. Dard also mentions this announcement of 10-4-1899 (see pages 684-685). Dard claims that the expedition didn’t leave until 11-12-1889, thus contradicting the Lahori-Ahmadi’s. Nevertheless, 3 years, MGA and his team published “Al-Huda Wa-Tabsirato Liman Yara” (arabic only) and claimed that Khalifa Nur ud Din had 72 witnesses and even wrote their names who were supposedly testifying that Yuz Asaf= Eisa (as). In fact, in “Al-Huda Wa-Tabsirato Liman Yara”, MGA and his team of editors claimed that claimed that 100,000 people are witnesses that Yuz Asaf = Eisa (as).

In 1945, Maulvi Abdullah popped back into the story. He seems to have written a letter to Qadian wherein he stated that the letter which he wrote to MGA had been interpolated by MGA and his team of writers, he was a Bahai at this point and wanted to set the record straight (see all the scans in the below). Maulvi Abdullah said that he wrote this letter in response to an article by the Al-Furqan of 1944, wherein it was argued that generation after generation of Muslims believed Yuz Asaf= Eisa (as)(see Pious Spirit at the 47:56 mark). Nevertheless, Maulvi Abdullah says that the Khalifa never responded to his letter. However, in an Ahmadiyya newspaper, “The Furqan” of February 1946 (see page 40), (see Pious Spirit at the 36:25 mark), the Khalifa wrote that the denial of Maulvi Abdullah makes no difference in the case of Yuz Asaf = Eisa (as), many companions of MGA went on a fact finding expedition and also confirmed that Yuz Asaf = Eisa (as). The Khalifa continued that this knowledge {that Yuz Asaf = Eisa (as)} has been passes down through many generations of the families that live in Mohalla Khanyar. Thus, the 2nd Khalifa was claiming that MGA was wrong as he quoted Maulvi Abdullah’s letter in Raz-e-Haqiqat. Maulvi Abdullah goes on to state that the majority of the Muslims and ulema of Kashmir consider MGA to be a Kafir. At the end, Maulvi Abdullah seems to have been a rogue-Lahori-Ahmadi, he did eventually convert to Bahaism before he died. Maulvi Abdullah also says that the list of 72 witnesses was his work, and not that of Khalifa Nur ud Din, thus, proving that MGA and his team fabricated the expedition of Khalifa Nur ud Din, moreover, in those survey’s that were given out, it was never written that Eisa (as) was buried in Yuz Asaf’s grave, thus, destroying the Ahmadiyya position. Maulvi Abdullah also seems to have gotten 55 of the 72 to attest to the fact that they don’t believe that Yuz Asaf= Eisa (as) (see Pious Spirit at 22:04).

The Announcement of 10-4-1899
Via Mujadid-e-Azim, online english abridged version, page 835.

Ishtaharaat-Vol 3 pages 153-168

Via Mujadid-e-Azim, online english abridged version page 835

AlHakam 24 October 1902

“”The newspaper Al-Hakam published a written statement of Salman Yousaf Yashaq
dated June 12, 1899, under the heading, “Testimony of an Israelite Scholar of Torah
about the Tomb of the Messiah,” in its issue of October 24, 1902.

The statement read:

“I testify that I have examined a map in the possession of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
Qadiani and ascertained it to be correct. The tomb is an Israelite tomb and it is the tomb
of an elder of Israel. I examined this map on this date and recorded this testimony on
June 12, 1899.” Signed: Salman Yousaf Yashaq. The signatures of two witnesses were
also affixed on this testament, namely that of Mufti Muhammad Sadiq and Syed
Abdullah Baghdadi.””
1945–Maulvi Abdullah wrote to the Ahmadi Khalifa exposing how his letter was edited

In response to MGA, Molvi Abdullah Kashmiri added a chapter Sholatunnar (Flame of Hellfire) in his Risal Mayar e Haq and catagorically denied to have reported this. He said in his letter of 1898 he never reported the grave to be of Essa a.s rather it was the MGAQ’s own fabrication. Mirza sb published his letter in his book Raaz e Haqiqat (1898). He said he does not know why his letter was amended. All he knows is that his letter did not contain what MGAQ has published.

Molvi Abdullah Kashmiri Says Mirza did not stop here but he sent letters to Egyptian Scholars containing this fabricated story of Yuz Asaf grave being the grave of Esa on the authority of my report and bearing witnesses of prominent Ulema of Kashmir including Mirwaiz Molvi Rasul all of whom were Sunni and believed Esa as to have been ascended to skies. This sent a wave of shock among Egyptian scholars like Allama Rasheed Raza of Egypt mentioned it in his book. But all it was a fraud by MGAQ.

On this denial by Molvi Muhammad Abdullah Kashmiri the Mirzai party objected as to why he remained silent for a long period of time. He says that he had become a blind in the love and affection of Masih e Maoud. The high status of Masih e Moud did not give him courage to say something on it.

However, on 25-10-1945 he wrote a letter to the Khalifa Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad seeking clarification as to why Mirza sb amended his letter, he asked him to provide references vide his reply dated 14-11-1945. The requisite references were provided to him. However he did not respond to it ever. Molvi Abdullah Kashmiri says if the scholars of Kashmir like Mirwaiz confirm that this grave of Yuz asaf is the grave of Essa a.s, he would publish his apology and pay a fine of Rs 500/- to Mirzaiyya.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1948–April 12th

He dies. He was buried in a Muslim cemetary in Barzulla, which is close to the famous Jamia Masjid. He was buried with all the religous rites of a member of the Bahai, he seems to have been a secret member of theirs for many years. In the 1981 edition of the Bahai’ world, he is mentioned on pages 515-516.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________His book–1945

Sholatun Naar aur Maqbara Khanyar by Molvi Abdullah Wakeel

Sholatun Naar aur Maqbara Khanyar by Molvi Abdullah Wakeel

The relevant scans

Some additional books

Index – Introduction by Mr Kondu

Book 1 – Khabr al-Sahih un Qabr al-Maseeh by Ibrahim Sialkoti, 1910

Book 2 – Tardeed-e-Qabr Maseeh der Kashmir by Munshi Pir Bakhsh 1920

Book 3 – Hazrat Maseeh kee qabr Kashmir Mein Nahee by Molvi Habibullah, 1933

Book 4 – al-Ta’aruf ba Yuz Asuf by Nurul Haq Alvi

Book 5 – Halaat Yuz Asuf by Mohammed Shah, Mufti and Historian

Book 6 – Maqbara-e-Ahmadiyyat – Maulana Saaduddin Atiq

Book 7 – Sholatun Naar aur Maqbara Khanyar by Molvi Abdullah Wakeel

Book 8 – Srinagar Kashmir aur Maseeh Qadiani

The story

This is from Tareekh Ahmadiayat vol 3 page 152. This volume is dedicated only to the life and times of Moulvi Noor Uddin Behrvi. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THERE WERE 2 NOOR UDDINS IN AHMADIYYA HISTORY, THEY WERE BOTH EMPLOYED IN KASHMIR DERBAR AT THE SAME TIME. One was the Noor uddin who became the first successor in qadiani movement. The other one who this narration belong to KHALIFA NOOR UDDIN JAMOONI. If you have read the history of kashmir, this person was also employed in kashmir derbar. His picture is on alislam website.
This is how this Narration goes:

“”””Khalifa Noor uddin Jamooni relates to us that “once I was walking through Mohala Khaniyar (Siri Nagar) that I saw an old man and an old woman (a couple) sitting at (beside) a qabar (grave). I asked them whose grave it was? They told me that it is of a Nabi Sahib. And this grave was famous as, grave of Yus Asif, Shehzada Nabi and peaghamber sahib. I asked them, “where how a Nabi could come here from”. They told me this Nabi, many hundreds year ago came from a very far land. I TOLD THIS TO MOULVI SAHIB (as you know that they were both in kashmir, noor uddin the first successor). And much time passed after this event (iss waqiya ko aik arsa guzar giya). After that, Moulvi sahib left his employment (at the death of ranbhir singh in 1885, many courtiers were laid of) and Moulvi Noor uddin came to qadian (to live). ONE DAY IN THE MAJLIS OF HAZRAT MASIH MAOUD (in a gathering WITH Mirza ghulam) where hazrat moulvi sahib was present, Hazrat masih maoud qouted an Ayat (the ayat in which rawah is mentioned) and said, it seems to me, and it is possible that Hazrat Eisa AS went towards a place like Kashmir (so mirza ghulam was not sure and had no idea at the time, so there was not wahi or ilham present from Allah SWT). On that hazrat Khalifa Awal related my rawaiyat (incident with the old couple as he had already told noor uddin the successor in the past). Hazoor called me (noor uddin jamooni) and ordered to INVESTIGATE AND RESEARCH about this grave.(to find out more about the grave).”””

The scan work

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