In 1898, in Raz e Haqiqat, MGA and his team of writers stole the Yuz Asaf theory from “Shahzadah Yuz Asaf” by Mirza Safdar Ali (1896). In this book, MGA and his team of writers published a letter from Maulvi Abdullah (who quit Ahmadiyya later and became a Bahai), in this letter, Maulvi Abdullah said that “Kamal-ud-Din WA Itmam ul Naimat”, has only fairytales and fake stories. MGA even claimed that Yuz Asaf brought the Injeel to Kashmir and it had been found in Tibet (See Raz-e-Haqiqat, online english edition). 4 years later, in an arabic only book, AL-HUDA WA-TABSIRATO LIMAN YARA (1902), MGA and his team wrote that Yuz Asaf brought the Injeel to Kashmir and if anyone was interested in seeing this data, they should consult, “Kamal-ud-Din WA Itmam ul Naimat”.

MGA and his team of writers also seem to have quoted “Ikmal-ud-Din Wa Itmam-un-Ni’mat” aka
“Kamal-ud-Din WA Itmam ul Naimat” in Ijaz e Ahmadi (1902) and claimed that it referred to the double eclipses of 1894-1895 and a sign of the Mahdi.

In the first scan, the first and second lines say he named his book Injeel… then he says grab whatever has been manifested and let go of the hearsay and for more information read the book ikmal uddin. On the previous page he mentions reading Ikmal uddin and other books, as well as some books of Christians so it seems that’s where the reference for Yuz Asaf naming his book Injeel is supposed to be.

MGA says if you want the details, read Ikmal uddin.

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