Khalifa Noorudin Jamooni was born a Muslim in 1847, he died 95 years later on 9-2-1942 (see Dard, page 684 and Al-Hakam archives). He converted to Ahmadiyya very early on, he is mentioned as companion #164 on MGA’s list of the first 313 Ahmadi’s of 1896 (See Dard). He seems to have worked with the famous Ahmadi and later 1st Khalifa, Maulvi Hakeem Noorudin while they were in Jammu, this was 1874 (per Tarikh i Ahmadiyya), in fact, he was Maulvi Noorudin’s student in 1874(see “Hakeem Noor-ud-Deen The Way of the Righteous”, online english edition, page 150), even though they were the same age. They worked together until the death of Ranbir Singh, or a few years after that until 1889. Many of Noorudin’s students were working with MGA at Qadian by 1891, a few notables are Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, Maulvi Abdul Karim Sialkoti, and many others as they wrote for MGA and led prayers. In 1888, when Noorudin fell sick in Jammu, MGA visited Jammu and stayed in the house of Khalifa nur-ud-Din (In the Company of the Promised Messiah, page 3). In December of 1891, he attended the first Ahmadi Jalsa at Qadian, his name was thus written by MGA in his book, “Nishan Asmani” (1892). Nevertheless, by 1899, he was the main character and close friend and eventual witness as MGA introduced the idea that the prophet Jesus=Yuz Asaf (see Tarikh-e-Ahmadiyya). In a Friday Sermon in 2012, Mirza Masroor Ahmad relates how Khalifa Nur-ud-Din went to Srinagar in Kashmir and collected 560 signatures from scholars proving that Esa (as)= Yuz Asaf.  However, this was a lie, and the list never appeared. After 1900, he is mentioned in Nuzul ul Masih (which was published in 1909) as he wished to move to Qadian when the plague broke out in Jammu. He is also mentioned on page 61 of “Maharaja Ranjit Singh” by Madanjit Kaur. By 2020, we have figured out exactly how MGA and his team of writers/reciters fabricated this entire story. As we all know, MGA and his team of writers/editors lied about almost everything they did. We have fodn a huge case of academic dishonesty in terms of MGA’s quotations to a persian book, “Ayn-ul-Hayat”. MGA and his team first quoted this book in 1898, in a book called ‘Raz-e-Haqiqat”, which was translated and published into english in 2016, see page 24. However, they were academically dishonest, they purposely didn’t mention that Yuz Asaf had a father and many other things, an Ex-Ahmadi, Shams ud Din, recently got a hold of Ayn ul Hayat and posted his results in a video, make sure you watch Part-2 also, these are in Urdu and watch part 3. We have also found “Ayn ul Hayat” and have posted the PDF’s in the below. This book proves that MGA totally lied. Shams ud Din found the book “Rahul ul Hayat” by Allama Muhammad Bakir, there is an urdu translation called, “Ainul Hayat”. On page 361, it is written that Yuz Asaf had a father in Kashmir. This immediately cancelled Yuz Asaf becoming Esa (As), since Esa (as) historically never had a father. Yuz Asaf was the son of a King and was able to live a life of excess. MGA never mentioned any of this. Yuz Asaf’s dad was a drunkard, and even prayed to idols. It is also important to read about Maulvi Shaikh Abdullah Wakeel’s story about Yuz Asaf.

He also knew Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi
In 2012, the Ahmadiyya Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad tells us:

“””Hadhrat Khalifa Nur ud din sahib (may Allah be pleased with him): He writes that he was a friend of Maulwi Muhammad Hussein Batalwi from his pre-Ahmadiyyat days. Once the Maulwi was leading Salat when Khalifa sahib too offered his Salat in the room. After finishing Salat Maulwi sahib was very pleased as he assumed Khalifa Nur ud din sahib had offered his Salat behind him. Khalifa Nur ud din sahib explained to him that let alone offer his Salat behind a non-Ahmadi, he would not even lead Salat for a non-Ahmadi. This astonished Maulwi sahib and he said this was not the belief of other Ahmadis. Khalifa Nur ud din responded everyone had their own way and quoted the Qur’an: ‘It is not for the Prophet and those who believe that they should ask of God forgiveness for the idolaters, even though they may be kinsmen…’ (9:113) He then asked Maulwi sahib were his beliefs not those of the idolaters? He aksed that as an Imam what could he pray for non-Ahmadis who followed him in Salat, that God forgive me and also forgive him who rejects Your Messiah? He writes that the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) laughed when he mentioned this incident to him.”””

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