See my video on this herein, at the 15:00 to 27:00 min mark. It seems that in the 1960’s, from Rabwah, the Ahmadiyya Movement published a book entitled, “Arabi bol chall” tasneef lateef hazrat khatam ul kholafaa, syed ul ouliya jaree ullah fi hulil ambiyaa hazrat masih maoud mirza ghulam ahmad alai salat o wa salalm”. This book was collected by Ahmadiyya editor’s/authors, they had copied content from some early editions of Tashhiz al-Azhan, which was a magazine edited by the son of MGA (starting in 1906). This book is supposed to help people learn how to speak/write in arabic. This pamplet consists of 19 pages of ridiculous phraseology in arabic. A man named khaksaar Muhammad Yameen Tajar (dealer) books qadian, printed this for the benefit of general public in november of 1922. We discussed this book in terms of MGA’s terrible knowledge of the arabic language, which he lied about. MGA lied and claimed to have miraculously learned 40,000 roots of arabic in one night, MGA even claimed that his arabic writings were like revelations from his God.

Examples of ridiculous arabic phraseology

1—on page 19 “o sardar main nay sunaa hai kay wo kisee bazaree aourat kay ghar jataa tha aour tu nay us ko manaa kiya”. In english, “i have heard, in the sadr area, that some loose women, some man would go to their house, and you told him to stop”.

2—“Bashir dances”.

3—“Put the shit in the oven”.

4—-“Today my cow didn’t take a shit”.

5—-“My friend didn’t shit normally, instead he had diarrhea”.

6—“Don’t eat haraam, instead eat dog shit”.

7—-“What is your fatwa on frog eggs”.

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