In 1902, the Ahmadiyya Movement published a warning to Piggot, which was only circulated in Europe, USA and outside of British-India(portions of this were published in the ROR of 1903, not the full letter however). The full and complete Letter of Warning was lost for 106 years until Shahid Kamal and Akber Chaudhary found it in 2008-2009. Nevertheless, we have posted the full timeline of references in the below. We have also posted all the scans which prove that Piggot never repented herein.


The first ever warning was published by the Ahmadiyya Movement from Lahore and sent outside of British India for circulation. This was not published in Ahmadiyya literature at that time.

By the end of 1902, Ahmadiyya sources were saying that Piggot would not repent.

“””This revelation indicates that the present condition of Piggott is not good or that he would not repent in future. It can also mean that he would not believe in God, or that what he has done by telling such a lie against God and planning against Him, is not good. The part [Allah is severe in retribution] shows that his end will be doomed and he will be afflicted with God’s chastisement.
Indeed, it is a very daring thing to claim to be God.”””

[al-Badr, vol. 1, no. 4, November 21, 1902, p. 25 and
al-Badr, vol. 1 nos. 5 and 6, November 28 and December 5, 1902 p. 42 and
al-Hakam, vol. 6, no. 42, November 24, 1902, p. 6]


also you can verify the urdu but in the 2004 edition of thadkhira he says “in a bad way AND will not repent” which was changed to “in a bad way OR will not repent”


Taken from the Review of Religions of Sep 1903

Click to access reviewreligionsenglish190309.pdf

Page 349-351

This was published in an English newspaper called the “The Sunday Circle”, London, Feb 14th, 1903:

MGAQ stated:

“If he does not repent of this irreverant claim, he soon shall be annihilated, even in my lifetime………..”

“The death of Mr. Piggot within my life-time shall be another sign of my truth. If I die before Mr. Piggot I am not the true Messiah, nor am I from God. But if almighty God makes me a witness of Mr. Pigots death, which shall be brought about by the efficacy of my prayer, let the whole world bear witness that I am the true Messiah, and that I am from God. We are both under the control of a higher power, and that powerful God shall bring the false Messiah to destruction within the lifetime of the true one.” 

The editor of The Sunday Circle then comments:

“It will appear from this that the same claimant who challenges one pretender to pray that the liar may die in the life-time of the true claimant, has predicted the death of the another pretender, fifteen years younger than himself , within his own lifetime……”

1907 See pages 120-121

Even in 1907, Ahmadiyya sources were claiming that Piggot would die in MGA’s lifetime.
Al-Hakam, 6 June 1908/ Translation Malfuzat Vol 10, P.563-564
See also Malfuzat-10, online english edition, page 563

“The sorrowful ending of Dowie of America and the pathetic failure of Piggot of London are the result of the efforts of the respected Mufti [Sadiq] Sahib. While he was the cause of destruction of Piggot and Dowie, he was also the cause of guidance for many fortunate souls.”

Scan work


The Full English-RoR for 1911

Remember to read the index, lots of clues there.

The ROR of June 1911, pages 250-251

“”””His enemies, who did their best to bring him to nought, met with dismal failure in all of their base pursuits. One Lekh Ram of the Lahore Ayra Samaj dared to stand against him, but was crushed to death by the deadweight of his own insolence. His own invectives and anathemas fell upon him like a stab and consigned him to eternal doom. He was not the only victim of the Prophet’s righteous wrath, but many others suffered the same fate. Abdullah Atham (Athim) who entered the lists against him in a religious contest was miserably worsted in the presence of a number of his respectable co-religionists, but at last the dogged pertinacity and the wilful perversity of the former proved fatal to him. Quite recently the Christian Europe and the New World were shaken by the arrogant pretensions of Mr. Piggot and Dr. Dowie. Both of the false pretenders soon raised a tempest in the teapot. One claimed to be God himself, and the other, rather less arrogant claimed to be the fore-runner of Christ. At once wicked and blasphemous were their pretensions, the Prophet of India, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian could not let them alone. He took time by the forelock and challenged the false claimants to make good their pretensions or prepare to die. The bubbles speedily burst and the hubbub instantaneously subsided. Disgrace overtook both and sent one to the grave unregretted, and the other to the fathomless abyss of oblivion. It served them right and the world was well rid of them. Thus we saw with these very eyes how faithfully God sided with his righteous servant. Nature in all its totality was placed at his service and success attended him wherever he turned his face””””

Click to access reviewreligionsenglish_191201.pdf

January 1912, english ROR, pages 1-15.

Piggot was another failed prophecy, they had already mentioned Piggot in 1911 and brought up the “prayer duel” again in 1912. In this essay, they claim that Piggot’s name was wiped from this earth. However, this isn’t true, by 1912, Piggot was still living the life of a playboy, similar to Hugh Hefner. The writer of this essay has to be Muhammad Ali, who was the editor at the time, Maulvi Sher Ali was the assistant editor in those days (1911-1912) (See ROR, Full year of 1911, index page). They were presenting Piggot as a sign of MGA’s truth, which is academic dishonesty.

The ROR of January-1916 reports that the “Truth” newspaper published an essay about MGA, entitled, “Indian Messiah Ahmad” on Oct-3-1915. They seem to have compared MGA with the famous Tolstoi (Tolstoy). Hassan Moosa Khan has some of MGA’s prophecies published in the
“Truth”, some were the famous Dowie prophecy, and the Piggot prophecy.

The ROR of May-1916 has an article by Abul Hashem Khan Choudri entitled, “A Glimpse of the works of the Promised Messiah”. This was a lecture in Delhi which he gave in March of 1916. He talked about the Dowie prophecy and how Piggot was supposed to die within MGA’s lifetime.


The Dec-1920 edition of the ROR briefly mentions Piggot and how, Piggot was still alive and thriving, however, the Ahmadiyya Movement described him as having met with “utter discomfiture”. 


In 1927, via the Review of Religions, the death of Smyth-Piggot was acknowledged

We have found an article in the ROR of May-1927 which acknowledges the death of Smyth-Piggot. However, they don’t mention any of MGA’s failed prophecies in this regard.

Per the ROR of Feb-1947, a photo of Maulvi Jalal ud Din Shams is posted. The ROR also has an essay by him entitled, “Preaching of Islam in Europe” by J.D. Shams (for imam of the London mosque). In this essay, he talks down on Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Maulvi Chiragh Din and Syed Amir Ali and claims that they fabricated all of their beliefs to please the colonists. For example, Shams states that Sir Syed Ahmad Khan denied the existence of angels. He also mentions how a white man named Dixon (also mentioned in Nuzul ul Masih, 1909)(income tax case) came to Qadian once and MGA walked him out to the canal bridge, which is 2.5 miles outside of Qadian. He also mentioned MGA’s famous fake dream of 1890-1891 which was written in Izala Auham (See Izala-e-Auham, pp. 515–516, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 3, p. 377) wherein MGA said that white birds would join Ahmadiyya (See the ROR of June-1917). Shams also mentioned Mufti Muhammad Sadiq and the Piggot. Shams also wrote how Sir Fazl-i-Hussain praised the efforts of Ahmadiyya in London (in 1927). Sir Fazl-i-Hussain mentioned how Khwaja Kamaluddin had travelled to London in 1913 and started this mission of MGA. Shams made disparaging remarks about Khwaja Kamaluddin.

The next mention of Piggot by Ahmadiyya literature seems to be 57 years later in the ROR of 1984.

In March of 2004, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s published a bulletin wherein it was asserted that Piggot died as a result of MGA’s prayer duel (see page 4). Furthermore, in the 2001-2003 era, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s quoted the Qadiani branches Canadian version of the Gazette and defended Muhammad Ali for writing that MGA was a prophet in 1902. See pages 39-41, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s say again that Piggot would meet a severe chastisement which would end on his death as a result of MGA’s prayer duel.

Published in 2008, most likely organized and written from 2006-2008, an Ahmadi Maulvi, Mubasher Ahmad has a book published wherein he mentions Piggot (See pages 13–). He quotes the Al-Badr of 1903:

“”A revelation “Allāh is severe in punishing!” (in Arabic: annallāha shadīdul-‘iqāb) was made public to be applicable on Smyth-Pigott (Al-Badr, February 20, 1903).”””

Mubasher Ahmad didn’t quote the warning of 1902, which is the most important piece of info. He argued that Piggot was brought to shame in MGA’s life, which is a lie. He mentions his death in 1927 also.

At the UK-Jalsa of 2008, during the concluding address, the Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad mentioned that MGA said that Piggot would be destroyed (see here, 11:00 mark). The Ahmadiyya Movement has condensed it and posted it herein also.


Shahid Kamal and Akber Chaudhary find the famous warning that was sent to Piggot in 1902, this had been missing for 107 years.

John Hugh Smyth-Pigott

Tahir Hussain’s essay on the appeared. Tahir Ijaz (a qadiani ahmadi) wrote his essay in the Ahmadiyya Gazette for MArch-April 2010.

Ahmadiyya as a whole has been speechless on John Hugh Smyth-Pigott for the last 18 months or so. Whatever they have said has been from our sources, including the three-page document that the Qadianis published in Ahmadiyya Gazette Canada.

Last week on Rah-e-Huda, their senior-most Maulvi, Ataul Mujib Rashid, ducked a question from a German caller asking about Pigott, saying something about ‘historical context’ and about devoting a full programme to this issue. Is it that complicated? However, we welcome the Ahmadiyya opening up to their followers.

Since the issue is so complicated (!), can we please request our readers to to pose some questions for Ataul Mujib. After the Qadianis do a show on Pigott as they have promised, we will follow it up with a video insha Allah to see if the answers were in good faith so that Ahmadis can make up their minds.

The Ahmadiyya Movement publishes another essay on Piggot.

Ak Shaikh and Akber Chaudhary published their video in 2013. This caused Ahmadi’s to edit their books on Piggot.

The Ahmadiyya Movement even went out of their way and manipulated Dr. Schweiso and Nick Barret and tried to get them to say that Piggot repented.


Fullmetaltheist explains how MGA failed in the Piggot prophecy.

The scans

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