We have found a new reference just the other day wherein Ahmadiyya sources tell us that the 1st wife of MGA’s son (Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad) would also massage MGA, and many times, she fell asleep on MGA’s bed while massaging him (See pages 3-7). This is in the 1904-1908 era. MGA was always alone with little girls and they were massaging him all night. It seems that her husband, (Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad) would always come home so late in middle of the night that she was forced to sleep alone and would leave her alone and go to MGA’s room. In this reference, MGA is alleged to have told her that he wouldn’t let Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad marry a second time. This is where the discussion was, since she was being neglected and etc. She was the daughter of Khalifa Rashid ud Din. The reference is posted in the below, it was also posted in the islam_Ahmadiyya reddit forum.

Hazrat Sayeda Mahmooda Begum sahiba (also known as Um Nasir)

This booklet of 22 pages written for children, no author given. 

Published by: Islam International Publications Ltd. ‘Islamabad’ Sheephatch Lane, Tilford, Surrey GU10 2AQ, United Kingdom.

Click to access Mahmooda-Begum.pdf

Translation from Page 2:
One day Dr Khalifa Rashid uddin visited with his daugher Rashida (her name was changed to Mahmooda later) of 7 years old, to meet Hazrat Masih Maoud (mirza ghulam). After a little while Mirza Ghulam wrote a letter to her father showing his desire to arrange marriage between his son Mirza Mahmood and Rashida. He wrote also to Pray, as the children are very young we can arrange the rishta and marry them latter, “hazrat masih maoud nay un kay aba ko khat likha kay wo apnay baray (elder) baitay Mahmood kaa rishta Rashida say kerna chahtay hain aour yai bhee likha kay dua karain aour choonkay donow (both) bachay chotay hain rishta ker daytay hain shadi baad main ho jai gee”

Page 3:
In 1902 as she approached 11 years (that will make her year of birth approx 1891 and mirza mahmood was born in 1889) she got married, Marriage party from Mirza mahmood side consist of Mir Nasir Nawab, Moulana Hakim Nur uddin went to rurki (name of town where her father was working). After they brought the bride home, Hazrat Amma Jaan (nusrat begum) changed her name to Mahmooda. Since then she was called by that name. As she was very young at the time of marriage, she went back to her parents and came back after a year in 1903.

Page 4:
Mubarika (sister of Mirza Mhmood) is narrating “she (Mahmood) used to pray a lot and when my first nephew son of (mirza mahmood and rashida) Nasir Ahmad died, she did not have another child for some time, she prayed a lot and with the blessing of Khuda, she had many children one after the other.

Page 5:
she was the first daughter in law (from his second marriage) in the house of hazrat masih (mirza ghulam), first of all she spend 5-6 years while Mirza Ghulam was alive, she served him as much as possible, whenever Hazoor performed ablution, she would run for the lota (water container) and poured water as per serving him, among other small chores in the house she, many a time, had the privilege of pressing, his (mirza Ghulam) feet.

Hazrat Amaa jaan (nusrat Jahan) lovingly looked after her, soon after marriage for some nights, Nusrat (mother in law) made Mahmooda sleep with herself (Nusrat), for Mahmooda  to  get used to the  new environment.
Hazrat Masih Maoud also took care of new guest in the house, often as mirza Ghulam was busy in writing work in the mornings, Mahmooda did not want to have breakfast of paratha. She would go and stand near him quietly, he would hand her the keys to the suitcase, in which there were tasty things like biscuits, and sweet meats, which were from outside qadian, she would select what she wanted to eat.
“Syedna Mahmood also took good care of her, but one night as Mahmood came late at night due to his work, he saw that, Mahmooda fell asleep at the edge of chaarpai, as per pressing feet of Mirza Ghulam, “hazrat masih kay paaoon dabaatay dabaatay palang kee puti per sur rakhay sow gaaee theen”. after this Hazoor (mirza ghulam) told his son to come home early as she, Mahmooda gets scared on her own. After this he started to come home early.
“there is an other intersting thing I would like to tell you children (as this booklet is written for children) , once the rumour got around that mahmood will take a second wife, she got very sad after hearing this, that evening as she was pressing (massaging) his (mirza ghulam) feet again, hazoor asked, why you are so sad today, Mahmooda told him what she had heard.
Page 7: 
Hazoor reassured her that mahmood will never get a second wife in my life time” hearing this she was satisfied, so all the other wives were taken after the death of mirza ghulam.

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