We have hard data that proves that the British government helped build most of the Qadiani institutions and even paid 400 rupees per month for maintenance. In 1909, the British government built the biggest building in the history of Qadian as they donated 25,000 rupees to the Ahmadiyya Movement at Qadian. This allowed the Ahmadiyya movement to purchase 50 acres of land as Noorudin ordered the building of the College, with hostel space, the first Jamia and the famous Nur Hospital and the famous Nur Mosque. If it wasn’t for the British government this huge facility would have never been built. The ROR of June-1915 alleges that the buildings and site costed 75,000, oh which Ahmadi’s have given 40,000 rupees and the British Government the remaining 35,000. It reports that there are 400 students of which half are living in the attached hostel. Ahmadiyya sources claim that this school is an english school and attached to the accreditation of the Punjab University. The British Government is paying 400 rupees per month for the maintenance of these facilities. In fact, the attached hostel costed an additional 60,000 rupees, of which the British Government paid half, it is alleged that the Ahmadiyya Movement paid the other 30,000 rupees (which is a lie, the British most likely paid for everything). Carpentry and tailoring is also taught at this school.

The ROR of February-1916 reports that the Ahmadiyya missionary training Madrassa was opened in late 1914. It also reports that 400 children are currently enrolled at the Ahmadiyya High school. It claims that the Ahmadiyya Madrassa is an arabic and theology school combined. It also claims to be managed by the Sadr Anjuman at Qadian.

In roughly 1944, the British government opened up the Indian Air Training Course (IAT) in Qadian at the T.I. College in the 1940’s, this was the first ever pilot training center outside of the UK.

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