We have just intercepted a letter from the President of the USA Jamaat (Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad) wherein he is announcing the arrival of Mirza Masroor Ahmad (the 5th Khalifa) to the USA next month. The Khalifa will fly into Zion, illinois on 9-26-22, the Khalifa picked Zion because of the famous Dowie prophecy, the Khalifa will mention this. After that, he is flying to Dallas. The Dallas jamaat recently had the rape scandal wherein Muneeb er Rehman admitted to raping a teenager Ahmadi many times and at many jamaat events. The Khalifa will then go the Ahmadiyya headquarter and speak to politicians. All of this is being done as damage control. Recently, at the 2022 MKA National Ijtema, we noticed signs plastered all over the USA Atfal Ijtema of 2022. In business school, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is taught, and this is an example of that.


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