Last friday, (8-19-22) during the Khalifa’s sermon, he eulogized this man (Naseer Ahmad)as a martyr, even though he knows the facts of the case and how he killed his own daughter and his sons are in jail for that crime. His sons are in jail for the murder of their sister, Rabia Kanwal, the Khalifa knows about this fact. The Nawai Waqt newspaper archived the honor killing of his daughter herein. As well as a youtube channel named “The Allegiant”, which was recently shut down, it was live from Rabwah, we were however able to get screenshots of the FIR and have posted them in the below.

This is nothing new in the Ahmadiyya Movement aka Mirza family INC aka AMJI. In the 1930’s, this was happening regularly, an Ahmadi man killed an ex-ahmadi in 1931 and was called a hero. In 1934, a famous Ahmadi murrabi (Sayyal) murdered another Ahmadi murrabi (Maulvi Muhammad Amin) and got away with it (no witnesses, he even confessed to it)(in 1934)(See Khosla’s famous judgement of 1934). This was 3 years before an ahmadi murdered the Fakhr ud Din Multani murder, the Khalifa promptly read the funeral prayer of the Ahmadi murderer in this case (Aziz Ahmad Qadiani). The murderer of Fakhr ur Din Multani was also called a hero and his funeral prayer led by the Khalifa (Aziz Ahmad Qadiani)(1938).

FIR screenshots proving that Naseer Ahmad is the father of Rabia Kanwal

The story from Nawai Waqt
Via Google translate

Chenab Nagar+Chennaiut (Special Representative + Acting Representative) In Chenab Nagar, a father killed his daughter with a sharp knife in the name of honor. But there was doubt who forbade her from doing bad things. Yesterday, Naseer allegedly killed her by stabbing her with a sharp instrument. The accused escaped. And her sons forbade their daughter from doing bad things. , for which Naseer, the police are busy investigating. As soon as the incident was reported, DSP Chenab Nagar, SHO Chenab Nagar and other officers reached the spot. Forensic teams have reached the spot and collected the evidence. After the mortem, it was handed over to the heirs.

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