In the reference in the below (Page 353 of A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam), MGA says that ever word of a prophet is wahi and he received wahi in every moment but sometimes Satan messes it up and makes him do an ijtihadi mistake which also counts as Wahi, and thus prophets make mistakes in Wahi (MGA). MGA claims that people see false dreams about him are because of their desires, but then you might ask, then why should we believe in dreams as sign? MGA then says that true dreams are pure and have holy qualities in them and glad tidings.

On page 112 (see the scan in the below), MGA is responding to someone’s question about istikhara and his truth. MGA also claims that people get dreams about him being false because of their desires and that prophets even get satanic revelations due to their desires. MGA says that Jesus (as) had the Holy Spirit with him all the time, yet, he still made false prophecies such as the fig tree prophecy, which he didn’t know was fruitless. MGA also alleges that Muhammad (Saw) also errored in similar situations (naudhobillah).

On page 115 (see the scan in the below), MGA says that some people may get false dreams.

At the 1925 Jalsa at Qadian, the 2nd Khalifa gave speeches wherein he claimed that even Satan would be eventually allowed into heaven (see page 37)(See the full quote in the below).





MGA commented on Satanic inspirations of prophets in 1898, not the satanic verses specifically
See “The need for the Imam” pages, 27-30 :

“””””Let it be remembered that the soothsayers who were found in large numbers in Arabia before the advent of the Holy Prophetsa, frequently experienced satanic inspirations, on the basis of which they sometimes made prophecies. Curiously enough, some of their prophecies turned out to be true. Islamic literature is replete with such stories. Anyone, therefore, who
denies satanic inspiration, denies all the teachings of the Prophetsas as well as the very institution of Prophethood. It is recorded in the Bible that once four hundred prophets experienced a satanic inspiration and prophesied the victory of a king, having been fooled
by a lying spirit.  But the king was killed in disgrace in the same battle, and his army suffered a great defeat.  But there was one Prophet who had received a revelation through Gabriel, and had predicted beforehand that the king would be killed, dogs would eat his corpse and it would be a great defeat. This prophecy came to pass, but the prediction of four hundred prophets turned out to be wrong.

Now, when satanic inspirations are so frequent, one will naturally doubt the credibility of all revelations. No revelation would seem to be reliable in view of the possibility that it might be of satanic origin. More so, when the same thing happened to a great Prophet like Jesusas.  This seriously undermines the credibility of the recipients of revelation. Is revelation then a kind of ordeal?  The answer to this question is that this is no occasion to lose heart, for it is the Divine Law that in this world everything valuable and precious is accompanied by adulterations. Look! there are pearls that are recovered from rivers and then there are cheap pearls which people
make artificially and sell. Now the trade of genuine pearls cannot be stopped just because there are imitation pearls also, for the jewellers whom God Almighty has endowed with insight, recognize at a single glance the genuine pearl from the fake one. Hence, the jeweller of the pearls of revelation is the Imam of the age. By keeping his company, a person can readily distinguish between the real and the artificial. O mystics! O victims of this alchemy! tread this path with care and remember that true revelation, which is purely from God Almighty, is accompanied by the following signs: 1. It is experienced in a state when the fire of anguish melts a man’s heart and it flows towards God Almighty like limpid water. “””””

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had Sikh angels named Dev Singh and Herdev Singh

The Quote
1926 as “Minhajut Talibeen” (Way of the Seekers)

“””In short, Islamic mysticism is based on hope and fear, hope being the dominant factor. Positive forces are released only by hope. Fear can generate nothing more than negative forces. Since the real purpose of man’s creation is to generate the love of God, that can be done only by hope. Fear can at best ward off sins. Islam seeks to dispel fear. We have seen that the Holy Quran assures us:

My mercy encompasses everything. (7:157).

Then the Holy Prophet (on whom be peace) clarified the position still further. He said that cheering dreams proceed from God and frightening dreams proceed from Satan. Since
the impact of dreams on the mind is undeniable, he warned that we should not be afraid of frightening dreams since their source is satanic. This certainly does not mean that every
dream of that kind is satanic as Prophets too have such dreams. The idea is that if there is a multiplicity of dreams of this kind, to the total or near total exclusion of hope-inspiring
dreams, it should be presumed that they are satanic in nature. Thus the Holy Prophet (on him be peace) sought to remove fear from the hearts of the faithful.”””

The ROR of July-1939 has about 10 pages from Mirza Bashir Ahmad’s “Sirat Khatam un Nabiyeen”. This excerpt discusses the famous Satanic verses aka Surah Najm. 
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