The ROR of April-1940 talks about the 1938 Jalsa at Qadian. They allege that the 2nd Khalifa gave a speech at the 1938 Jalsa at Qadian entitled, “Primitive Man’s Religion and His Conception of God”. This speech also appeared in the Urdu-ROR of March-1939. The 2nd Khalifa denied the islamic concept of Jinn, spoke about Adam (as), the 2nd Khalifa claims that the followers Adam (as) began to evolve. The 2nd Khalifa even alleged that humans were already evolving before Adam (as) showed up. The inaugural address was delivered by the 2nd Khalifa on Dec-26, 1938. He also announced the Nikah’s of his daughter (Amtul Qayyum) in the house of his younger brother Mirza Bashir Ahmad, with his son MM Ahmad and his Mirza Mubarak Ahmad in the house of his sister, Amtul Hafeez (both cousin marriages)(see also Alfazl, 28 December 1938).____________________________________________________________________________________________
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