1890 is a strange year in the history of Ahmadiyya. Ever since MGA returned from Aligarh in April of 1889, he seemed to be totally idle for the rest of 1889 (See ROR of June-July-1940). From Oct. to Nov-11-1889 MGA went to Ludhiana to see his mother-in-law who was ill(See Dard, “Life of Ahmad”).

In Feb-1890 MGA went back to Ludhiana to see about the health of his mother in law (her death is not recorded in Ahmadiyya history), he stayed about a month (see ROR of June-July-1940). In March of 1890, MGA became seriously ill and was about to die (allegedly a rumor had even went around that MGA died, see Dard, “Life of Ahmad”), MGA went from Qadian to Lahore to seek medical treatment. In Lahore, he stayed at his eldest son’s (Mirza Sultan Ahmad) house. They allege that he stayed in Lahore at his sons house from March-June-1890 (See Dard, “Life of Ahmad”). In July of 1890, MGA went back to Ludhiana, Mir Nasir Nawab was also there. He returned to Qadian on Oct-15 of 1890. They don’t specify as to when MGA began writing Izala Auham, “Taudih-e-Maram” or “Elucidation of Objectives” and “Victory of Islam”. Nevertheless, on Jan-22, 1891, “Taudih-e-Maram” or “Elucidation of Objectives” was published.

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