In a recent video, Yasir Qadhi explains how Qadiani-Ahmadi’s have crossed the red line of tolerance and are openly attacking Muslims. Yasir Qadhi tweeted about this too, it seems that this is video is in response to an Ahmadi Maulvi (Razi ullah Noman) who tried to recently embarrass an Islamic scholar in Dallas, Texas at the Epic Masjid. At about 14:00 minutes he explains how the Qadiani’s have engaged in “dastardly tactics”. He explains how Qadiani’s in the USA are actively working to take over positions in journalism, other positions of influence and getting involved with mainstream organizations in America (and other countries) and urgently requesting to represent Islam, and without mentioning their real identity. Yasir Qadhi goes on to explain how #Ahmadis have lied about their numbers (they claimed 200 million, 20 years ago). Yasir Qadhi says he went to one of their websites and Ahmadiyya sources allege to be 1% of the global Muslim ummah. Yasir Qadhi then explains how most academics would say that there are barely 200-300k Ahmadi’s in the whole world. He then explains how in America, #Qadianis have an aggressive campaign of forcing Muslims to accept them as Muslims in the West. He explains how Qadiani’s infiltrate groups of Muslims and then pull people to the side and try to convert them. Yasir Qadhi did make some minor mistakes, those are posted in the below. Check out this clip on tik tok. At 23:12, he explains how MGA said that Islam without prophethood is a dead religion. At 24:57 he explain how MGA’s arabic revelations are laughable and are an example of the mistakes of Grade-1, unbelievable mistakes. He goes on to say that MGA claimed that the words of his (MGA’s) mouth were the words of Allah, just like the Quran and that it is binding for Muslims to accept him. He then mentions how MGA ordered jihad to be finished. He called MGA’s arabic revelations a “complete failure”. He then explains how Ahmadiyya came to America, and many African American’s joined, because they didn’t know any better. He mentions Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, and how he infiltrated the USA. He then mentions the connection between the Nation of Islam and the Qadiani‘s. He then quotes Fatimah Fanusie and her work on Ahmadiyya. At 2:40 seconds, she says that Master Fard Muhammad was sent to America on a secret underground Lahori-Ahmadi assignment in 1930. In another video she talks about the same thing, that Lahori-Ahmadis created Elijah Muhammad, at the 4:41 mark. At 34:40, he mentions Maulvi Sanaullah Amritsari, and mentions his challenge vs. MGA. He them mentions MGA’s death via cholera. He then mentions Allama Iqbal and how he was fast friends with Ahmadi’s in his youth (36:16 timestamp). He also mentions Rashid Rida. He then mentions how the Shaikh of Al-Azhar declared all sects of Ahmadi’s as outside of Islam. He then mentions how Zafrullah Khan was the first Foreign Minister of Pakistan. He mentions that Maudoodi was concerned with Zafrullah Khan as to why he was representing Muslims at the United Nations. He then explains how one of the tactics of Qadiani’s is to viciously attack people, to smear people, just because we consider them non-Muslim, they then blame Shaikh’s around the world for Ahmadi’s getting killed! He then mentions how Ahmadi’s told FBI and CIA authorities that Yasir Qadhi and Shaikh Omar Soleiman and others as soft Isis terrorists. He then explains now MGA did Takfeer to the entire ummah.

Minor mistakes of Yasir Qadhi

1. He said that MGA saw the Mughal’s were kicked out of India, not true, Mughals were long gone, maybe he means the final Mughal King?

2. Yasir Qadhi made a small error and said MGA debated Christians in his youth, not exactly true, in Sialkot he had conversations with Christians. Not debates.

3. He said MGA was travelling and debating the Christian missionaries, again, not true.

4. He calls Tadhkirah a book of MGA. He calls it MGA’s quran, which isn’t exactly true, since MGA didn’t create it, it was created in 1935 by MGA’s sons.

5. He says that Mufti Muhammad Sadiq was kicked out of the USA, however, we have never seen that reference.

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