Just posting quotes here from “Surma Chashm Arya” (published on September-20-1886, see cover page and page 260)(Lead-ore Collyrium for the eyes of the Aryas). This is from an era wherein MGA was a “Wahabi” aka ‘Ahl-e-hadith” type of Mullah, hence, MGA still officially believed in miracles and etc. At the end of this book, MGA issued his 1-year-challenge/mubahila. Maulawi Muhammad Husain Batalvi devoted about 14 pages of his paper Isha‘atus-Sunnah Vol. 9 No. 5 and No. 6, pp. 145-158) to this book and instead of reviewing it he gave quotations which he said spoke for themselves. He asked every Muslim to buy ten or twenty copies of the book for distribution amongst the Hindus so that the hostile activities of the Arya Samaj against Islam might be checked.”””” (dard, page 158). Dard’s notes on this book began appearing in the ROR of Dec-1939 and was converted into book form a few years later. This book is also mentioned in the ROR of May-1941. In Ruhani Khuzain vol.2, this book starts at page 47 and end at roughly 340. Roughly a 300 page book and was published in September of 1886.

He also talks about the delay in the publishing of the Barahin, and even promises the Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya Vol. 5 to be published soon (this was published after MGA died, since it was a failed promise). He says that BA-5 will be published after Siraj-e-Munir. MGA also discusses his written debate with Murlidhar.

The topics discussed in this book are:

  1. The miracle of the splitting of the moon by the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.
  2. Is salvation eternal or a limited phase?
  3. The soul and the matter, whether they are uncreated and eternal, or they have been created by God.
  4. Comparison between the Holy Qur’an and the Vedas (the sacred scripture of the Hindus).

The book also contains a challenge in the form of a Mubahila (a prayer duel to prove the truth of a religious doctrine). It closes with a prize of Rs 500/ – for anyone who could refute satisfactorily the proofs adduced by MGA in the book Surma Chashm Arya.

You can listen to the audio book herein. We have an older edition of Surma Chashm Arya which can be downloaded herein. Surma Chashma Arya. The Gospel of Barnabus was also mentioned in this book.

Publishing date and etc.

Click to access rk-2-surma-chashma-arya.pdf

face page gives the publishing date as September 1886. 
2:  there is a sentence on page 260 saying “so since publishing of this booklet in 20 september 1886”.
Surmah Chashm-e-Aryah, page-2, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 2, p. 47

He also talks about the delay in the publishing of the Barahin, and even promises the Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya Vol. 5 to be published soon (this was published after MGA died, since it was a failed promise). He says that BA-5 will be published after Siraj-e-Munir.


Surmah Chashm-e-Aryah, pp. 40-41, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 2, pp. 88-89, See Hidden Treasures, page 33

“””…God has Vested in him a hidden faculty of receiving revelation. When human reason arrives at the limit of its reach, at that stage God Almighty, for the purpose of leading His true and faithful servants to the perfection of understanding and certainty, guides them through revelation and visions. Thus the stages which reason could not traverse are traversed by means of revelation and visions, and seekers after truth thereby arrive at full certainty. This is the Way of Allah, to guide to which Prophets have appeared in the world and without treading along which no one can arrive at true and perfect understanding; but an unfortunate dry philosopher is so much in a hurry that he desires that whatever has to be disclosed should be disclosed at the stage of reason. He does not know that reason cannot carry a burden beyond its strength, nor can it step forward further than its capacity. He does not reflect that to carry a person to his desired excellence God Almighty has Bestowed upon him not only the faculty of reason but also the faculty of receiving revelation. It is the height of misfortune to make use of only the elementary means out of those that God has, out of His Perfect Wisdom, Bestowed upon man for the purpose of recognizing God. “”””
Surma Chashm Arya Rhuani Khazain Vol 2, page 52

“Praise of the Lord of All the Worlds (Urdu Poem) How manifest is the light Of the Source of all lights, Turning the Universe into a mirror For eyes to see His reflection. When I saw the moon yester-night I was overwhelmed with longing, For it reminded me a little Of the beauty of my Beloved Lord. His eternal beauty Has set our hearts afire; Mention not to us the beauty Of the Turk or Tartar. O Beloved! Passing strange and wonderful Is the spectacle of Your glory all around; Whichever way we turn, Is the path that leads to You. Your own light burns bright In the resplendent fountain of the sun; In every star can be seen The spectacle of Your glowing beauty. With Your own hands have You Sprinkled salt upon the souls, Causing great commotion of love Among Your anguished lovers. You have invested each particle With amazing qualities; Who can ever decipher Your boundless mysteries? No one can fathom The extent of Your limitless power; Nor can anyone unravel The mysteries of this intricate knot. It is Your beauty that lends charm To every beautiful face; So are the hues and colours of each flower and garden But a reflection of Your loveliness. The love-laden glances of a beautiful face Ever remind us of You; Every curly lock points its finger In Your direction. To every believer and non-believer, Your countenance alone should be the focal point; But alas! the sightless suffer From a thousand veils. O my Beloved, Your enchanting glances Are like the sharp sword Which cuts off all bondages Of loyalty and love for others. Only to win Your love Have I reduced myself to dust; Hoping, the pangs of separation May be assuaged a little. Except when I am with You I am ever restless; Like the sinking heart of a patient, Life seems to be ebbing away. Wherefore this noise in Your neighbourhood? Pray, tarry not! Lest some love-lorn lover Should perish unknown.“
Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol.2, p. 53

“””””The Christians cannot stand their ground against Islam because they have taken as god a man who had a father, four brothers and two sisters, and was constantly persecuted by the Jews.””””
Surmah Chashm-e-Aryah, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 2, p. 98-99
2:14:30 time stamp, you can listen to the audio book herein.

MGA was talking about Muzzafargar, wherein a male goat that gives milk. When this news spread in the town, the deputy commissioner (McClef) asked to see the goat. When that goat was brought to him, it was milked. Then 3 honorable gentleman came to me and told me that they know a man who gives milk like women. One of them said, they know the guy, his name is Ameer Ali and he was brought up on his own on the milk of his father, since his mother died. MGA even says that he has heard that people can poop out of their ankle.

MGA said 4 things

1—That in Muzzaffargarh, there was a male goat, who used to give milk like female goat. 

2) That there was a Syed guy in his village, who was nurtured on his father milk.

3) That rat was created by dry soil, as his half body was dry soil

4) That there was physician Qarshi, who has hole in his heal and his stool/feces was released from that hole. 


_____________________________________________________________________________________________1886, Surmah Chashm Arya, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 2, pp. 122-127
Via ROR of February 2006:

“”””We wish to point out that the miracle of the splitting of the moon is not an event that the Muslims put forth as proof of the truth of Islam and as a principal argument in support of the truth of the Holy Qur’an. Out of thousands of internal and external miracles and signs, this was also a natural sign which is supported by historical proof. If overlooking clear proofs we are to suppose that this miracle has not been established, and if we are to interpret the relevant verse of the Holy Quran as the Christians or the followers of nature, or those who repudiate external events interpret it it would do no harm to Islam. The truth is that the Word of God has wholly relieved the Muslims of the need of relying upon other miracles. It is not only a miracle in itself, but on account of its blessings and lights, it produces miracles .

The Holy Qur’an comprises in itself such perfect qualities that it is in no need of extraordinary
miracles. The presence of external miracles adds nothing to it and their absence would disclose no defect in it. The beauty of the Qur’an is not decked out with the ornaments of external miracles. It comprises in itself thousands of strange and wonderful miracles which can be witnessed by the people of every age. It is not necessary to refer only to the past.
The Qur’an is such a beautiful beloved that everything derives ornamentation from it and it is not dependent upon anything else for its own ornamentation.

Those who object to the miracle of the splitting of the moon have only one instrument to make, and even that a broken one, that the splitting of the moon is contrary to the law of nature. The
followers of the law of nature contend that it is obvious that so far as a man can find by the
exercise of his reason there is nothing apart from nature in the law of nature, that is to say, the
observation of the universe indicates that everything material and non-material by which we are
surrounded is part of a wonderful system for its existence and continuance and for its eff e c t .
This system is inherent in everything and never departs from anything. Whatever nature has designed will happen without fail in the same way.

We accept all that, but does it prove that Divine methods are their law are limited to that which
is our observation and experience no more? To believe that Divine Power is unlimited is of the
essence of the Divine system; it ensures that the door of intellectual progress should always remain open. Then what a mistake it is to put forward the proposition that whatever is beyond our understanding or observation is outside the law of nature! When we confess that the laws of nature are unending and unlimited, it should be our attitude that we should not reject every new thing because it is beyond our reason. We should assess the matter on its proof or lack of proof. If it is proved we should enter it in the list of the laws of nature, and if it is not proved we should confine ourselves to affirming that it is not proved. We would not be entitled to say that it is outside the law of nature. To hold anything as being beyond the law of nature, it is necessary that we should encompass all Divine laws which are eternal as within a circle and our intellect should fully comprehend all that God’s Power has revealed from the beginning up to now and that He will reveal through Eternity….

We believe that the Powers of God Almighty are unlimited, then it would be madness to hope to
encompass all His Powers. For if they can be confined within the measure of our observation, then how would they be unlimited and unending? In such case, we are not only confronted with the difficulty that our finite and incomplete experience should comprehend all the Powers of the
Eternal God, but there would arise a much greater difficulty that by limiting His Powers He Himself would also be limited and we would be affirming that we have discovered all the reality of God Almighty and that we have arrived at its depth and bottom.  Such an assumption would be disrespectful and destructive of faith and would amount to a total denial of God.
Announcement Appendix Surmah Chashm-e-Aryah, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 2, p. 319, see also the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, page 159

“””The author has also been informed that he is the Reformer of the age and that his spiritual qualities have a resemblance to the qualities of Masih [Messiah], son of Mary—each bearing a strong affinity and likeness with the other. And [I have also been told] that, due entirely to the
blessing of perfect obedience to the Best of Mankind and the Most Exalted of All the Messengers, on whom be the peace and blessings of Allah, this humble one has been
granted exaltation above many of the great saints who have passed away before me, just as the Prophets and Messengers were granted earlier. Following my way is the road to salvation, good fortune and blessings; and to go against it is a cause for deprivation and despondency.”””
Surmah Chashm Arya, (1886), pp. 164-165, footnote, See, Muhammad Ali, “Prophethood in Islam” {1915}. 

“This position of Muhammadiyya is by way of reflection (zill) an embodiment of all the ranks of divinity. That is why Messiah was only compared allegorically to a son on account of some deficiency which remained in him. For in reality Christhood (haqiqat-i ‘Iswiyyah) is not a complete and perfect manifestation of all the divine attributes but is one of its sections, while reality of Muhammadhood (Haqiqat-i Muhammadiyya) is a complete manifestation thereof overwhelmingly proved both logically and traditionally. Reflection of a perfect object is always perfect while that of an imperfect remains imperfect.”
_______________________________________________________________________________________________Appendix Surmah Chashm-e-Aryah, p. 4, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 2, p. 318 and
Majmu‘a Ishtiharat, vol. 1, p. 131, see also the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, page 168

“””(A) I had told several Hindus and Muslims of several towns that by the person of Punjabi origin was meant Dalip Singh concerning whom it had been given out that he would arrive in the Punjab but I foretold that he would be disappointed in this hope and that he would encounter difficulties in this journey threatening his comfort, honour, or life… In the end, in accordance with this prophecy, he suffered much inconvenience, trouble, suffering and humiliation and failed in his purpose.”””
Surma-e Chashm-e Arya, Hashiya, pg. 229 – 230 and pages 278-279 of RK

“It has been described at several places in the Holy Qur’an in indications (اشارات) and remarks (تصريحات). That His Holiness (Muhammad) is the Supreme Manifestation of Divinity (مظہراتم الوہیت) and His words are God’s words and His Manifestation (ظہور) is God’s Manifestation and His advent is God’s advent.”


Surmah Chashm-e-Aryah, p. 188, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 2, p. 236, see also the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, page 168

“””(C) The person mentioned in the announcement of February 20, 1886 as a nobleman of Punjabi origin was Dalip Singh. This was conveyed to more than five hundred Hindus and Muslims in various towns before the event and the announcement of February 20, 1886 was distributed in distant lands. Then all that was announced about Dalip Singh in advance was fulfilled.”””
_______________________________________________________________________________________________Surmah Chashm-e-Aryah, pp. 190–191, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 2, pp. 238–239, see also the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, page 188

“””It has been disclosed to me by Allah today also, which is August 3, 1886, that if he (Ahmadiyya sources claim that this is referring to Mirza Imam ud Din, MGA’s cousin) does not repent he will soon face the consequences of his misdoings. Should it be a sorrow or grief which is normally encountered, that should not be considered the fulfilment of this prophecy, but if he suffers some affliction which is entirely unexpected then it would be right to conclude that this is in accord with the prophecy. Should he, however, repent, his end will be good; or after a warning he would be granted comfort.””
Surma-e-Chashme-e-Arya, Roohani Khazain, Vol. 2, P. 232

“If some Arya (Samaji) having read our whole pamphlet does not leave his obstinacy and does not retrace from blasphemy, then we call him to hold a Mubahala with us, on a token we have received from Allah the Exalted”.
Ibid. P. 250-251

“Last resort is Mubahala for which we have made a call earlier. For Mubahala, it is not necessary to be a scholar of the Vedas (Hindu religious books). Yes, he should be a well- mannered, renowned Arya who may also impress others. Therefore Lala Murli Dhar Sahib is first of all addressed; then Lala Jeevan Das, Secretary Arya Samaj, Lahore; then Munshi IndarMan Sahib Moradabadi; and then some other person from amongst Aryas who is a respected man and is also considered learned. If they really think that ‘Vedas’ teachings which we have recounted in this pamphlet are correct and true and contrarily consider that the principles and teachings of Quran Shareef, also written by us in this very pamphlet, are wrong and untrue, then they may do Mubahala with us on this issue and having decided on a spot for holding the Mubahala, by mutual agreement the two parties may present themselves at that place the fixed date. Each party to the Mubahala should stand in a meeting before public and take oath, repeating words which we have written in bold as specimen and have appended them to this pamphlet; that is, if our assertion is false Divine Distress and punishment may descend on us. In this way, the words contained in each of the two Mubahalas should be publicly verified for truthfulness, believing that Divine punishment must fall on the party who swears falsely. And there shall be a waiting period of one year for Divine Decision to come down. If after passage of one year Divine punishment falls on the writer of this pamphlet, or does not fall on the adversary, in either case, this humble self, shall suffer a fine of Rs.500/- which, subject to mutual agreement, shall be deposited into the government treasury or wherever this amount is easily available to the adversary. In case he overcomes us, he shall entitle himself to collect this sum automatically, but if we overcome him we don’t lay a wager. Our bet is the same prayer, that is, of heavenly signs befalling and that’s enough. Now, we conclude this pamphlet after writing down the subject matter of each of the documents of Mubahala. With Allah’s Help.”
Roohani Khazain, volume 2, Surma Chashmay Arya, page 246

“”And that last brick for the wall of prophets is Muhammad Mustafa PBUH””

The scan

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Ibid P. 254-255

“So, O God, Omnipotent, decide truly between us two parties, and whosoever, out of us, is a liar in his assertions and dogmas .. .O Immensely Mighty! send down a punishment in one year’s time”.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Ibid.  P. 258

“He who is a liar making false statements in Your Eyes …….. O Eesher, beat him up with such strokes of pain ……. that curses taking their toll, reach him in a year’s time.”
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Roohani Khazain, Vol. 2, P. 326-332, Summary

“””May it be known that at the end of Surma-e-Chashme Arya, I had called some Aryan people for a Mubahala. As a result of my writing, Pandit Lekh Ram, in his pamphlet, Khabte Ahmadiya which he published in 1888…. held a Mubahala with me. Accordingly, in his pamphlet Khabte Ahmadiya on page 344, Pandit Lekh Ram wrote the following in his introductory remarks. “Since our respected and revered Master Murli Dhar and Munshi Jeevan Das Sahib are busy in government work, this humble obedient, on his own volition and with their pleasure has taken this duty upon himself. Therefore, as the proverb says: ‘take the liar to his door-step,’ I accept Mirza Sahib’s last request (of Mubahala) also”.

“I humble, Lekh Ram, son of Pandit Tara Singh Sahib Sharma, Author of Takzeeb-e-Braheen-e-Ahmadiya and this pamphlet, (Nuskha-e-Khabte Ahmadiya) declare in soundness of all my senses and understanding that I have read the pamphlet Surma-e-Chashme Arya from beginning to end, not once but many times, having grasped its arguments fully and have published its reply in refutation in the light of Sat Dharam (true religion). In this pamphlet, the arguments of Mirza Sahib have not impressed me one bit because they are not righteously oriented. (After dilating on this subject the Pandit wrote in the end:) O, Permeshwar! (God) Make a decision between us truly, because never can a liar glorify in Thy Audience against the truthful.

Writer: Your eternal slave, Lekh Ram Sharma, Sabhasud Arya Samaj, Peshawar, presently Editor, Arya Gazette, Ferozepur Punjab,”

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