Adnan Virk‘s family came to Canada in the 1970’s, at that point the jamaat in Canada was very small (barely 400 members). He was born in Canada on July-29, 1978. His father is Zakaria Virk (check out his essay in the ROR of 1989 herein)(he was also one of early editor’s of the Qadiani-Ahmadi magazine, “Ahmadiyya Gazette Canada”)(check out his essay’s on the Muslim Times too) and his mother’s name is Taherah Virk. He grew up working at his parent’s gas station and variety store named “Zack’s Variety Store”. It seems that he grew up around the city of Morven, Canada. In his youth, he attended, Ernestown Secondary School (this is a high school), and for college went to Ryerson University (aka Toronto Metropolitan University). 

He seems to have chosen a career as a sportscaster and works for CNN. His wife is named Eamon, she doesn’t seem to be an Ahmadi, check out her twitter account herein. In this essay, Eamon seems to have told these people that she is bi-racial and hasn’t said much else. Adnan Virk seems to be loyal to the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s and can be seen herein promoting the fraudulent organization, Humanity First. Adnan Virk was recently spotted at the recent MKA-USA Khuddam Ijtema-2023, with his kids, he seems to be from the North-Jersey jamaat, #Ijtema 2023. Nevertheless, he seems to be a good guy who’s family got trapped in the Ahmadiyya cult. Adnan Virk has 4 sons, he has married since 2007. His sons are named, Maaz Pacino, Shazz DeNiro, Adeen and Yusuf Virk.

Who is Zakaria Virk



Zakaria Virk was born in 1946, Gurdaspur, Punjab India. He graduated with an LLB from Karachi University. For further Law Education author decided to join Goettington in Germany. These travels took the author to Toronto, Canada.

Zakaria Virk served with Ministry of Health, Ontario for 30 years and lived in Kingston, ON Canada for 28 years, before relocating to Toronto.


B.A. & L.L.B. Karachi University
Computer Programming, Ryerson University, Toronto Canada


Contribution of Islamic word to Science


Essay Writing Competition

Ali Garh, India
​Lahore, Rabwah, Pakistan

Online Books

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Musalmano ka Newton – biography of Nobel Laureate Dr Abdus Salam

Biography of Spanish philosopher Ibn Rushd

Ramooze Fitrat – Collection of articles on Dr Salam 1996

Zikray Abdus Salam – collection of Urdu articles

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Muslim Contributions to Sciences

Ibn Sena’s Canon of Medicine – history of its translations and commentaries

Scientist of the East – Collection of articles on Dr Abdus Salam.

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