This book was published in 1897 by Qazi Fazl Ahmad from Gurdaspur, court inspector. This book is famous because they published the letter from MGA to Ahmad Baig wherein he called him a good muslim, this is in terms of the Muhammadi Begum prophecy.

Kalima tul Fazal Rehmani

The letter
“Kalima-Fazol Rehmani”, published in 1897

Qazi Fazl Ahmad from Gurdaspur, court inspector

On 04 May 1891, Mirza Ghulam wrote a letter to Mirza Ali Sher Baig from Ludhiana. The contents of this letter have been translated in english are as under:-

My dear Mirza Ali Sher Baig Sallamahullahu taala

Assalamo alaikum wa rahmatullah.

God knows well that I don,t discriminate you and consider you a kind nature man and a person stead fast on religion Islam. The news I am giving you would pain you a lot. I want to leave those who call me a non issue and don,t care about religion. You know how much enmity has developed among the members of your house regarding my proposal for Muhammadi Begum.

Now I have come to know that her marriage is taking place to some other person on the third or fourth day after Eid festival. Your family is supporting this marriage in my opposition. You know the people supporting this marriage are enemy to me and enemy to Islam as well. They want to please christians and hindus to cause pain and humiliation to me. They have decided to put me under their sword. Only god can save me from them. Why don,t your family do their counselling in this regard. Do they think I was a Choora or Chamar (Janitor or sewerage worker), as if my proposal was an insult to them ? Now they are all in harmony with each other for the marriage of the girl and to oppose and leave me alone.

By the way I don,t care about their girls all I wanted is that the girl be married to me and her children to become my heirs, but they wanted me to be be humiliated and be a black faced one, but it is god that can humiliate whoever he wills. They want to put me into burning fire. I wrote to them not to break old relations. Your wife said she don,t care about relation with me she don,t even cared for if my son Fazal divorce Izzat Bibi. She said she is with her brother Ahmad Baig. She said she does not even care if this man (MGAQ) dies somewhere. Why did he survied while dying and wished if i would have died. These are the feelings of your wife reached to me.
Then I sent a letter to her through registered post saying If I was so bad a person in your opinion then you don,t have to continue relations with my Son Fazal I am writing him to divorce his wife Izzat Bibi. So the day Muhammadi Begum is married to someone else, Fazal Ahmad would divorce Izzat Bibi but if he did not do that, I will deprive him from the right of inheritance.

But if you fight Ahmad Baig for me and get his decision changed in my favour then I will advise Fazal Ahmad who is under my obedience to put every effort to keep Izzat Bibi happy at home. My wealth would be their wealth. Now you write to Ahmad Baig and refrain him from marrying Muhammadi Begum to someone else. Otherwise I swear upon god that I would break all my relations from them. If Fazal ahmad wants to have the right of my inheritance, he would have to do whatever I wish from him.

All these things have come to my knowledge through letters but I don,t know how much to believe them.

Humble self Ghulam Ahmad
From Iqbal Ganj, Ludhiana,
Dated :- 04 May 1891.

(Kalimatul Fazl Rehmani by Qazi Fazal Ahmad Court Inspector Ludhiana. Pages 126-127 , Raees e Qadian page 245.)

See page 357-360

1901, August 10th, Al-Hakam

“The prophecy regarding the daughter of Ahmad Baig, which is mentioned in the advertisement, it is a well known matter, she is the neice of Mirza Imamuddin, the letter to Mirza Ahmad Baig quoted in Kalima Fazl-e-Rehmani is mine, and this is true that that woman has not been married to me, but she will be definitely married to me, as mentioned in prophecy. She got married to Sultan Mohammad as mentioned in the prophecy. I am telling you the truth in this court, where I have been ridiculed about things which are not from me from God. A time is coming when all heads will hang in shame ….  woman is still alive, she will assuredly come into my wedlock. What hope! I have firm belief. These are things of God, cannot be cancelled, it will happen.”

Kalma Fazal-e-Rahmani, page 274-276


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