Noorudin and his team (Maulvi Abdul Kareem and Mufti Sadiq) believed that Esa (as) had a biological father before they had ever met Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, they took this new belief from Sir Syed, who wrote it in 1880. They all worked together in Jammu, with Noorudin being the boss. Nonetheless, Noorudin and his team held the belief that Esa (as) had a biological father until 1903, wherein it is reported by Noorudin himself that he was forced to change his position on the order of MGA. However, after MGA died, per Lahori-Ahmadi sources, Noorudin ordered Muhammad Ali to write in his commentary of the Quran that Esa (As) had a biological father.  The Qadiani branch went on to call the miraculous birth of Esa (as) as less then a miracle and some sort of rationally explained phenomenon. Obviously, the classic islamic view is that Esa (as) was born miraculously, just like Adam (as). By the will of Allah.  

In 1917, the Lahori-Ahmadi, via Muhammad Ali accused Eisa (as) of having a biological father in his famous commentary of 1917. In 1927, the Ahmadiyya Movement claimed that Parthenogenesis created Eisa (as), not allah. In the 1990’s, Mirza Tahir Ahmad was openly calling Maryam a hermaphrodite (astagfarullah).
The reference
Ruhani Khazain, volume 6 ,Jang-e-Muqadas, page 280-281

“Do you believe birth of Jesus without father? Birth of Jesus without father doesn’t amaze me, Hazrat Adam was born without father and mother, Now rainy season is near, (you should) must go out and see how many insects get born itself. Therefore it’s a mistake to take it as proof of Jesus’s being God.”

Urdu Transliteration
“Masih ka bin baap paida hona mantay hain ya nahi?”
“Masih ka bin baap paida honay mari nagah ma koi ajoba baat nahi, Hazrat Adam AS maa or baap dono nahi rakhtay tah. Ab Kareeb Barsat Aati Ha, Zuroor Bahir Ja Kar Daikhien K Kitnay Keeray Mokohray Baghair Maa Baap K Paida Ho Jatay Hain. Pas es sa Masih ki khudai ka suboot nakalna sirf ghalti ha.”(Ruhani Khazain volume 6 Jang-e-Muqadas page 280-281)


Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam

“””We observe daily that thousands of insects infect impure and stale foods and are generated in unwashed wounds. Dirty linen secretes hundreds of lice and all sorts of worms are generated inside a person’s stomach. It cannot be said that all these come from outside or can be observed descending from heaven.”””
This is from an essay entitles, “Unity vs. Trinity”, which seems to have been written by the editor, Muhammad Ali

ROR, English, February–1902
On page 72:

“””On the other hand, learned physicians of the Greek and Indian schools have given instances of such cases, rare though they be, and shown the possibility of a child being formed in the mother’s womb without the seed of a man””””

ROR, Urdu

MGA was saying that quran says: you should just say jesus was born without father, and had quran not said so, everyone would have agreed with jewish pov in regards to Isa and his mother. Even though people fo not believe why would ruh al qudus can give(something like pregnancy donation) but because quran accepts such pregnancy we have no choice but to accept it

Chashma Masihi 28, RK 356)(See also the online english edition of this book, see, page 29

When thousands of insects are born by themselves during the rainy season, and Adam (as) was also born without parents, it is no proof of Jesus’ eminence if he, too, was born in the same manner. In fact, being born without a father deprives a person of certain faculties.
Chashma’-e-Ma‘rifat, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 23, pages 171-172


“””And this is one of the mysteries of nature (from God) that it has been noticed that if you hit a squirrel with a rock or stick the squirrel appears to be dead and while the injury is fresh if you bury the squirrels head in a pile of cow manure (gobar) the squirrel becomes alive and runs away in just a few minutes. If a fly lands in water and dies, so too does the fly become alive and flies away. And some other animals like bees other terrestrial insects die in severe cold and remain in the dirt and stuck to walls, then, when summer arrives they become alive. Who can understand these mysteries except for God Almighty””””


Chashma-e-Ma‘rifat, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 23 page 226

Chashma-e-Ma‘rifat, page 218

MGA says that women can get pregnant by themselves.
Via Barahin i Ahmadiyya, Vol. 5, online english edition

“””It is the law of God that He has not made any human being unique in any aspect, and no one can say that he has such and such characteristic that no one else has. Had such been the case, this would form the basis for holding such a person as being worthy of worship. During the time of our Prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, some Christians presented the uniqueness of Hadrat ‘Isa, may peace be upon him, as being born without a father, upon which Allah Almighty immediately replied through this verse of the Holy Quran:

Surah Al-e-‘Imran, 3:60

Meaning: ‘The case of ‘Isa [with Allah] is like the case of Adam. God created him from dust and said to him “Be”, and he was.’ In the same way was ‘Isa born of Maryam’s blood and Maryam’s fluid, and when God said ‘Be’, he was. What is so divine and unique in this trivial matter? In the rainy season, thousands of insects are born without a father or mother, and come out of the earth on their own; no one declares them to be God, no one worships them, no one prostrates before them. So if it is not ignorance to create such an uproar over Hadrat ‘Isa, may peace be upon him—without rhyme or reason—then what is it?

1923, Seeratul mahdi
pdf page 114/316
Narration no. 645

” Dr.Ismail narrated to me that once we were talking about birth of Jesus. Masih Moud (mgaq) said Allah tala created Jesus without a father to show that now bani Israel are not left with a single man whose seed can father (bear) a prophet and now there is end of prophethood in this nation. And time has come for bani Ismail to bear Nabi….”
pdf page 228/316
Narration no. 801

“Molvi M Ibrahim Baqa Puri narrated to me in writing that once I said to mgaq that Allah has parised mother of Eisa (a.s.) and named her SIDDIQA (truthful , pure). Upon this mgaq said here Allah tala has mentioned mother of Eisa (a.s.) to break his ‘godhood’ and use of SIDDIQA is like we say in our language (punjabi phrase) that “o squint-eyed sister in law, I say salam to you” where the objective is to call her squinted-eyed, not to say salam. Similarly in this ayat real objective is to prove that Essa a.s. had a mother which is aginst goodhood not to show TRUTHFULNESS of Maryam “

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