This is a deep topic, MGA changed his position on the birth of Esa (as) later on in 1904, that will be covered later.  However, MGA and his team seem to have copied Sir Syed exclusively with the idea of denying the miraculous birth of Esa (As).

This topic has many layers, however, I will post just the reference for now.  The readers should be aware of pingbacks and etc.

The reference
“Do you believe birth of Jesus without father? Birth of Jesus without father doesn’t amaze me, Hazrat Adam was born without father and mother, Now rainy season is near, (you should) must go out and see how many insects get born itself. Therefore it’s a mistake to take it as proof of Jesus’s being God.”

Urdu Transliteration
“Masih ka bin baap paida hona mantay hain ya nahi?”
“Masih ka bin baap paida honay mari nagah ma koi ajoba baat nahi, Hazrat Adam AS maa or baap dono nahi rakhtay tah. Ab Kareeb Barsat Aati Ha, Zuroor Bahir Ja Kar Daikhien K Kitnay Keeray Mokohray Baghair Maa Baap K Paida Ho Jatay Hain. Pas es sa Masih ki khudai ka suboot nakalna sirf ghalti ha.”(Ruhani Khazain volume 6 Jang-e-Muqadas page 280-281)

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