As we continue our work on Ahmadiyya in Kababir, we have collected an article from November of 1931 which gives us additional evidence.  It seems that Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad had sent Jalal-ud-din Shams in roughly 1925 and had him return in 1931.  The Khalifa replaced him with another Ahmadi-Mullah, Maulvi Abul-Ata Allah Ditta, who was a new graduate of the Mullah-training-school in Qadian.

This report has lots of info on Islam in Palestine, Egypt and Syria, which were all property of the British Government.  It also tells us that before Jalal-uddin Shams, there was another Ahmadi-Mullah sent to Damascus.  His name was Syed Zainul-Abideen Wali-ullah Shah.  This person has never been mentioned before in the annals of Ahmadiyya literature.  Moreover, the British government forced Jalal-uddin Shams to leave the Damascus area and they seem to have directed him towards Kababir, wherein there was a family of Muslims living in a village.  Finally, a report of the operations of Ahmadiyya in Bengal is also given.

The Review of Religions (ROR) of November 1931, Front page and pages 290-291

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