Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a lazy and lethargic man.  He hated working and hated even more the sight of his fellow countrymen.  We all know that he was born in 1839 (see Kitab ul Bariyya {1896}, and ROR 1906) and by 1857, he was at least 17-18 years old.  His father, eldest brother and cousins, they all helped the British crush the independence fight of 1857.  However, MGA did not, maybe he was scared, maybe he was incompetent, maybe it was his right arm that he had disabled in his youth, whatever it was, MGA remained behind.  He was already married and had 2 sons, both of whom were being raised almost exclusively by MGA’s father and elder brother, and in concert with MGA’s wife, who seems to have already given up her bed with MGA by 1857.

Nonetheless, the war of 1857 ended and MGA’s family returned to Qadian to enjoy their victory. By 1865. MGA’s eldest son, Mirza Sultan Ahmad was roughly 7 years old, his younger brother was roughly 5 and MGA began to try to teach him Islam or some primitive version of it.  Per the reference in the below, MGA was stopped by his father, MGA’s father didnt want his grandsons to be taught anything by MGA.

By that time, MGA was already being sent all over the Punjaab in terms of his court cases with the British Govt.  MGA and his family were land grabbers and they spent their entire life usurping the land of the poor.

Also in 1865, MGA was sent to pickup his families pension money, we all know how MGA and his cousin ran off with their portion of the money and stayed on-the-run until they spent it all. MGA then returned to Qadian with his head-low and ashamed.  MGA’s father then punished MGA by sending him to Sialkot to work as a clerk.  This is where MGA learned about Christianity, and where he met Noorudin, and where Maulvi Abdul Kareem was born. Nonetheless, MGA played no role in the raising of his eldest sons.  Further, Mirza Fazl Ahmad died in 1904, and MGA didnt even go to the funeral.

The scan-work

“”(186)stated to me by Mirza Sultan Ahmed through Molvi Rahim Bakhsh sahab MA that I used to learn books like Nahav Mir, Tarekh Farishta, Gulistan Bostan etc from Hazrat Masih e Maoud (MGAQ). Walid Sahab (MGAQ)would ask to read out previously learnt lesson some time. Although I was a careless student yet he never showed his displeasure on it. But Dada Sahab (Father of MGAQ) stopped me to continue studying from Walid Sb ( MGAQ) and said I don’t want all others to be Mullah. I will teach u myself.”””

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