After roughly 1957, the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad never came out in public ever again. He made his eldest son in-charge (Mirza Nasir Ahmad) and he went totally crazy behind the scenes. He died on November 7, 1965, however, just 2 months before his death, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s published “Truth Triumphs” on September 1st, 1965, wherein they attacked the illnesses of the Khalifa.

As Muslims, we don’t celebrate the death of anyone as such. However, in the case of Ahmadiyya, we are forced to point out how agonizing of a death some prominent Ahmadi’s faced, since Ahmadi’s made it a point to do the same with us and our scholars/elders.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mahmud Ahmad’s diagnosis
Al-Fazl, 19th Aug 1961, see page–2, also published in Truth Triumphs by Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqi, Lahori-Ahmadi, see page–38

“””Nervous prostrations like the loss of memory, and emotional outbursts (like at the mention of holy names, places and events), are more or less prevalent. Some days the symptoms dwindle, but again they intensify : and so the trouble goes on. Because of remaining in prostrate position, there is tension followed by numbness in the leg muscles. All the possible efforts to make his holiness walk a litter, have failed all along…..”

Diagnosis by Mirza Munawar Ahmad (son of Mahmud Ahmad).

Reference: Al-Fazil April 26, 1955: 
On 26th February, around Mughrib Time (sunset time), I had an attack of paralysis on the left side of my body. For sometime I was absolutely disabled with my hand and foot. There was a pause in my mental activity. And my brain has stopped working. At this time I am absolutely sick and I can not think even for a single minute”

Reference: Al-Fazil April 12, 1955:
“Because of this nutrition does not get to my brain. Physicians were of the opinion that with in few weeks my mental condition will get back to normal. So far what ever, improvement took place, its speed is not fast enough���.I can walk couple of steps with people’s help, that too is with difficulty. Condition of my brain and tongue is such that I cannot deliver sermon even for few moments. Physicians have strictly prohibited me from doing any such work that require mental exercise.”…… “I had the stroke (paralysis). Now I am disabled even for ‘Paakhana, Peshab’ (to shit and urinate), and depend on others for this. I can not walk even two steps”.

1957 in khutbatay mahmoud by mirza mahmoud, page 488
 “”””“I am sorry I cannot deliver long Khutbah , and in fact not even a short khutbah.  The reason is that I had pain in my mouth in Ramadhan and had puss in my gums that was removed by Dr. Abdul Haq that came from Lahore (for this purpose). That is the reason that teeth could not be used in the whole month of ramadhan.  If it is only roots and in case no teeth are there, even then it is possible to chew food. But if with some teeth and some teeth are (stuck) on other teeth and there is space in between teeth and thus I cannot chew food.  Hazrat Amma Jan use to chew food at age of 82 although she had lost all her teeth. Thus due to to non chewing of food all the food use to go to stomach without chew, and had to suffer Loose motions which has caused weakness in me .There was one more reason of weakness in myself was that in 1955 I had suffered from Stroke and we were in Karachi and Ramadhan had started and I could not read Quran.  Then 1956 had come and effect of Stroke was upon me and again I could not read Qur’an. This year I had stressed upon reading Quran so that previous shortage can be covered, that also caused weakness. The effect of Stroke is still that it has effected eyes. Thus I cannot work hard with my eyes,  if any Man is sitting in front of me, and if he is removed, so(consequently) I cannot trace him out.  It has also started effecting memory.  I used to forget just within short time that who had just met me.  That is due to recitation (of Quran) my suffering due to illness has increased and memory shortage/loss that got improved(in the past), again has been increased.  Last year (1956) I got a lot of time to relax and thus my weakness got improved memory got better ………………”””””

1957 in khutbatay mahmoud by mirza mahmoud, page 488—-SCAN


Source: Anwarul Uloom, vol. 5, p. 97.

“No matter how much work the Promised Messiah (as) has to do, and even if prayers would be combined (due to work), he would still go for his walks. Indeed, he would go twice a day. I did not follow his practice and…suffered greatly as a result. That is why I advise young people… that I stopped exercising due to a lot of work. But it caused such difficulty that I had to stop working. And at one point, my condition was such that I could work as good as four able-bodied people…

But later the condition because such that I would not even be able to read one page of a book without having getting dizzy. Now that I have started going for walks, I have not reached the same level of strength but I have nevertheless felt much improvement and…

I have learned that it is necessary to follow the laws of nature.”

The scan work

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