As a Muslim, we do not spend our time predicting the death of any other people, this is un-islamic. Nor do we bask in any type of glory when any of our critics dies.  Life and death is only controlled by Allah.  Nonetheless, because I am an ex-ahmadi I have been drawn in to these conversations.  Most Ahmadis that I engage, they ALL seem to boast about the death of Zia, Bhutto, and many other Muslims.  Ahmadis claim that all of these people died viciously and violently simply for opposing Ahmadiyya.  Further, Maulvi Sanuallah had debunked all of these “death-prophecies” back in 1907, when he told MGA that even Mussailma Kazzaab outlived Muhammad (saw) and thus predicting death of an opponent or boasting when an opponent died was un-islamic.  However, as we know, ahmadis will never listen, and that is precisely why the Govt. of Pakistan was forced to pass Ordinance XX, the anti-Islam laws.

I would like to add that Maulvi Noorudin also died in very punishing circumstances, in-fact, one of his legs were amputated in 1911, and the community began to split, since Nooruddin was vacillating.  Maulvi Abdul Kareem also died in punishing circumstances, the official report lists that it was a cancerous carbunkle on his back that led to his sudden death.  There are many other instances, in-fact, MGA’s 7-year old son died abruptly in the 1906-7 era.

Mahmud Ahmad’s diagnosis

“””Nervous prostrations like the loss of memory, and emotional outbursts (like at the mention of holy names, places and events), are more or less prevalent. Some days the symptoms dwindle, but again they intensify : and so the trouble goes on. Because of remaining in prostrate position, there is tension followed by numbness in the leg muscles. All the possible efforts to make his holiness walk a litter, have failed all along…..”

Diagnosis by Mirza Munawar Ahmad (son of Mahmud Ahmad).

Al-Fazl, 19th Aug 1961, see page–2, also published in Truth Triumphs by Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqi, Lahori-Ahmadi, see page–38

“I had the stroke (paralysis). Now I am disabled even for ‘Paakhana, Peshab’ (to shit and urinate), and depend on others for this. I can not walk even two steps”. Reference: Al-Fazil April 12, 1955. 

On 26th February, around Mughrib Time (sunset time), I had an attack of paralysis on the left side of my body. For sometime I was absolutely disabled with my hand and foot. There was a pause in my mental activity. And my brain has stopped working. At this time I am absolutely sick and I can not think even for a single minute”
Reference: Al-Fazil April 26, 1955.