An Ahmadi asked me to review a video wherein Ahmadi scholars are attempting to explain-away the Rabwah-attack of May 22nd, 1974.

The Video

My Commentary

Up to 1:18, the host tells a story that “some people”, have said that if the Train incident hadn’t happened, then Ahmadis, would have never been declared non-Muslim. However, he never tells us as to who he is referring.  This is a classic case of academic dishonesty.


And by the way, at 0:53, there is an editing error, which indicates a re-take.


At 1:22, the speaker, who’s name is unknown, begins answering the question, he calls it an “alleged-beating”.  Which is wrong, it was a factual beating, in fact, Charles Kennedy, in his academic paper notes that there were 400-500 Ahmadis at the train station, he references major newspapers.


At 2:00 he says that this topic has been discussed quite a bit in Ahmadiyya circles, however, most references to this event are missing.  And of course the Samdani commission report was never published.  How could this topic have been fully discussed?  In fact, Zaf Khan, never even gives proper references in his book, he relates Ahmadiyya hearsay and calls it fact. That is academic dishonesty.


At 2:15, he alleges that this type of incident was bound to happen at any place in Rabwah, however, he forgets that Rabwah was a closed city from 1948 to 1974.  All land was owned by the Mirza family, aka Mirza Nasir Ahmad and his brothers, uncles and etc, aka the Ahmadiyya Movement. In fact, only the land wherein the train station was built belonged to the Pak govt. So any incident was impossible, since the schools and colleges in Rabwah had 98% Ahmadis students. Moreover, there was no formal police department, Khuddam most likely ran patrols.  Hence, it was a state within a state.


At 2:30 he alleges that the enemies of Ahmadiyya were planning something against Ahmadis.  However, he has no proof.  And never gives a single reference.


At 3:33 he continues arguing that simply based on the direction of the route, it is obvious that these students shouldn’t have been travelling in the Rabwah direction. However, he has never interviewed any of those students to know about their route and why these chose it as such.  And in the history of this argument, no one has ever presented any data backing this view. As far as we know, these students were heading somewhere on the train, and it stopped in Rabwah, and Ahmadis boarded and started doing tabligh…he also mentions that there were families on the train, however, no references are given again…


At 4:30, he says that these Muslim students started chanting slogans, however, he forgets to mention that there were many Ahmadis handing out literature..and these students may have been upset about the marketing of Ahmadiyya…


At 4:36 he accused these students of sexually cat-calling Ahmadi women, however, he gives no reference…at all, whatsoever. He goes on to accuse these students of throwing rocks and other effects at Ahmadis..and again, no reference is given.


At 5:26 he says that the students told Ahmadis that they would return on the 29th of May.  However, he doesn’t tell as to who reported this news to the Khalifa? Obviously, there were many witnesses, however, there names have never been mentioned.


At 5:39 he accused the same students of malicious intent, and he even says that they had stored rocks just for Rabwah, however, he doesn’t give a reference. Who could have given him this info, it is a total mystery. However, Ahmadis believe it, which is even dumber.  He continues at 5:50 to say that these students were on a mission to start trouble at Rabwah…


At 5:58, he admits that the Jamaat knew what was about to happen, and they had many Ahmadis there at the train station just in case these students got out of line.  So obviously, Mirza Nasir Ahmad knew of everything, so where was he when the train stopped in Rabwah on 29th May.  Please answer.



At 7:00 he accuses the medical students of attacking Ahmadis with stones, however, he gives no references…this is all made up. These are the stories that Ahmadiyya peddles to its membership.  SMH


At 7:12 he admits that some of the Ahmadi Khuddam went too far in their responses…however, he doesn’t admit that they violently attacked these students with hockey sticks and etc, he only says that they responded defensively,


At 7:30 he says that the station master, he refused to allow the train to move, the attack was going on…how could the train move? Additional people could have gotten ran over. He claims that this was all in the plan, however, he gives no reference yet again, for like the 6th time.


At 7:57 he claims that this was just a small skirmish, and Ahmadis even brought water for the medical students who were injured.  However, no reference is given for the 7th time. These are all tall tales, in fact, this particular has never been mentioned in any Ahmadi literature. Moreover, he never gives any names of any people who were there at the station and witnessed anything.


At 8:10 he begins claiming that there was no issue at all and everyone was happy, then he asserts that the planners weren’t happy, there mission wasn’t complete.  He then begins to assert that they had cut out the tongues of animals and had them ready at Faisalabad, or the next stop and they began stirring up a scene. However, for the 8th time, no reference is given…


At 9:00 he claims that at Faisalabad, Muslim groups were ready to receive the news of terror, and had newspapers ready and etc, however, for the 9th time, he gives no reference.

At 10:00 he asserts that this should have been easily solved by speaking to all the young people involved, however, he forgets that rioting broke out quickly, and the situation was quickly out of hand, and 27 Ahmadis died and 15 muslim’s died in the following raucous.


Upto 10:46 he mentions some Maulvi and accuses him of conspiring this entire event, however, he doesn’t properly give the Maulvis name or any other data about the Maulvi.


At 12:15, he accuses of the Pak govt of conspiring against Ahmadis.  However, no hard evidence is given.  That’s almost 10 citations of academic dishonesty.


At 12:49, the older gentleman begins to chime in, he says that its unfair that Ahmadis were declared Non-Muslim based on this fight, however, that’s not the reason, Muslims in India have been trying to get Ahmadis declared non-Muslim since at least the 1930’s.  And since Pak had a new constitution in 1973, it was the perfect opportunity.  Not to mention that Saudi Arabia had announced that it would not allow any Ahmadis to perform Hajj or Umra.  Or even enter Saudi Arabia to work.  To this day, Ahmadis are secretly in Arabia, and are not allowed to congregate or ever build a mosque.


At 13:06 the older gentlemen says it would have been better to simply punish those who were involved and end it, however, he forgets that riots broke out and muslims demanded that the govt take action or more rioting was to come.


At 14:00, he says that the NA never heard or read the Samdani Commission report, however, no reference is given yet again.


At 14:10, the host claims to have spoken to Justice Samdani (in 2010) and reports that Mr. Samdani said that the Nishtar Medical College students provoked Ahmadis at Rabwah and Ahmadis only responded in a defensive manner.  Which is a lie.  Samdani has never commented on a secret govt report, nor would he ever betray his country as such.  And the host claims to have spoken to Mr. Samdani, however, he leaves out all the details.  He then claims that Samdani admitted that no one was hurt at all, no bruises or anything, and all of this comes from some private conversation, which no proper referencing.  SMH.

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