Chief Justice Muhammad Munir presided over the 1954 Ahmadiyya riots inquiry.  However, before that he worked with Zafrullah Khan in 1947 in terms of the Punjab Boundary Commission. In fact, years later (1964), he lamented how Zafrullah Khan and the Ahmadi’s chose to be considered non-Muslim during this boundary discussion and thus caused the Gurdaspur district to go to India, since Muslim’s weren’t in majority. Nevertheless, the story that we are presenting today is in terms of the first African-American Ahmadi imam and his reminisces from the 1954 court case, since he accompanied the Khalifa to court. As you can see by the explanation in the below, the Khalifa and Justice Munir were fast friends, and he didn’t allow anyone to ask the Khalifa any tough questions.

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JANUARY 14, 1954
I was told that Hazrat Sahib was going to Lahore to appear before the Pakistani Court of Inquiry. On the 15th of January 1954 I went to Lahore by bus with students of the Jami‘at-ul-Mubashirin. Hazrat Sahibra appeared at the Court at 1:30 in the afternoon. Hazrat Sahibra came a few minutes late to the Court. The lawyers were very excited because the judges would have to wait for Hazrat Sahibra, but by the Grace of God there were no troubles.

The Chief Justice Munir showed a great deal of respect to Huzoorra, and also spoke to the lawyers that they should ask good questions or that he would close this case because it was not the object of this court to propagate anyone’s religion, and the questions that the lawyers were asking were not good questions with the intentions of finding out who started the disturbances.

One of the lawyers said, “Your lordship, you don’t want us to
give Mirza sahib any troubles.”

The Chief Justice said, “Then it means that you only want to give Mirza sahib troubles, but that is not the object of the Court. The object is to find out who started these disturbances.”

The Court lasted for three days, with Hazrat Sahibra on the last day.

The Chief Justice said that we had planned to let this case go up to 12 o’clock, but we see that these lawyers are only asking questions so as to propagate their own sect. For this reason we will close this case. Then he told Hazrat Sahibra that you may go.

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