Abid Mirza has engaged us on the discussion board.  He is hard to talk to, since he is only online a few days a week and seriously lacks the years of research work that is required to properly understand Ahmadiyya.  I’m 10+ years in this dirty-Ahmadiyya-game, Abid Mirza seems to be less then 2.  He relies on the script that has been provided to him and he only debates as a form of marketing for Ahmadiyya.  He routinely never makes it to the end of any conversation, since his Mullahs have never allowed him to critically analyze their arguments.

MGA vs. Piggot
The discussion rages on in the discussion board.  Ahmadis say that any prophecy is open and subject to forgiveness, and repentance, its up to Allah and etc etc etc.  What they forget is and ignore is that MGA sometimes went above this general rule and guaranteed many prophecies. However, this is the old Ahmadi “pivot-game”, they allow MGA to say that so and so prophecy is guaranteed, and MGA is sure of it and etc etc, See the case of Bashir-1 dying and the Muhammadi Begum saga.  Ahmadis have played this game before and they are playing it again.  No matter what…they will never admit that MGA’s prophecy wasnt fulfilled, they will lie to the end, since they are brainwashed to simply believe their mullahs and never question anything.

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