The story of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and company vs. Piggot has gained lots of popularity in the world of Ahmadiyya research and discussion in the past 7 years. Akber Chaudhry deserves all of the credit as he explained the failure of MGA prophecy and the subsequent cover-up job by the Ahmadi-mullah aka desperate employee. However, just recently, in our discussion forum on Facebook, we engaged an Ahmadi who seemed to be willing to discuss this prophecy. This Ahmadi never used critical thinking or academic honesty, he quickly found the “Ahmadiyya” responses to the Piggot failure and simply posted them, then, he tried to quickly wrap up the discussion and move on. However, he did make one huge mistake, he pinned his main argument on the idea that Dr. Schweiso supported the notion that Piggot repented in 1904. He got this info from the Ahmadi-Mullah who has actually met Dr. Schweiso and recorded him answering a few questions. But the problem is….the video is doctored by the MTA team, Dr. Schweiso never thought that Piggot repented. How do I know??? Well, my team worked behind the scenes to get Dr. Schweiso’s phone number and were successful, we eventually called Dr. Schweiso at his home and confirmed many things:

1.  Dr. Schweiso never thought that Piggot repented from any of his claims in 1904 or any other year.

2.  Ahmadiyya mullahs aka employees were trying to make it sound that Dr. Schweiso agreed with the Ahmadiyya position and were trying to bully Dr. Schweiso into saying the opposite of what his research found.

3.  The Ahmadiyya mullah who interviewed Dr. Schweiso purposely doctored the interview.

4.  Ahmadiyya leadership has been purposely covering up the misgivings of MGA and his team of writers for over 100+ years.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The video   (by 2021, the video has been erased from the internet by the Ahmadiyya Movement).
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