This video which was made by Akber and AK describes how Ahmadis have been editing their books for years and years and years. In his video, it is proved that “Sad-Sala-Tarikh-e-Ahmadiyya” was tampered with after 2010. Akber and AK Shaikh had referred to this book of history, specifically on questions 409-412. Question 412 in this edition of Sad-Sala-Tarikh-Ahmadiyyat was about Piggot. This book was from Lajna Amaillah, written by Amtul Bari Nasir (Lajna from Karachi), and this book is a collection of data. After 2014, this specific sentence was deleted with no explanatory notes. The writer of this book claims to have gotten this data from an announcement of MGA from August-23-1903, which was published in the ROR of Sep 1903 (See page 350).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Scan from the 2011 edition


Scan from the 2014 edition

Scan from alteration date on the Sad-Sala-Tarikh-Ahmadiyyat

The PDF date was altered after 2014

The original PDF was created by the Ahmadiyya Jamaat (of this specific edition of Sad-Sala-Tarikh-Ahmadiyyat) in 2011, however, it was altered in 2014.

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