Ahmadis are scrambling to clean up the indiscretions of MGA and his team.  In this recent adventure, they have tried to assert that Piggot repented in 1905 and thus MGA’s prophecy came true. However, its a total lie. Piggot never repented, and Ahmadis know this. However, this is the common Ahmadiyya tactic. All of MGA’s death predictions failed, and as part of the cover-up job, Ahmadis pivot to the idea that all prophecies are conditional on repentance.

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In this statement, MGA made many assertions.

1.  He warned Piggot, that if Piggot didn’t repent, he shall soon die, even in MGA’s lifetime.

2.  Piggot’s punishment would come from a higher power, not any government.

3.  He then says that the death of Piggot within his (MGA’s) lifetime. And it will be yet another sign of MGA’s truth.

4.  God will bring the false messiah to destruction during the life of MGA.

The scan

Piggot never repented

In the case of Athim, MGA was asking Athim to make public declarations and etc.  Since Athim didnt die under similar circumstances, nor did he repent, yet Athim remained alive and was even paraded around Amritsar the day after the prophecy expired.
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