I have mentioned before how Ahmadis wish death upon their critics and enemies, or anyone who opposes them. They are taught by their mullahs to live like this. Bhutto seems to have turned on Ahmadiyya (The Mirza family) in early 1974, as he removed Air Marshal Zafar Chaudhry from his position. Bhutto then refused to promote Ahmadi’s past a certain rank (most likely MAJOR) until Zia took over in 1977. Bhutto did not order the shooting of Ahmed Raza Kasuri, in November of 1974, nevertheless, he was implicated in a conspiracy to murder. The FIR complainant was Ahmed Raza Kasuri. It was alleged in that FIR that when the actual murder plan was carried out, the complainant’s father Nawab Mohammad Ahmed Khan Kasuri was mistakenly murdered instead of the intended murder conspiracy target, Ahmed Raza Kasuri, in this case the FIR complainant, Ahmed Raza Kasuri himself who escaped unhurt. Bhutto allegedly ordered Masood Ahmad, the Director General of the Security Force to eliminate Ahmed Raza Kasuri. Ahmad Raza Kasuri, a member of parliament, formally accused the then-prime minister of Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, of complicity in the murder of his father. The ammunition used was only available to Bhutto’s paramilitary organization, and the police closed the case as unsolvable. Earlier Bhutto had told Kasuri on the parliament floor: “I have had enough of you. … I will not tolerate your nuisance.” On the other hand, Ahmad Raza Kasuri appeared at the National Assembly session on 20 November 1974, nine days after his father’s murder. He had brought a small bottle of fluid claiming that it was his father’s blood and a blood-stained shirt and announced that the government’s murderous attacks on the members of parliament would be exposed. He continued in this vein for quite some time and always spoke of bad governance and injustice.

Although formerly acquitted of this alleged murder, the “re-filed case shortly after the military coup of 5 July 1977” by Ahmad Raza Khan Kasuri, (Islamics republic of Pakistan- A Modern History by Ian Talbot) came in handy for the dictator Mohammed Zia ul Haq. In 1978, Zia made Ahmadi’s Muslims again, as they won their case in the Lahore High Court of 1978, and thus were able to pretend to be Muslim’s. In that same year, Zia had Bhutto convicted of killing a political opponent, however, this was a farce. Bhutto was innocent.

3-24-1979, the government of Pakistan rejected an appeal to lift the death sentence against former Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. The court refused to review its 4‐to‐3 decision of Feb. 6 upholding Mr. Bhutto’s death sentence and conviction on charges of having ordered the murder of a political opponent more than four years ago. Mr. Bhutto. has seven days to file a clemency petition with President Mohammad Zia ul‐Haq, who overthrew Mr. Bhutto in 1977. If he does not make such a plea or if it is unsuccessful, the man who ruled this country for five years could be hanged on 24 hours’ notice. Mr. Bhutto, 51 years old, has instructed his family not to ask for leniency. Among those who appealed on Mr. Bhutto’s behalf were President Carter, President Leonid I. Brezhnev of the Soviet Union, Chairman Hua Guofeng of China, King Khalid of Saudi Arabia, Pope John Paul H and such organizations as Amnesty International and the International Commission of Jurists. General Zia had maintained consistently that he would not interfere with the decision of the courts. Mr. Bhutto, awaiting the outcome in a death cell of the Rawalpindi jail, rejected the final legal recourse open to him of a personal plea to his successor for clemency. Such a step would be “humiliating,” he said, and he forbade members of his family to exercise their right under the law to make the appeal to General Zia on his behalf. Mr. Bhutto’s wife, Nusrat, and his 25year‐old daughter, Benazir, have been held under house arrest. The two other Bhutto children are out of the country.

On 4-4-1979, Bhutto was executed, an Ahmadi brags about being the person who tied Bhutto’s hands and feet. Later on in December of 1979, Ahmadi’s celebrated the execution of Bhutto as a great sign. By 1982, Ahmadi’s began to dominate all civil service jobs with the Pakistani government. The main judge in the case against Bhutto was Maulvi Mushtaq Hussain. Sheikh Anwarul Haq is another.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Bhutto’s 4 co-defendant’s

Mian Mohammad Abbas(executed at the Rawalpindi jail), Ghulam Mustafa (executed at the Rawalpindi jail), Arshad Iqbal (executed at the Faisalabad jail) and Rana Ifhtikar (executed at the Lahore jail). They were all executed on July 25th.
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Kashif N Chaudhry


Major Gen. Iftikhar Janjua Shaheed, only Pakistani general to have laid his life during military combat was an Ahmadi Muslim. 

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Kashif N Chaudhry


Pakistan’s 1st Chief of Air Staff & leading general in Pakistan Air Force, Air Marshal Zafar Ahmad Chaudhry, was also Ahmadi. 

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