This was the first book that Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad ever wrote.  He wrote it just a few months after becoming Khalifa in March of 1914.  In the Urdu collection of his writings Anwaar-ul-Uloom, in which these are arranged chronologically, this book is vol. 2, no. 5. The book immediately after this (no. 6) is dated 9th November 1914. The book after this (no. 7) consists of his speeches at the December 1914 Jalsa. The books immediately before it are not dated but seem to be from about April 1914.

Some quotes

17/86  bottom of the page—“…Islam does not need a prophet for its accomplishments”

34/86—he talks about some muslim saint that had khalifas.

37/86—he talks about how GOD sends mujadids into the world.

39/86—he talks about how divine revelation is open forever, and that mujadids fullfil this!!!!!!!

41/86 —he writes that if ISLAM was deprived from Mujaddids than Muhammad was a liar…. OR GUILTY OF A MISSTATEMENT

82/86   It may be possible and is natural that some small section of the community should be weak…….

84/86  Since the claim of being the PM is a question of grave moment….

85/86 Another time will come when powerful kings will enter the following of this Messenger of God.

The Khalifas comments on Mujadids
As we know, Ahmadis don’t believe in Muajdids anymore, as long as they have Khilafat, they don’t need any prophets or any mujadids, and this runs contrary to the famous hadith on Mujadids.  Further, the Messiah wasn’t even supposed to have any Khalifa’s, he is supposed to physically return to Earth and convert the entire world to Islam, hence ending Jihad and Jizya.  So Ahmadis are waaaaaay out in left field with this logic.