This was the first book that Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad ever wrote. He wrote it just a few months after becoming Khalifa in March of 1914. Its english version can be found online here. It is an English translation of a lengthy letter addressed by him to the Nizam of Hyderabad Deccan (Muslim ruler of that state). It’s an 85-page book, which discusses at length the claims of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. It was written shortly after the author became Khalifa, probably in 1914 (it says on page 45 that 30 years have passed since the year 1300, and no one has claimed to be mujaddid of the century except Hazrat Mirza sahib; this would make it 1914 when this book was written). In the Urdu collection of his writings Anwaar-ul-Uloom, in which these are arranged chronologically, this book is vol. 2, no. 5. The book immediately after this (no. 6) is dated 9th November 1914. The book after this (no. 7) consists of his speeches at the December 1914 Jalsa. The books immediately before it are not dated but seem to be from about April 1914. Khwaja Kamal ud Din quotes this book in his famous “Ikhtalayfaat-e-Silsilaa-e-Ahmadiyya kay Usbaab”, its english translation is posted here. Also, in the Review of Religions of June 1914, Mirza Bashir Ahmad (the younger brother) has described being Mujaddid of the 14th century as the mission of Hazrat Mirza sahib. See this link.

In this book of 85 pages, the mission of the Ahmadiyya Movement and the position of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is presented just as the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement would do it. There is no mention of any claim to prophethood by Hazrat Mirza sahib or mention of continuity of prophethood after the Holy Prophet Muhammad. Only the continuity of revelation is mentioned and it is stated that “actual events also testify that Islam has never been bare of such holy spirits who have attained the highest stages of spiritual development” (p. 39) . As to how many such persons there have been, it is said just before these words that: “If they are enumerated their number will pass from thousands to lacs.” (“Lac” is one hundred thousand.)

Part-1 of this book appeared in the ROR of Sep-1915 (translated by Abul Hasham Khan Chaudhry). Part-2 of this book appeared in the ROR of Oct-1915. Part-3 of this book appeared in the ROR of Dec-1915. Part-4 of this book appeared in the ROR of February-1916. Part-5 of this book appeared in the ROR of July-1916. Part-6 of this book appeared in the ROR of Sep-1916. Part-7 of this book appeared in the Jan-1917 edition of the ROR. This book is also mentioned in the ROR Of May-1915.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Some quotes

On page 2, in his “self-introduction”, he says that upon the death of Maulana Nur-ud-Din, God appointed him to be the second khalifa of the community. He then adds:

“I am not aware to which family God may choose to transfer this office after me.”

He explains at the beginning that his motivation in writing this “epistle” (letter) is that he saw a dream in which “I was explaining to Your Highness all about this movement” (p. 3 of English version).

On page 2, he writes:

“At the present time, God has, out of His sheer grace, appointed me to be the leader of this community and to be their second khalifa. … and I am not aware to which family God may choose to transfer this office after me.”

Is this a Qadiani Jamaat belief, that the office of khilafat may go to a person of any family?

On page 36 he quotes the hadith about the coming of Mujaddids, in Arabic with English translation, and explains its meaning as being that there will come:

“reformers who will re-establish the faith, and through their means there will always be raised bodies of men who will safeguard the true meaning of the Holy Quran…”

In other words, Hazrat Mirza sahib was a Mujaddid who created a Movement.

On page 37-38 he writes about Islam that:

“not only does it believe in the possibility of revelation, but positively requires that the beginning of every century should see the appearance of an inspired reformer. Such was the promise of God vouchsafed to the Blessed Prophet (on whom be peace) and such shall always be the case of Islam.”

On page 38 he goes on to say about the continuity of revelation:

“Up to now thousands of men in Islam have been graced with this privilege, and no age has passed wherein there has not been present among the Muslims some claimant of Divine revelation.”

On page 41 there is a heading saying: “The Promised Reformer of the Present Age”. Under it he writes:

“… it is established that Islam is a living faith and that it is incumbent that a reformer should appear in it at the commencement of every century, there being a promise made by God to that effect in the Holy Quran … Where is the reformer who has been raised by God at the commencement of the current century. In answer to this question let me convey to Your Highness the gladsome news that we too in this age through the mercy of God have not been deprived of this blessing and that God has out of His grace raised at the commencement of this century a mighty man who in his grandeur is superior to, and nobler than, all the reformers who have gone before. His name is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian.”

17/86  bottom of the page—“…Islam does not need a prophet for its accomplishments”

34/86—he talks about some muslim saint that had khalifas.

37/86—he talks about how GOD sends mujadids into the world.

39/86—he talks about how divine revelation is open forever, and that mujadids fullfil this!!!!!!!

41/86 —he writes that if ISLAM was deprived from Mujaddids than Muhammad was a liar…. OR GUILTY OF A MISSTATEMENT

82/86   It may be possible and is natural that some small section of the community should be weak…….

84/86  Since the claim of being the PM is a question of grave moment….

85/86 Another time will come when powerful kings will enter the following of this Messenger of God.
The Khalifas comments on Mujadids

As we know, Ahmadis don’t believe in Muajdids anymore, as long as they have Khilafat, they don’t need any prophets or any mujadids, and this runs contrary to the famous hadith on Mujadids. Further, the Messiah wasn’t even supposed to have any Khalifa’s, he is supposed to physically return to Earth and convert the entire world to Islam, hence ending Jihad and Jizya.  So Ahmadis are waaaaaay out in left field with this logic.
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