We all know how MGA wrote 1839 or 1840 as his DOB.  Read that entire discussion here: and here:

Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya Vol. 5 was written and published in the winter of 1908
This is an important fact.  In this book, MGA’s editors began changing MGA’s comments on his age.  Ahmadis use a comment from this book to prove that MGA was much older in 1905.

—“God knows the real age but according to my knowledge, my age is near 70 years at present in the year 1323 AH. God knows best” [Zamima Baraheen-e-Ahmadiyya Vol 5 page 193].

—-“The real words about the promise in the revelation assign the age between 74 and 86″  [Zamima Baraheen-e-Ahmadiyya Vol 5 page 97 margin]

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq and his book Zikr-e-Habib
“This humble one was born in the month of Phalugna on a Friday on the 14th night of the moon” [Zikr-e-habib by Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Sahib pages 238 & 239]

Other references to Zikr-e-Habib

See here for the Ahmadiyya argument—-

MGA’s team lied about his age during the Dowie prophecy, they purposely made MGA look older
On 23rd of August, 1903 a leaflet was published from me against Dowie which states that I am around 70 years in age and Dowie, as he mentions, is a young man of 50.” [Tatma Haqiqatul Wahi page 71 and Majmooa-ishtaharat vol 3 page 564]

Ahmadi’s also quote Sanaullah 
Ahmadi’s have cherry picked these quotes, we need to see the full quote to properly analyze.

Maulvi Sanaullah Amritsari who was a staunch opponent of MGA writes:

“Mirza Sahib has said that his demise would be near 80 years of age and perhaps he has fulfilled all those conditions” [Ahl-e-hadith 3rd May 1907 page 3 column2]

 Maulvi Sanaullah probably wanted to prove that Ahmad (as) had reached 75 years of age and should die now according to his own prophecy. He writes in another place:

“A person who is older than 70 years of age (as is Mirza sahib himself)…” [Tafseer-e-sanai Matbooa 1899 Hashia 4 under ayat Inni mutawaffeeqa ]

Ahmadi’s also quote Batalvi

Risala Isha’at-us-sunnah vol 15, page 191 in 1893 thus:

“He’s already 63 years old..”.


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