We all know how MGA wrote 1839 or 1840 as his year of birth. It seems that it was Mufti Muhammad Sadiq who was at the fore-front of falsifying MGA’s Year of Birth. He published his famous Zikr-e-Habib in 1926, and mentions that MGA told him that he was born in the Hindu month of Phalghuna and it also fell on the 14th of an islamic month and on a friday, this detail had never been written about ever before. This was about 18 years after MGA died. He was trying to solve the problem of MGA failing the age prophecy that he (MGA) made in 1892 (See Nishan Asmani). One of our brothers has already refuted this theory (that MGA was born in 1835) here. He claims that the month of Phalguna starts on February 14th of every year, thus, its impossible that MGA was born in the month of Phalguna in 1835. However, in 1839, on March 1st is possible, since that is in the month of Phalguna and the 14th day of the islamic month.
Feb-13th, 1835 is not in the hindu month of Phalguna

Using this advanced calculator, which has settings to select for older indian dating system used during time of Mirza. The date of 13th Feb 1835 is NOT in Phalguna.

The Sikh Nanakshahi Calendar?

It was invented only 1960s?! If so, it’s not the same phalgun month it was “alleged” Mirza said he was born in!

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mufti Muhammad Sadiq and his book Zikr-e-Habib

Pages 238 & 239, (Zikr-e-Habib, pp. 238-239 [old edition]), via

“Once the Promised Messiahas said, ‘The month of my birth was Phalgun [the twelfth month of the Bikrami calendar corresponding to February-March]. The date was 14 of the lunar calendar. The day was Friday and the time was of late night.’”

_____________________________________________________________________________________________My Commentary

Sadiq argued that MGA had personally told him that he was born in the Punjabee month of Phalguna, on a Friday, on the 14th night of the moon. However, the Punjabi month (and we know Phalguna always starts from 13 February and ends at 13 March. Second, Date of Islamic month was 14 and Day was Friday.


The date which satisfies all the above mentioned conditions is:

  • Gregorian Calendar : Friday 1-March-1839 A.D.
  • Islamic Calendar: 14 Dhu’l Hijjah 1254 A.H.
  • Hindu Calendar: Phalguna 16, 1895 V.E.

Online Gregorian-to-Islamic dates conversion OR

Online Gregorian-to-Hindu dates conversion

Personally, I don’t really trust MGAQ’s claim that he was born on Friday or 14th of the lunar month or during Phalguna. Apparently, MGAQ wanted to claim that his date of birth was somehow special, for Friday is a special day for Muslims, day 14 of the lunar month has a full moon night and Phalguna is a special month in Hindu religion. However, I have done this small research just to expose the lies of the Ahmadiyya leaders who finally claimed that MGAQ’s actual date of birth is 13-Feb-1835 based on his writings.

It is crystal clear that the Ahmadiyya leaders just wanted to push MGAQ’s date of birth far away from 1839/1840 to give him closer age to 75. However, the date 13-Feb-1835 which they suggested didn’t fall in the Hindu month of Phalguna.

Ahmadis claim that 13-Feb-1835 is 1-Phalguna-1891 V.E., while the correct calculation shows that 13-Feb-1835 falls in the previous Hindu month, exactly on 15-Magha-1891 V.E.

Here is the result as per

However, just for the sake of argument, if we’ll accept the Ahmadiyya’s false claim that 15-Magha in the calculations of is equivalent to 1-Phalguna, this will still expose their shameful lies. Based on the same Ahmadi’s false assumption, the nearest Friday 15-Megha to the years 1839/1840, 14th of the lunar month is 9-Feb-1838.

Here is the result as per

Moreover, based on the Ahmadi’s false calculations, the date 1-March-1839 can be considered 30-Phalguna-1895 V.E. since they should accept +/- 1 day accuracy for the Hindu lunar date calculations.
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