Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had 2 daughters that made it to adulthood and procreated further. They are Mubarika Begum (born 1896, died on May 23rd, 1977) and Amtul Hafiz (born 25th January 1904, died ). MGA was known to marry off his children before reaching the age of 12. To our memory, none of MGA’s children made it past that age. MGA was already receiving fake revelations to the effect that he should marry off his eldest daughter (Mubarika) to Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan, who was a rich aristocrat from the Malerkotla state. Mubarika was only 10 years when she married a man of 40 years, and her new husband already had another wife, hence, MGA’s daughter became a 2nd wife to a much older man. Muhammad Ali Khan lived exclusively within MGA’s home every time he came to Qadian. He built a separate house in Qadian after his marriage however, it was connected to the new Nur-Masjid, which was named after Noorudin, and was right next to the Talim-ul-Islam High School, which seems to be 50-100 yards from the house of MGA. In 1910 Nooruddin was at the house of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan and was returning to the home of MGA, he fell off of his pony and was dragged mercilessly, he almost died and had to have a leg amputated. Further, Nooruddin seemed to continue to live with MGA’s family until early 1914, wherein he moved out, he thus moved into this new house. He also had him (Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan) as the executor of his (noorudin’s) will. Noorudin thus died in the Nawab’s house and his will was read out by the Nawab (see page 334). They then elected Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad in a make-shift election.

MGA hints via a revelation that his daughter will eventually become a Nawab.  Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan was living in MGA’s house in those days. (See, the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah and also [al-Hakam, vol. 5, no. 44, November 30, 1901, p. 3])[Amin of Bashir Ahmad, Sharif Ahmad and Mubarakah Begum,
November 27, 1901, al-Hakam, vol. 5, no. 45, December 10, 1901, pp. 3–4]

MGA’s letters with Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan

(Maktoobat e Ahmad Volume 2 Page No.97.-98) 
Note:- Non relevant portion of letter is omitted.

My dear Nawab sb Assalam o alaikum wrwb, 

Yesterday, I heard that you have asked the hand of my daughter Mubaraka for marriage. However, there are two problems in this matter. No. 1. she has just completed 11 years of her age. No.2, She is weak by birth and permanently suffering from cough and cold.She is not fit for marriage. In case If she is married, she would die.

(Letter dated 20 December, 1907.)
Next Letter of MGA to Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan dated 12th February 1908.

My dear Nawab sb,

I have given serious thought to your marriage proposal with my dearest daughter Mubaraka and God has put it in my heart that I won,t have any issue to accept your proposal subject to certain conditions and hope that you would not hesitate to accept these conditions.

First Condition is that you will pay amount equal to two years of your whole property income that would be Rs.50,000/- as dower. (Meher).

You would sign an affidavit in writing as per Shariah, to affirm this.

Whatever the conditions are, these are not beyond your status secondly these have been put in my heart by Allah. The reason for placing such conditions is not that I have some kind of mistrust about you but it is based on the fact that no body knows of life and death and as per your family traditions your women are deprived of the inheritance.

There is no harm if such an arrangement is made to support a woman financially in case if her husband is dead. May Allah bless long life to your sons but they would only pursue their own desires after you. Therefore, this decision of HAQ MEHER(dower) is categorical and final.

This is the right of women which has been fixed by Allah for helpless women. So that in case if your age is not long enough and she remains alive after you, she can live peacefully and protect herself from the bad behaviour of relatives.

This is the condition which is definite and I would not even give you the time to give it second thought. This is my un changeable decision, if you agree to and fulfil this I would fix the NIKAH to be held on Monday and girl would be sent to you after a year. There can be no amendment in the conditions as laid down by me. I have asked my dear Syed Ismail , who is here on leave, to stay few days more. However, in case if you refuse he will proceed to resume his service tomorrow.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.
What happened next?

Nawab sb agreed to the harsh conditions as laid down by MGAQ and the 11 year old Mubaraka was married to 50 years old Nawab sb and she was dropped off at Nawab’s home in one year by Nusrat Jehan.

SCANS of these letters

Image may contain: text
Image may contain: text

On 17 Feb 1908, Ahmadiyya sources announce the Nikkah of MGA’s eldest surviving daughter with the Nawab. However, she doesn’t seem to have went to live with the Nawab quite yet.
______________________________________________________________________________________________Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan and Nawab Mubaraka Begum’s childrenThey seem to have had children immediately after the Nikah of 1908. Ahmadiyya sources tell us that on 14th March, 1909, when she had just turned 12 years old, she was dropped off by her mother at the newly built house of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan in Qadian (see Amma Jan, online english edition, page 107). Later on, they also lived together in Malerkotla.

1.  Eldest Daughter—Syeda Mansoora Begum, she married Mirza Nasir Ahmad, she was born on 27 Sept 1911 (according to hayat e nasir). She married at the age of 23, on August 5th 1934, she died on 3rd December 1981.

2.  Muhammad Ahmad Khan, born in 1910, he was the father of Captain Mahmood Ahmad Khan (Chief Pilot of Pakistan International Airlines PIA).

3.  Masud Ahmad Khan was born in 1913.

4.  Mahmooda Begum, her DOB is unknown, she was married to her first cousin, Dr. Mirza Munawar Ahmad in 1940.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________MGA’s family married off his other daughter at age 11

MGA had already died in 1908. His wife and other people must have arranged for the marriage of Amtul Hafiz (also spelled Amatul Hafeez) (the other daughter of MGA) to the other son of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan (his son from a previous marriage), his name was Nawab Abdullah Khan. The marriage was announced on June 7th, 1915 by Maulvi Ghulam Rasul Rajeki and announced in the Al-Hakam, it was also mentioned by MGA’e enemy, Maulvi Sanullah in his newspaper entitled, “Muraqa Qadiani”. It is unclear when she moved in and lived with this older man.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Amatul Hafeez and Nawab Abdullah Khan’s children

1—-Daughter—-Sahibzadi Qudsiyah Begum Sahiba, she was married to Mirza Majeed Ahmad, who was a first cousin, they  were marred in 1950. Their eldest daughter is Nusrat Jehan who is the wife of Mirza Naseer Ahmad Tariq, grandson of Mirza Bashir Ahmad. They have a son, Mirza Mahmood Ahmad, and another daughter named Durre Sameen, who is the daughter in law of Mir Mahmood Ahmad Sahib. Then there is another son named Mirza Ghulam Qadir Sahib Shaheed who was married to Amatun Nasir Sahiba, daughter of Mir Daud Sahib. He also has a fifth child, a daughter named Faiza Sahiba who is married to Syed Mudassar Ahmad Sahib, who is also a life-devotee.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Did they move to Pakistan in 1947?

They seem to have both moved to Rabwah, Pakistan in 1948.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________English Translation of Monthly “Muraqa Qadiani” 1908

Muraqa Qadiani was a Monthly Magazine started by Abul Wafa Sana Ullah Amritsari.

At the time of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the communication and recording of the information was through printed daily newspapers, Ishtiharat, booklets and magazines weekly and monthly, (Mirza Ghulam used the printed media to his best advantage). The same rule applied to Muslim scholars, who replied via the same method. Muslims owned many newspapers and weekly and monthly magazines too and they printed news about Qadian, Mirza Ghulam and his newly started religion, qadianism.

Here is a piece of news printed by Sana Ullah Amritsari, at the occasion of the marriage of Mirza Ghulam first daughter Amtul Hafeez.

Muraqa Qadiani April 1908 Sana Ullah Amratsari printed a piece of information which has just happened, he prints “ Krishan Jee (Mirza Ghulam (as he claimed to be krishana for Hindus) has just got his daughter Nikah done at the age of 11 years to Mian Muhammad Ali Khan, mahajar at qadian, raees of Mahler Kotla, huq mehr agreed at 56 thousand rupees. Jamaat Qadiani is very happy with this connection (Mahler Kotla family) but we are not only concerned with the health of this girl but also her life”.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The scan of the Monthly “Muraqa Qadiani” 1908

Monthly Magazine Muraqa Qadiani April 1908

Her daughter, Nawab Mubarika Begum has a dream of hers published in the Al-Fazl of 1953 (page 6). She see’s her dead brother, Mirza Mubarak Ahmad. She asks her brother if her mother has met Muhammad (saw). Her brother says that Nusrat Jehan is living with Muhammad (saw) in his bedroom (astagfarullah).


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