Mirza Sharif Ahmad was the youngest surviving son of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.  His younger brother, Mirza Mubarak Ahmad died in 1907.  He doesn’t appear much in the history of Ahmadiyya.  He never wrote any books in support of Ahmadiyya nor he did ever deliver any speeches.  Furthermore, he doesn’t appear to have graduated from highschool and attended college either.  He doesn’t seem to have ever worked a job in his life.  He was born in 1895 (see Dard) and died on December 26, 1961.  He was the first of the 3 brothers to die after a lifetime together.  MGA claimed many revelations about Mirza Sharif Ahmad which seem to indicate that he would be a king or a Khalifa.  The editors of Ahmadiyya have made a point to make this connection ever since Mirza Masroor Ahmad was elected, since Mirza Masroor Ahmad’s grandfather is Mirza Sharif Ahmad.

MGA claims that the birth of Mirza Sharif Ahmad was a divine sign and promise
“””As an answer to the nonsense of ‘Abdul-Haqq, God Almighty had vouchsafed to me a revelation, which was published in Anwarul-Islam, that He would bless me with a son. So all praise and gratitude be to Allah, that according to the prophecy a son was born to me on Dhi
Qa‘adah 27, 1312 AH, May 24, 1895 CE who was named Sharif Ahmad.””” [Last Title Page of Diya’ul-Haqq, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 9, p. 323].

At the age of 6, he seems to have completed the Quran

[Amin of Bashir Ahmad, Sharif Ahmad and Mubarakah Begum,
November 27, 1901, al-Hakam, vol. 5, no. 45, December 10, 1901, pp. 3–4]

In 1903, Mirza Sharif Ahmad seems to have gotten plague, but survived
This story is a lie, since MGA talked about it 3-4 years after it happened

“””At a time when Qadian was afflicted with the plague my son Sharif Ahmad fell ill and appeared to be suffering from very high fever like typhoid. He lost consciousness and beat about his arms in that condition. I thought to myself that no one was immortal but if the boy died while plague was raging in Qadian, my enemies would call this fever the plague and would treat the holy revelation that had been vouchsafed to me as false:

Meaning that [Arabic] I shall safeguard from the plague all who dwell in this house.

This caused me indescribable distress. About midnight his condition deteriorated and I feared that it was not ordinary sickness but some other problem. I cannot describe the pain that I experienced from the thought that if, God forbid, the boy dies, the hard-hearted enemies would have much material to cover up the truth. In this condition I made my ablutions and stood up in Prayer and immediately I perceived that I had been put in a state of mind which is a manifest sign for the acceptance of prayer. I call God to witness, in whose hand is my life, that I had just completed about three rak‘at when I saw in a vision that the boy had recovered completely. Then the state of vision was over and I saw the boy sitting in full consciousness upon the char-pa’i [cot] and asked for water. I had completed the four rak‘at. I gave him water immediately and I put my hand on his body and found that there was no sign of temperature and his restlessness and unconsciousness had completely disappeared. He was completely healthy. I was thus bestowed fresh faith in the acceptance of prayer through witnessing this spectacle of Divine Power. [Haqiqatul-Wahi, pp. 84–85 footnote, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 22, pp. 87–88, footnote].

15 November 1906, he marries the daughter of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan
His wife is named Bu Zainab bibi.  They announced the nikah in 1906, however, the girl didn’t enter the house of Mirza Bashir Ahmad until 1909, the same time his sister, Mubarika Begum left Qadian for Malerkotla.  In this video, Ahmadis are telling us details of this marriage (at the 12:56 mark).  Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan married into MGA’s family almost exclusively.  Mirza Sharif Ahmad seems to have married a daughter of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan from his first marriage.  His second marriage was to Mirza Sharif Ahmad’s sister, Mubarika Begum in 1908.  

In 1907, after his brothers tragic death, Mirza Sharif Ahmad also falls sick and on his deathbed
See the 2009, online edition of Tadhkirah, pages 952-955, these revelations are claimed by Ahmadiyya sources as for Mirza Sharif Ahmad, however, in 1907, they weren’t.  It was the later editors who made this connection.

(1) [Arabic] Allah has granted him life contrary to expectation.

(2) [Arabic] Allah has appointed him as a leader contrary to expectation

(3) [Arabic] Do you not recognise the All-Powerful. (This revelation refers to his mother.)

(4) [Arabic] Your purpose will be achieved.

(5)  [Arabic] Allah is the Best Guardian and He is the Most Merciful of all who show mercy.

[Badr, vol. 6, no. 22, May 30, 1907, p. 4 and
al-Hakam, vol. 11, no. 19, May 31 1907, p. 3]
See the 2009, online edition of Tadhkirah, page 911

January 3, 1907
The Promised Messiah[as] narrated the revelations and a dream received in the last few days:

(1)Translation: [Arabic] Soon I shall honour you in a wonderful manner and Allah has power over everything.

(2) Dream: In my dream I saw Sharif Ahmad, who was wearing a turban and there were two men standing near 
him. One of them pointing to Sharif Ahmad said:

[Urdu] Here comes the King.

The other one said:

[Urdu] He has yet to be Qadi.

The Promised Messiah[as] said: One meaning of Qadi is an arbitrator. Qadi is he who supports the truth and refutes falsehood.

[Badr, vol. 6, no. 1, 2, January 10, 1907, p. 3 and al-Hakam, vol. 11, no. 1, January 10, 1, 907, p. 1]

He is the father of Mirza Mansoor Ahmad
His full list of children is missing.  In fact, his wife is un-named also, his nikkah was announced by the Khalifa on 2 July 1934.  Mirza Mansoor Ahmad is the father of the current Khalifa Mirza Masroor Ahmad.  Mirza Mansoor Ahmad was married to Nasira Begum, who was the eldest daughter of Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad.  Nasira Begum was born in roughly 1910.

He had a daughter named Amatul Wahid Beghum 
She was the wife of Mirza Khursheed Ahmad. She passed away on 10th April 2017.  She died at the age of 82.  (See Friday Sermon of Mirza Masroor Ahmad, dated, 4-14-2017).  She was also the maternal grand-daughter of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan. She was been buried in Bahishti Maqbarah, Rabwah.

List of children
They had their first child on March 13, 1911.  They had 6 children total, 3 boys and 3 girls.

Son—Mirza Mansoor Ahmad (1911–1997), the father of Mirza Masroor Ahmad (the current Ahmadi Khalifa)  
———————————————Granddaughter–Amatul Raoof (1935 to unknown)
———————————————Grandson–Mirza Idrees Ahmad (1936 to 2018)
———————————————Granddaughter—Amatul Qudoos (1940 to unknown)
———————————————Grandson–Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad (1947 to current)

——————————————–Grandson–Mirza Masroor Ahmad the current Khalifa(1950 to current)

-Daughter–Amtul Wadud
-Son–Mirza Zafar Ahmad (July 10, 1913–1985).  He married his paternal cousin, Naseera Begum, she was the daughter of Mirza Aziz Ahmad.  They had 5 children,  Mirza Qamar Ahmad (1946)Amtul Samad Talat Ahmad, Amtul Sami Sabeeha Ahmad and one more.  
-Son–Colonel Mirza Daud Ahmad
-Daughter–Amtul Barees
-Daughter–Amatul Wahid Begum–born 1935

Apr 01 – Mirza Sharif Ahmad and Mirza Nasir Ahmad were arrested in Lahore during the riots. They were released on 28 May.

The Mirza Sharif Ahmad foundation

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