If you are watching the age-controversy of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad prophecy then this info is refreshing. Even though we have proved that MGA and his followers always believed that MGA was born in late 1839 or early 1840, per MGA’s own writings and the ROR of June 1906. Even all the newspapers reported that MGA was born in 1839 or 1840 upon his death (see ROR, June-July 1908). Nevertheless, we have also found the 1909 edition of the “Punjab Chiefs”, which was essentially an official report given to the British government by an employee, Sir Lepel Griffin. Moreover, MGA isn’t even mentioned in the first 2 editions of the Punjab Chiefs. This book was mentioned in the ROR of Nov-1943, via Malfuzat, and via allegations that MGA’s father lied to Lepel Griffin and claimed nobility only for financial gain.
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It is also important to know that MGA’s math was terrible, he was thus never able to calculate his age. Remember, it was common for village people to be terrible at basic math and computing. Ahmadi’s refer to a few MGA’s estimates of his age as they back peddle on the failure of the age prophecy.

The scan

Some minor errors in this edition

It is erroneously written that Mirza Sultan Ahmad was born in 1876. That’s totally wrong, he was most likely 1856. The error being in 5 instead of the 7.
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MGA was born in 1839, per the ROR of June 1906 and many other sources

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