He was a star pupil of Maulvi Noorudin in Jammu, along with Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, Maulvi Abdul Karim and many others. Thus, he was one of the earliest converts to Ahmadiyya. In 1891, he was at the first ever Jalsa in Ahmadiyya history. He seems to have been living in Malerkotla at the time and thus he had a connection with the Nawab’s of Malerkotla. When MGA claimed to be the Messiah, he quit his job and went to reside in Qadian, he thus lived exclusively as an inner-team member for MGA and Noorudin he was also a major scribe of MGA. The Promised Messiah provided him with accommodation in a part of his own house. Mirza Khuda Bakhsh was a great devotee of MGA and MGA was so kind to him that when Mirza Khuda Bakhsh’s two elder sons, Mirza Ata-ur-Rahman and Mirza Habib-ur-Rahman, were born, the Promised Messiah’s wife breastfed them out of love, thus they became foster brothers of the sons of the Promised Messiah. In 1896, he was listed among the first 313 Ahmadi’s to have joined into MGA’s bait, he is #43, with his wife, and he was living in Jhung (See Dard). By 1901, he was an employee at Qadian. MGA even planned to send a delegation to Syria and Palestine to investigate the events which followed the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Hakim Khuda Bakhsh was selected as the leader of that delegation. In the early part of 1914, During Maulana Nur-ud-Din’s last ailment just before his death, when treatment by the leading doctors was not working, Maulana Nur-udDin would say that, if anyone could treat his disease successfully, it was his pupil Mirza Khuda Bakhsh. During the split, he had tried to stick with the family of MGA and the Qadiani’s, however, after a few months, he moved out of Qadian. In 1917, he sided with the Lahori-Ahmadi’s and even signed a declaration claiming that MGA never claimed prophethood, he is #5. The Lahori-Ahmadi’s have posted his picture on their website. They have also posted a book that he wrote. Mirza Khuda Bakhsh is well-known for writing, Asl-e-Musaffa (Vol. 1)(published in 1901) and Asl-e-Musaffa (Vol. 2)(both of these books compromised 1400 pages, it was published during the life of MGA), which contain details about the advent of MGA and the prophecies and signs that MGA claimed for himself. Interestingly, in this book, it is clearly written how MGA was born in 1839/1840, later on, when MGA died early, Ahmadiyya editors went back and changed MGA’s year of birth to 1835.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________His children

—Mirza Ata-ur-Rahman, Vice-Principal, New Muslim College
—Mirza Habib-ur-Rahman
—Mirza Azizur Rahman, Bsc(Pb), Msc.(Aligh), PhD (Berlin)died in 1937, former imam of the Berlin Mosque, Germany, 1932-1937
–Mirza Khalilur Rahman,B.A.B.T, who retired as Headmaster Muslim High School,
–Mirza Hameedur Rahman, Planning Officer Health, Government of West Pakistan
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Date of Birth of MGA is listed as 1839/1840 in the book

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Happy Birthday to You Mirza Ghulam

(See Khan “The construction of the Ahmadiyya Identity”, page 167).


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