In 1897, MGA sent an Ahmadi (Abdul Hameed) to murder Dr. Clarke. Thus, Dr. Clarke submitted an official statement to the court of A.E. Martineau, District Magistrate, District Amritsar. We found this testimony in MGA’s book,. “kitab ul Barriya” (1897), in a Lahori-Ahmadi translation, pages 140-141. He issued another official statement later on in the case which is also reproduced here. This case has to do with the FACT that MGA was sending his followers to murder those whom against he (MGA) had issued death prophecies. MGA was above the law in British-India, hence, he was employing every dirty tactic which he knew to prove his prophecies to be true.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Statement of Doctor Martyn Clarke

I am a medical missionary and live in Amritsar. On 15th July Abdul Hameed came to me and said: “I am a Brahmin of Batala. Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani made me a Muslim. I remained with him as a student for seven years, and arrived at the conclusion that he was a very bad man. Now I want to leave him and become a Christian”. I admitted him. His story did not appeal to me. I started making investigations about him. I came to know that this story was absolutely false. His name was Abdul Hameed, not Abdul Majeed as he had stated. Nor was he a Brahmin of Batala. In fact, he was a born Muslim of the Jhelum area. His paternal uncle, Burhan-ud-Din Ghazi, is a well known religious fanatic. His entire family are zealous followers of Mirza Qadiani. This young man had lived in Gujrat, like those seeking the Christian religion. He stole forty Rupees of his paternal uncle and wasted them in vice. Thereupon his uncle sent him to Mirza Qadiani. I personally went to Beas. Then I enquired from him. He openly admitted before five witnesses that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had sent him to kill me. He was looking for an opportunity to smash my head with a stone or something similar when he found me asleep or in some other condition. He wrote all these events of his own accord. I produce this written paper which he signed in the presence of eight witnesses. I have known Mirza sahib since the time of the debate which took place in the summer of 1893. I had taken a major part in the debate. This debate took place between him and a very important Christian Abdullah Atham who is dead. I presided over the meeting and on two occasions had acted as debater in place of Mr. Atham. Mirza sahib was deeply aggrieved. Afterwards he predicted the death of all those
who had participated in the debate, and my contribution had been tremendous. Since then his attitude towards me has been very hostile. After the debate the centre of special attention was Mr. Atham. Four separate attempts were made to kill him. During the last two months of the period fixed for his death, a special twenty four hour police guard was posted at Ferozepur. He had to flee from Amritsar to Anbala and from Anbala to Ferozepur, because of the attempts made on his life. These attempts have been generally attributed to Mirza sahib. After his death, I have been in view. In many a veiled manner I have been reminded of this prophecy in Mirza sahib’s books. For this the greatest effort has been the one explained by Abdul Hameed. After Lekhram’s death in Lahore which everybody attributes to Mirza sahib, I had a special reason to believe that some sort of an attempt would be made to kill me. I had gone on leave of absence for three months. On my return, Mirza sahib at once came to know about my arrival and Abdul Hameed reached me. I have sufficient reasons to believe the statement of Abdul Hameed and also to believe that Mirza sahib intends to do harm to me. It has always been the technique of
Mirza sahib that he predicts the death of his opponents.

Signature: A.E. Martineau, District Magistrate.
Read out. Accepted. Signature: A.E. Martineau, District Magistrate.
Statement of Abdul Hameed: I had myself written the sheet of paper presented by Dr. Clarke, and signed it.
Signed by Judge as above
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