Maulvi Yar Muhammad was the fanatical Ahmadi who seems to have converted to Ahmadiyya after 1905 (roughly).  Per Ahmadiyya sources, Maulvi Yar Muhammad would jump prayer lines during prayers and stroke MGA’s entire body in a sexual way.  He was also a teacher of sorts for Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad.  In 1922, Mirza Mahmud Ahmad (The Khalifa) mentioned Yar Muhammad 5+ times in his book “Aenas-Sadaqat” aka “Truth About the Split”, he mentioned how Yar Muhammad had opposed Ahmadiyya by 1911, he also wrote that Yar Muhammad was crazy in his Tafsir.  Further, Mahmud Ahmad was calling Esa (As) as crazy and then gave Yar Muhammad’s name as an example of pious people who are crazy.  When MGA  spoke or delivered lecture he had the habit of motioning his hand towards his thighs. When he moved his hand in this manner Maulawi Yar Muhammad Sahib jumped up and came close to him. When asked why he did so he would say the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) had gestured him to come close to him. Thus was his obsessive love for the Promised Messiah that he even considered his reflex actions to mean a beckoning gesture.

June 1908
He is totally missing from the scene when MGA died.

He had opposed the Khalifa at Qadian and made claims of a divine appoinment.  He seems to have done this around the same time that Maulvi Abdullah Timapuri made his claims.

He writes a book called “Islami Qurbani” wherein he writes strange and sexual things about MGA.

Mirza Masroor Ahmad mentions Maulvi Yar Muhammad in his Friday Sermon of 8-7-15, he explains how Yar Muhammad would jump lines in prayers and sexually fondle MGA regularly.  He also explained how MGA would gesture to his thighs and Yar Muhammad would approach him lay on him immediately.

Some books that he wrote
Ishtihaar No 34 hay yaar Mohd
Ishtihar 27 yaar Mohd
Ishtihar 34 Bay Amirul Momaineen Yaar Mohd
Ishtihar 34 Daal Jawab A Sheerin Yaar Mohd
Ishtihar 34 Yay Yaar Mohd
Ishtihar No 6 Yaar Mohammed
Ishtihar No 34 Zay Yaar Mohd
Ishtihar Tract 34 Toay
Ishtihaar 34 Islami Qurbani geem

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