Watch my Tik Tok video on this herein. Maulvi Yar Muhammad was the fanatical Ahmadi who seems to have converted to Ahmadiyya after 1905 (roughly). Per Ahmadiyya sources, Maulvi Yar Muhammad would jump prayer lines during prayers and stroke MGA’s entire body in a sexual way. He was also a teacher of sorts for Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad. In 1921, Mirza Mahmud Ahmad (The Khalifa) mentioned Yar Muhammad 8 times in his book “Aenas-Sadaqat” aka “Truth About the Split”, he mentioned how Yar Muhammad had opposed Ahmadiyya by 1911, he also wrote that Yar Muhammad was crazy in his Tafsir. Further, Mahmud Ahmad was calling Esa (As) as crazy and then gave Yar Muhammad’s name as an example of pious people who are crazy. When MGA  spoke or delivered lecture he had the habit of motioning his hand towards his thighs. When he moved his hand in this manner Maulawi Yar Muhammad Sahib jumped up and came close to him. When asked why he did so he would say the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) had gestured him to come close to him. Thus was his obsessive love for the Promised Messiah that he even considered his reflex actions to mean a beckoning gesture. He seems to have left Ahmadiyya by 1911 and opposed the Khilafat of Noorudin, by 1920, he wrote his famous book on Ahmadiyya issues, in this book, he explains how MGA’s prophecies failed.

He was a qualified lawyer.

He is sent by MGA to pickup tonic wine from Hakim Muhammad Hussain Qureshi from Lahore.


Yar Muhammad would jump lines and sexually stroke MGA all the time in the Masjid Mubarak.+

The reference from Seeratul Mahdi

It is written on page 268, volume 3 of Seerat-ul-Mahdi:

“Dr. Mir Mohammad Ismael narrated to me that Huzur (i.e. MGA) always used to stand up to the right side in the first row near the wall during the prayers in the old Masjid-e-Mubarak. Imam [Prayer Leader] used to stand alone in the Hujra [small chamber]. Then, it so happened that a person became lunatic and started to stand up near Mirza Sahib and began causing him trouble during the prayers. Whenever he could only manage to get a place in the back rows, he would still jump several rows during each Sajdah [prostration] in order to come closer to Huzur (i.e. MGA), and caused him trouble. And before the Imam could finish prostration he would go back to his place. Fed up from this inconvenience, Huzur (i.e. MGA) started standing near the Imam in the Hujra, but the gentleman still continued reaching there too and still caused inconvenience. Mirza Sahib used to stand right behind the Imam in the first row during the Friday and Eid Prayers. That handicapped person, who was otherwise very sincere and was expressing his love according to his perception, inappropriately used to caress the body of Mirza Sahib with his hand to obtain Taburrak [blessing].”

MGA was en-route to Sialkot, he arranges to meet Hakim Muhammad Hussain Qureshi. Yar Muhammad seems to be there too.
June 1908

He is totally missing from the scene when MGA died.

He had opposed the Khalifa at Qadian and made claims of a divine appointment. He seems to have done this around the same time that Maulvi Abdullah Timapuri made his claims.

He writes a book called “Islami Qurbani” wherein he writes strange and sexual things about MGA.
Ishtihar No.34 published by Qazi Yar Muhammad, B.O.L, Pleader, Noorpur District Kangrah, India in July 1922

Qazi Yar Muhammad BOL Pleader, one of the closest friends and a so called sahabi of Mirza sb, in his Ishtihar No 34 says Mirza Ghulam Qadiani had died of cholera and plague epidemic was responsible for his illness. The relevant portion of Ishtihar No.34 is as under:

“As on today we hear the objection from the opponents that Mirza sb died of epidemic Cholera and Ahmadis reply that he did not die of cholera. In my opinion, Mirza sb,s death with epidemic Cholera and not by plague was the proof of the manifestation of that twice hidden power in whose hand is every order. And this very hidden power had revealed that epidemic plague was sent into the illness of Mirza sb.” 

The scans

Mirza Masroor Ahmad mentions Maulvi Yar Muhammad in his Friday Sermon of 8-7-15, he explains how Yar Muhammad would jump lines in prayers and sexually fondle MGA regularly.  He also explained how MGA would gesture to his thighs and Yar Muhammad would approach him lay on him immediately.

Some books that he wrote
Ishtihaar No 34 hay yaar Mohd
Ishtihar 27 yaar Mohd
Ishtihar 34 Bay Amirul Momaineen Yaar Mohd
Ishtihar 34 Daal Jawab A Sheerin Yaar Mohd
Ishtihar 34 Yay Yaar Mohd
Ishtihar No 6 Yaar Mohammed
Ishtihar No 34 Zay Yaar Mohd
Ishtihar Tract 34 Toay
Ishtihaar 34 Islami Qurbani geem
_____________________________________________________________________________________________His opinions on MGA’s failed prophecies


Qazi Yar Muhammad was one of the closest mureeds of MGAQ. He is the one who use to stroke the body of MGAQ during prayer to get blessing from his body. He was deputed by MGAQ to bring Tonic Wine from famous Plommer’s Wine shop Lahore. He was an educated person having qualifications of BOL and was working as Pleader, most probably in a court of Law. This was the same Qazi Yar Muhammad who told us that Yallash commits sex (Rajooliat) with Mirza sb. However, it seems that he was not in good relationship with other elders of Jamaat after the death of MGAQ, hence his name was not included in the list of 313 so called sahaba of MGAQ.

Through the courtesy of our most learned member Jamal Musa, we got a rare writing of this Qazi Yar Muhammad titled as Ishtihar No.34. This is interesting and throws light on the internal affairs of Jamaat Qadianiyyah after MGAQ. The ishtihar was published in 1921 from his native town Nurpur district Kangrah and has been summarised below:-

There is a piece of poetry in the beginning of ishtihar. QYM has described the death of his wife in this poetry. He tells us of his wife’s 12 days long illness and subsequent death due to Tuber clauses and abortion during his third child’s birth.

I have predicted my third son but now i came to know of its interpretation that the third child would be born from some other wife. Every body who flouted me had died. Khawaja Kamaluddin once said to Syed Muhammad Hussain, had this Yar Muhammad not been suffering from mental illness (JUNOON) we would have made him our Khalifa.

Hazrat Masih e Moud (MGAQ) had committed a mistake of endeavour (Ijtihadi Ghalati) on the ilham of MUSLEH MAOUD. The ilham was about a spiritual son but he misinterpreted it to be the physical son. Similarly Hazrat sb misunderstood the ILHAM of Marriage with Muhammadi Begum. Ilham of Muhammadi Begum could not materialize in a litreral sense. It would have been better if Mirza sb would have interpreted this prophesy by declaring Molvi Abdul Karim and Molvi Nuruddin to be his heavenly spouse like he did in the interpretation of two angels. These mistakes speak of the fact that prophet is from amongst the human being. Here NAUZUBILLAH, he says similar mistakes to understand Ilham were also made by the holy prophet pbuh. (Astaghfirullah).

Allah is the husband (ZAUJ) of every prophet. This means the prophet has got spiritual perfection. Based on supernatural things happened to me and the dreams I saw and the circumstances i was in, I claim that I am the spiritual husband of Mirza sb. Mir Nasir Nawab did not want Mirza sb to marry his daughter Nusrat Jehan but he has to give consent to this.

I have been offering prayers behind non ahmadis and have also attended their funeral prayers. It was not the order of Mirza sb it was confined only to those who excommunicate ahmadis. I have been a follower of Mirza sb during his life time but I did not take Bayat of any of the khalifa after him. Now when my wife was about to die it was feared that no body would attend her funeral prayer. I sought permission from Khalifa Mirza Mahmoud for burial of my wife in Bahishti Maqbara against payment of 40% of his property but to no avail. Although I was ready to spend huge sum of money for her burial in Bahishti Maqbara yet I don,t believe that salvation only depended in burial there.

Then I prayed Allah to let my wife reach our home town Nurpur alive before her death. So by the grace of God we reached there and some 200 peoples attended her funeral despite opposition of some of ahmadis.

As of today, we have been listening from opponents that Hazrat sb has died of cholera. The response of ahmadis is that he did not die of cholera. Whereas in my opinion the death was caused by cholera and not by plague, was because of that hidden power in whose hand is every mandate and who had revealed that during the illness of Mirza sb, a calamity of plague was sent.

Whatever news is given by Allah is fulfilled to the extent of only its revelation, like Hazrat sb,s ilham that a son would be born to Molvi Nuruddin. That son Abdul Hameed was born to him but what pleasure did he give to Molvi sb? rather he died without doing anything useful just after the death of Molvi sb. Similarly, Mubarak Ahmad (son of MGAQ) has died.

Before sending this Ishtihar to press I happened to meet Babu Zahiruddin who gave me a tract titled as Altabligh. In this tract he explained Ilham of hazrat sb regarding his marriage with two women , BAKAR WA SAYYAB one being a virgin and the other a widow stating that Mirza sb erred in interpretation of this ilham thinking it to be of Muhammadi Begum whereas it was about Nusrat Jehan his second wife who came to him a virgin and made a widow after his death. He proved rightly that Mirza sb misinterpreted this Ilham however, he gave a very weak explanation of revealed words “YARUDDU HA ILAIKA” meaning she shall be reverted to you.

I do not accept Mirza Mahmoud to be Masleh Maoud because he was not born within a fixed period of pregnancy after this Ilham. Has it been a physical son then a male child would have born not a girl In first pregnancy.

Till last breath of his life, Hazrat Masih e Maoud had a pain in his heart that these two prophesies (marriage with MB & Masleh Moud) were not fulfilled in its real sense.

This can be clarified in the light of another ilham of hazrat sb (MGAQ) that “your time is near and we will vanish your humiliation. Now how will Mirza Mahmoud defend this ilham to have been fulfilled, he would only say that we do not mention these prophesies any more hence things causing humilation to Mirza sb have vanished. If you ask Molvi Muhammad Ali he would say Masleh e Moud would born in Sixteenth century (hijri) and would bring Muhammadi Begum back to life and in this way the humiliation of Mirza sb would vanish.

I want to remind Mirza Mahmoud that Molvi Nurudin had presented his khilafat to me through Khwaja Kamaluddin and you presented your khilafat to me at the time of death of my wife But I keep much hopes in you. I want to tell you that you can not do anything merely by frequenting between Kashmir and Delhousie like a kitten.

If I were to be sick for 3 weeks I would loose my faith in Khilafat and my prayers, what are you thinking about. Jamaat would not go with you nor it went with Molvi Nuruddin. Don,t rely on arrogant Akmal who misguides you by calling you Masleh e Moud just to tease Khwaja Kamaluddin. Burden of Jamaat lies on your neck and on the neck of Molvi Muhammad Ali. Remember the last year,s incident of Delhousie. If you want to do something you reply to my writing and get yourself relieved.

After the death of my wife I have been living alone and have handed over my children to my sister. I spend my time in court work, writing replies to letters, authoring book, security and repair of my houses, cooking food etc. These are all the works which i have to do myself. After getting tired I lie down on charpoy after evening. Mostly add two prayers and offer night prayers after taking sleep of early part of night.

No photo description available.
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_____________________________________________________________________________________________He would dig up dead bodies
pdf page 273/316
Narration no. 893

“Qazi Muhammed Yusuf Peshawari narrated to me in writing that there was a time when mgaq used to stand with Molvi A Karim sialkoti in the small room on the west side inside Mubarak Mosque. But when in 1907, the mosque was extended, that room was demolished. THE REASON FOR STANDING INSIDE THAT SMALL ROOM WAS THAT PROBABLY QAZI YAR MUHAMMED USED TO BOTHER mgaq.

Humble one states that qari Yar Muhammad was a very sincere person but he was mentally imbalanced, because of that he used to feel / grope mgaq’s body and was a source of pain and discomfort ”
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