Dear readers, MGA made many inflammatory remarks about women.  We have found yet another.  MGA made many disparaging remarks towards women, he also said that they should be unquestionably obedient to their husbands.  The Mirza family has publicly stated how they dislike when women work.  They even wrote that working women are like a curse.  Furthermore, we all know how Ahmadi-women are not allowed to vote in local jamaat elections, they are stuck in their small auxilory of Lajna, and the Lajna president has barely any powers and her proposals can be easily rejected by a Shura council of men.  MGA even said that all of the worlds evils are based on women’s freedoms.  We also know how Ahmadi women are not allowed to wear jeans. Incidentally, MGA punished his first wife for disagreeing with MGA’s potential 3rd marriage with Muhammadi Begum (MGA’s triple niece, and his first wife’s double niece).  MGA’s first wife was his maternal first cousin (Hurmat Bibi).  MGA divorced her as a means of punishment in roughly 1892(see Dard). MGA had already ceased to speak and sleep with her since roughly 1865 (see Dard). MGA also disowned his younger son Mirza Fazl Ahmad.

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Majmua e Ishtiharat Volume 1 page 70, Per Ahmadiyya sources, this is from the 1878 to 1893 era. 

Mirza Ghulam Qadiani says whenever a husband, wants to marry to another woman, due to his needs, the wife and his parents get angry,abuse the man, make hue and cry to cause injury to him. Such women and their sisters are rejected and sisters of shaitan. Allah and his Rasul s.a.w. has permitted him to marry to four women at a time. So if some husband has such a disparaged wife at his home, he must punish her with second marriage.

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