In the early to mid-1880’s, MGA was a rogue member of the Ahl-e-hadith Muslims of the Punjab and Northern India. In fact, most of his early followers came from the Ahl-e-hadith sect, Noorudin being the top most person. The British government wanted Muslims to move away from the Hanafi-fiqh of Muslim Laws. Since the Mughal and Ottoman empires used the Hanafi fiqh. The biggest issue here is that all of the info on Indarman Murabadi comes from Ahmadiyya sources, we haven’t located the Hindu side of the story. We do however, have Lekh Ram’s testimony from this era, as well as his visit to Qadian in this era. He is also mentioned in the ROR of Aug-1939, Oct-1939 and Dec-1939 and again in 1947 in “Life of Ahmad” by Dard.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Munshi Indarman Morabadi was from Morabad

Per Ahmadiyya sources (Dard), Munshi Indarman Moradabadi was instigated (in 1884/1885) by the then ruling prince of Nabha (who was a sikh named Hira Singh) to answer MGA’s public challenge. Therefore he sent a reply to MGA registered letter from Nabha; and then wrote from Lahore asking MGA to go to him, although MGA had asked him to come to Qadian for the purpose. To Qadian, the Munshi said, he would come only for a debate. He further asked MGA to deposit Rs. 2,400 in a bank.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________His authorship, the British-government and his relationship with Dayanand, per Ahmadiyya sources

He had written the following books: Tuhfa’-e-Islam (Persian, 1274 A.H.). Padash-e-Islam (Persian, 18661), Usul-e-Din-e-Ahmad (1869), Hamla’-e-Hind, Samsam-e-Hind and Saulat-e-Hind (1868). The last three were published a third time in 1880 at Muradabad. The Jami Jamshed of Moradabad, Vol. 5, No: 8, dated May 16, 1880, protested against them. So Indarman was prosecuted under Section 292 and 293 I.P.C. and a warrant was issued for his arrest on July 22, 1880. His books were then destroyed and he was fined Rs. 500. Swami Dayanand raised subscriptions to help Indarman and he accused Dayanand of misappropriating the fund. Dayanand in turn expelled Indarman from the Arya Samaj. (I. Life of Dayanand in Urdu by Pt. Lekhram, Lahore, 1897, pp. 812-820. II. Swami Dayanand and his Teachings in Urdu by Mehta
Radha Kishen, Gilani Electric Press, Lahore, 1983 Samat, pp. 281-289)(see DARD).

As mentioned earlier, in 1885, he had a challenge going with MGA that included victory money of up to 2400 rupees (see Dard page 107). However, MGA requested a written debate, in fact, MGA never had a verbal debate with anyone in his life. At this point, Lekh ram and Munshi Indarman Murabdi stepped up to represent the Hindus of British-India.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1885–May 30th

Per Ahmadiyya sources, the Munshi should write a reply to the Brahin-e- Ahmadiyya and get Rs. 10,000. This letter was printed at the Siddiqi Press, Lahore, and was dated May 30th, 1885. In answer to it the Munshi issued a leaflet printed at the Mufid-e-‘Am Press, Lahore, in which he
blamed Ahmadas for not holding the debate to which, he alleged, he was originally invited, despite the fact that he had come to Lahore for the purpose. He also wrote that the debate should be held, provided necessary arrangements were made with the police for its peaceful conduct.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1885, April

After finishing up with Indarman, Lekh ram wrote MGA a letter and began negotiating a trip to Qadian to pickup the 2400 rupees that were offered. After going back and forth with MGA via letters.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1885, November

After going back and forth with MGA for 6 months, Lekh Ram finally arrived at Qadian to have a debate with MGA (See Dard).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1886, April 8th

MGA publishes another announcement, as everyone waits to see if the promised son prophecy comes true or not. MGA mentions Indarman specifically by name in this announcement.

Per Ahmadiyya sources, MGA published his famous book, “Surma Chasmay Arya”, wherein he mentions his debate with Murlinder amongst other things.

The Arya community of Qadian, with the help of Lekhram, published an announcement in the form of a magazine called Surma Chasham Arya ki Haqiqat (The Reality of Surmah Chasham
Arya). This magazine was published at Chashma Nur printing press in Amritsar.

“”Shahnah-i Haq”” which translates as the “Chief Constable of Truth” is published by MGA in response to the Arya’s of Qadian. The exact publishing date is unknown.

He is also mentioned in the ROR of Aug-1939 and Oct-1939.

He is mentioned in “Life of Ahmad” by Dard. In roughly 1884-1885, had a challenge going with MGA that included victory money of up to 2400 rupees (see Dard page 107).

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