Aftab Iqbal was the eldest of the famous Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Aftab Iqbal was born as an Ahmadi in 1899, since his father had gotten into the bait of MGA in roughly 1897. In roughly 1906, he was sent to Qadian to attend the Talim ul Islam High School. His wife’s name was Begum Rasheeda. His mother was named Karim Bibi, he also had a sister named Meraj Begum, who died young. He was laid to rest in Sukhi Hussain graveyard of Karachi. Waqar Iqbal (son of Aftab Iqbal) died on Dec 22, 1988, and was buried in Sukhi Hussain graveyard of Karachi.

Aftab Ahmed, stayed with his mother and remained a source of anguish for Iqbal throughout his life. Aftab was sent to a boarding school for four years because of his difficult temperament; Taleem-ul-Islam at Qadian was chosen due to its academic reputation, discipline, and least expenses. Atta Muhammad took this decision, as Iqbal was abroad/away from his parental home in Sialkot. Aftab never accepted Ahmadiyya and even changed his surname from Ahmed to Iqbal early in his career as a successful barrister.

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