As soon as MGA made his wild claims of Messiah-ship in late 1890, many Muslims came forward and challenged MGA to debates and etc. Maulvi Sa’dullah was one such Muslim he was a convert to Islam from Hinduism and worked as the school master at the Christian Mission School at Ludhiana. In 1892-1893, MGA had called Sa’dullah the famous arabic derogatory phrase, “Zarrayatul Baghaya”. Ahmadiyya sources claim that MGA made a prophecy about Sa’dullah in a book called “Anwar-ul-Islam” (Urdu) which was published in 1894, 3 years after MGA had his initial altercation with Sa’dullah. In 1897, MGA wrote some poetry vs. Sa’dullah to the effect that God should make a decision between them, he also called Sa’dullah as the son of prostitutes (Ibn Bagha). Sa’dullah died in January of 1907, 3-5 months later in May of 1907, as Haqiqatul Wahy was published, MGA claimed that Sa’dullah died of plague and mubahila. MGA also purposely left out his poetry wherein he called Sa’dullah as the son of prostitutes (ibn Bagha), Mirza Bashir Ahmad claims that Muhammad Ali advised MGA to leave this out, in fear of legal recourse, i.e. the son of Sa’dullah might have sued for defamation. Dard tells us it was Khwaja Kamaluddin and not Muhammad Ali however. However, by 1935, Mirza Bashir Ahmad said: The lawyer was Khwajah Kamal-ud-Din. In al-Hakam, volume 38, number 7, February 28, 1935, pages 3–4, narrating the eye-witness accounts of Maulvi Muhammad Ibrahim Baqapuri (see the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah). Sa’dullah is also mentioned in the ROR of March-1935.

Maulvi Sa’dullah writes a book vs. MGA entitled: “Shahab-e-Thaqib bar Masih-e-Kadhib” which means that “Fire shall descend upon this false Messiah”. MGA claims that this book was written 4 years before MGA (there is a small math issue here) predicted Sa’dullah’s death (1897) (see Haqiqatul Wahy, online english edition, page 555).

Some quotes from poems in “Shahab-e-Thaqib bar Masih-e-Kadhib”
See Life of Ahmad, online english edition, page 431, Ahmadi sources tell us Mir Nasir Nawab published a response to Maulvi Sa’dullah (see Dard)
‘Listen, O prophet of Qadian, accursed, shameless and Satan incarnate Just as a Qalandar makes his bear dance by repeating to it the words,

“May thy grannie die”, we are now determined to make you dance a similar dance.’


There have been many immodest and shameless persons in the world, but your shamelessness has surpassed all. It will be very difficult for you to save your beard, head and moustache, for the barber must now shave you clean.”
Again :

MGA quoted this book in Haqiqatul Wahy, see pages 556-558
This is from a poem that Sa’dullah wrote vs. MGA in persian, Sa’dullah quoted 69:45 of the Quran also: 

“”””The translation of these verses—which he addresses to me in his book—is the following:

It has been ordained by God that He would seize you and cut your jugular vein and then, after your death, this, your false Movement, will be destroyed. And although you people say that
trials do indeed come, on the Day of Judgment and even in this world you will die a death of loss and frustration.

If he had falsely attributed even a trivial statement to Us (al-Haqqah, 69:45).

You will suffer humiliation everywhere and there is no honour for you here or in the Hereafter.

Sa’dullah wrote additional poetry in his book, and MGA quoted it
Sa’dullah called these as supplicatory couplets as”Qadiul-Hajat” in english as “The Provider of all Needs”:

“””O my Self-Sufficient Lord! You bestowed upon me the darlings of my heart,
But some of them you snatched back.
God my Lord! Grant me a better substitute, and help me, by Your grace,
to eradicate worries and distress.
O my Gracious Lord! Each one of my wives and children is the delight of my eyes.
My heart is full of acute pain and grief,
On account of the death of my dear ones!””””

Ahmadiyya sources claim that MGA made a prophecy to the effect that Sa’dullah’s lineage will be child less
In typical MGA fashion, Ahmadiyya sources claim that in 1894, MGA made a prophecy to the effect that Sa’dullah’s lineage will be cut off. However, in Islam this is not proper. In fact, the lineage of Muhammad (saw) was purposely cut off. Thus, MGA and his team are out of line making such an assertion.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1893-May, in MGA’s book, “Sachai Ka Izar” or “The Truth Revealed” in english

In this book, MGA wrote Maulvi Sa’dullah’s name and invited him for Mubahila (see page 20).

The Quote from Anwar ul Islam (1894)
In Haqiqatul Wahy, MGA lists this prophecy as sign #167 of his truth. He quotes Anwar ul Islam as follows:

[Surely, it is your enemy who is without issue.]

This ilham of MGA is actually a quranic verse, 108:3. However, this alleged ilham is not specific to anyone. The Ahmadiyya team of editors is guilty of lying to the masses.  The keyword here is “abtar” which MGA made a point of in Haqiqatul Wahy. The original verse, as given to Muhammad (saw) is properly elucidated here.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ In 1894, Sa’dullah already had a son ages 15-16

Per Ahmadiyya sources, Sa’dullah already had a son, thus this entire prophecy is fake (see Haqiqatul Wahy). By 1907, when Sa’dullah died, this son was 28-29 years old.  He was Sa’dullah’s only son, per Ahmadiyya sources. MGA claims that Sa’dullah’s only son has yet to have had a child, thus, this prophecy is fulfilled. However, he was only 28-29 years old. MGA goes on to assert that Sa’dullah’s son is unmarried and thus there is something very wrong about this entire scenario.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Dard tells us that Sa’ dullah’s son died in 1927 without children

“”Sa‘dullah’s son lived for about 20 years after him; he was married and his wife outlived
him but he died without issue, on 12-7-1926 at Koom Kalan (Ludhiana).”” (see Dard). We seriously doubt this report.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1897, poetry vs. Sa’dullah in Anjam-e-Athim, MGA called him the son of a prostitute

In typical MGA fashion, he continued his tirade vs. Sa’dullah.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1907-Haqiqatul Wahy

MGA quotes his poetry from 1897, however, he purposely leaves out the lines wherein he calls Sa’dullah the son of a prostitute (Ibn Bagha). Mirza Bashir Ahmad blamed Muhammad Ali.

MGA also mentions Sa’dullah as Sign#188 in Haqiqatul Wahy
Just a few pages after mentioning the idea that Sa’dullah’s lineage had been cut off, MGA goes on to assert that Sa’dullah’s death was even predicted by MGA himself.  MGA calls Sa’dullah as Munshi Sa‘dullah of Ludhiana.  MGA was claiming that he published an announcement about the death prophecy vs. Sa’dullah, however, no such announcement exists, he also claims that Sa’dullah verbally cussed at MGA and slandered him and predicted MGA’s death, however, none of that data has ever been seen.

Muhammad Ali advised MGA to leave out the Ibn Bagha  and other quotes out of Haqiqatul Wahy, MGA also mentions this in HW. However, by 1935, Mirza Bashir Ahmad said: The lawyer was Khwajah Kamal-ud-Din. In al-Hakam, volume 38, number 7, February 28, 1935, pages 3–4, narrating the eye-witness accounts of Maulavi Muhammad Ibrahim Baqapuri (see the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah).  

Seeratul Mehdi, page 31 part 1.

(42) stated to me by shaikh Abdurehman misri that once Hazrat sb (MGAQ) kept sitting after zuhur prayer in masjid of qadiyanan. Few days ago hazrat sb has written that Saadullah will remain without progeny. His son that is alive today , is impotent, will surely not be able to take his name ahead. This humble self says that saadullah was worst enemy of hazrat sb and used to talk bad against him. But before publishing this ” ishtihar” molvi Muhammad Ali advised hazrat sb that publishing such ishtihar would be against law . He said if Saadullah filed a suit in the court we would not be in a position to prove impotency of his son. Hazrat sb did not agree, when molvi Muhammad Ali insisted on his advise , hazrat sb,s face turned red he got infuriated and said “when a prophet gets himself armed and comes to battle field, he does not disarm him”.

The scan



In the Khalifa’s book, “”A Present to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales””, the Khalifa mentions how the son of Maulvi Sa’dullah still has no children. However, this is unverified and thus dubious.

He is mentioned in the ROR of March-1935, his insulting poetry vs. MGA is quoted.
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