Watch my video explanation here. Watch Imam Omar Soleimain explain it here also (35:00 mark). In 1891, a few months after MGA had claimed to be the second coming of Esa (as), as “Taudih-e-Maram” in english as “Elucidation of Objectives” was published, we find this silly argument (see pages 14-15, online english edition of 2004). We don’t seem to find this argument ever again in any of MGA’s book or newspapers. MGA claims to have been studying hadith since a child, however, he had never seen this hadith and had never realized that it was about him (per his own opinion). Muhammad Ali told us in 1915 that this book, was published on January 22, 1891, even Qadiani sources acknowledge that it was written in 1890 (see Hidden Treasures), it was most likely written in the early part of 1890 by Noorudin and his team of writers. Interestingly, most of their arguments about Esa (as) being dead were directly stolen from Sir Syed’s Tafsir of the Quran. However, this hadith report and the silly argument that they made is unique to MGA and his team, no other islamic scholar or laymen ever made such a ridiculous argument.

MGA quotes 2 hadith which are back-to-back in Sahih Bukhari, in one instance, while Muhammad (saw) was in heaven, Esa (as)’s skin color seemed to be reddish, which is possible in heaven (aging doesn’t happen in heaven either, in fact, the entire theory of space-time doesn’t apply in heaven), it is possible that in heaven everyone’s skin has a reddish hue, this is why Moses (who’s skin was light brown), appeared to be just brown, or dark brown (see Bukhari, V.4, Book 55, number 648), hair can also change from curly to straight, in fact a corresponding hadith in Sunan Abu Daud which also explains how when Esa (as) physically returns to Earth, his skin will still be reddish for a few days and then be brown by the time he converts all Christians and Jews to Islam and then enters the Kaaba. In the very next hadith in Bukhari, which describes how Esa (as) will look once he comes back to Earth and has been on Earth for a few years and has entered the Kaaba, he is described as with brown skin(see Bukhari, V.4, Book 55, number 649), thus proving that in heaven skin color and many other things can change, since the normal laws of physics don’t apply, Esa (as)’s skin color will revert to brown as he lives on Earth for a few months. One last thing, also in Sahih Bukhari, and MGA didn’t mention this, there is another hadith which seems to cast doubt on this narration and claim that Dajjal would have red skin, nevertheless, feel free to read that also in this context (See Sahih al Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 55, Hadith #650). Moreover, the universe is filled with Red Dwarf suns, these are the overwhelming majority of stars, on those nearby planets, everything will be seen in red. Thus, in review, Esa (as) was described as with reddish skin tone while in heaven and brownish skin tone after being on Earth for a few years, his hair will undergo a similar process. These are the normal effects of physics. Furthermore, there are 3-4 additional hadith which tell us that Esa (as) will look like an arab, Urwa bin Masud. Lastly, it should be noted that MGA denied the physicality of the Mira’j in this book and Izala Auham and relied on Ibn Hashim as his authentic source of information, which is academically dishonest.
The hadith from Bukhari which describes Esa (as) as having a reddish complexion
Volume 4, Book 55, Number 648:

“”””Narrated Ibn Umar:

The Prophet said, “I saw Moses, Jesus and Abraham (on the night of my Ascension to the heavens). Jesus was of red complexion, curly hair and a broad chest. Moses was of brown complexion, straight hair and tall stature as if he was from the people of Az-Zutt.””””
The very next hadith in Bukhari 

Volume 4, Book 55, Number 649:

Narrated Abdullah:

The Prophet mentioned the Massiah Ad-Dajjal in front of the people saying, Allah is not one eyed while Messsiah, Ad-Dajjal is blind in the right eye and his eye looks like a bulging out grape. While sleeping near the Ka’ba last night, I saw in my dream a man of brown color the best one can see amongst brown color and his hair was long that it fell between his shoulders. His hair was lank and water was dribbling from his head and he was placing his hands on the shoulders of two men while circumambulating the Kaba. I asked, ‘Who is this?’ They replied, ‘This is Jesus, son of Mary.’ Behind him I saw a man who had very curly hair and was blind in the right eye, resembling Ibn Qatan (i.e. an infidel) in appearance. He was placing his hands on the shoulders of a person while performing Tawaf around the Ka’ba. I asked, ‘Who is this? ‘They replied, ‘The Masih, Ad-Dajjal.’ “
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The hadith from Sunan Abu Daud Hadith #4324

Narrated Abu Hurairah: The Prophet صلی ‌اللہ ‌علیہ ‌وسلم said: There is no prophet between me and him, that is, Jesus صلی ‌اللہ ‌علیہ ‌وسلم. He will descent (to the earth). When you see him, recognise him: a man of medium height, reddish fair, wearing two light yellow garments, looking as if drops were falling down from his head though it will not be wet. He will fight the people for the cause of Islam. He will break the cross, kill swine, and abolish jizyah. Allah will perish all religions except Islam. He will destroy the Antichrist and will live on the earth for forty years and then he will die. The Muslims will pray over him.”””
See Sahih al Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 55, Hadith #650

Narrated Salim from his father:

No, By Allah, the Prophet did not tell that Jesus was of red complexion but said, “While I was asleep circumambulating the Ka’ba (in my dream), suddenly I saw a man of brown complexion and lank hair walking between two men, and water was dropping from his head. I asked, ‘Who is this?’ The people said, ‘He is the son of Mary.’ Then I looked behind and I saw a red-complexioned, fat, curly-haired man, blind in the right eye which looked like a bulging out grape. I asked, ‘Who is this?’ They replied, ‘He is Ad-Dajjal.’ The one who resembled to him among the people, was Ibn Qatar.” (Az-Zuhri said, “He (i.e. Ibn Qatan) was a man from the tribe Khuza’a who died in the pre-lslamic period.”)

The quote from “Taudih-e-Maram” in english as “Elucidation of Objectives” (see pages 14-15, online english edition of 2004)

“””The Holy Prophetsa saw the first Messiah on the night of the Mi‘raj. According to a tradition mentioned in Sahih Bukhari, page 489, the Holy Prophetsa described him as of medium height, reddish complexion, curly hair, and a broad chest. But, in the same book, the Holy Prophetsa is reported to have described the second Messiah as being of light brown complexion the colour
of wheat, and having, not curly, but straight hair reachingdown to his ears.

Let us pause for a moment and consider. Surely the distinguishing marks of the two Messiahs, as stated by the Holy Prophetsa, adequately assure us that the first and second Messiah are two entirely different persons. As for addressing each of them as ‘the son of Mary’, this is a metaphor which is as subtle as it is fine: it has been employed on account of the temperamental and spiritual affinity between the two Messiahs. Is it not true that because of such resemblance in disposition and character, two different persons, known for their piety, may well be addressed by the same name, just as two bad characters, who equally share evil, may be called counterparts? Muslims often name their children after the names of Prophets such as Ahmad, Musa, ‘Isa, Sulaiman, Dawud, and so on. They do so as an augury, hoping that, as a good omen, the children thus named might acquire the spiritual qualities and character of these archetypal ideals to the extent of becoming their true copies.”””
Esa (as) looks like Urwa bin Mas’ud

Sahih Muslim, Book 41, Hadith 7023

‘Abdullah b. ‘Amr reported that a person came to him and said: What is this hadith that you narrate that the Last Hour would come at such and such time? Thereupon he said: Hallowed be Allah, there is no god but Allah (or the words to the same effect). I have decided that I would not narrate anything to anyone now. I had only said that you would see after some time an important event that the (sacred) House (Ka’ba) would be burnt and it would happen and definitely happen. He then reported that Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: The Dajjal would appear in my Ummah and he would stay (in the world) for forty-I cannot say whether he meant forty days, forty months or forty years. And Allah would then send Jesus son of Mary who would resemble ‘Urwa b Mas’ud. He (Jesus Christ) would chase him and kill him. Then people would live for seven years that there would be no ran. cour between two persons. Then Allah would send cold wind from the side of Syria that none would survive upon the earth having a speck of good in him or faith in him but he would die, so much so that even if some amongst you were to enter the innermost part of the mountain, this wind would reach that place also and that would cause his heath. I heard Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: Only the wicked people would survive and they would be as careless as birds with the charactertistics of beasts. They would never appreciate the good nor condemn evil. Then the Satan would come to them in human form and would say: Don’t you respond? And they would say: What do you order us? And he would command them to worship the idols but, in spite of this, they would have abundance of sustenance and lead comfortable lives. Then the trumpet would be blown and no one would hear that but he would bend hfs neck to one side and raise it from the other side and the first one to hear that trumpet would be the person who would be busy in setting right the tank meant for providing water to the camels. He would swoon and the other people would also swoon, then Allah would send or He would cause to send rain which would be like dew and there would grow out of it the bodies of the people. Then the second trumpet would be blown and they would stand up and begin to look (around). Then it would be said: O people, go to your Lord, and make them stand there. And they would be questioned. Then it would be said: Bring out a group (out of them) for the Hell-Fire. And then it would be asked: How much? It would be said: Nine hundred and ninty-nine out of one thousand for the Hell-Fire and that would be the day which would make the children old because of its terror and that would be the day about which it has been said:” On the day when the shank would be uncovered” (lxviii. 42).

Scans and etc

An additional perspective

Qadiani’s are false in saying that Isa AS was white in heaven and a different brown guy when he returns. The words are exactly the same! Both say al hamrah wal bayadh or reddish fair! The brown Hadith is about a dream and doesn’t mention the second coming. But the second coming Hadith which mentions the details to recognize Isa AS with is clearly the same Isa AS from heaven!

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