Our brother Akber Choudhry has written a new essay on the Ahmadiyya non-profit global business model. We have also re-produced it in the below. Also check out Akber’s previous amazing work on Ahmadiyya and how they stored money illegally overseas. Akber and AK Shaikh have made videos about all of this too. They proved that Mirza Masroor Ahmad owned companies that held money tax-free in Panama.
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In response to the investigation on the offshore accounts of a global charity, a venomous ad hominem piece was posted online. I had not planned to reply to it as it failed to address the questions raised.

I am glad that my investigation resulted in the admission that the Pakistan Qadiani Ahmadiyya organization does use offshore accounts to send money abroad. The donors in Pakistan are generally very poor and if the offshoring of their donations is not in their direct benefit and it never comes back, then where does it go? With the focus on anti-corruption and anti-money-laundering (AML) on the world today, it is worth an investigation. I hope it all turns out to be innocuous, but what is the harm in the truth or ‘giving a money trail’ as so many people involved with money laundering have been asked in recent years? Why attack me like other accused money launderers have attacked everyone under the sun, but not provided a money trail?

Due to the FATF spotlight on Pakistan especially with reference to charities, and on the insistence of a couple of close friends, I have been asked to write a point-wise response. The list actually starts with ‘0’ so as to keep the rest of the numbers the same as in the attack piece.

0. ‘Kill . . . hate group’. I have never been part of, or associated with any hate group. When in the United Kingdom, I was spokesman for the Khatm-e-Nubuwwat Academy in East London that is run by Sohail Bawa. By the same definition as in the attack article, it is also a registered charity and supervised and audited by the UK government. I volunteered to be their spokesperson as the Qadiani Ahmadiyya were falsely trying to connect the terrorist attacks in Lahore in 2010 with this organization in London UK. Since Sohail Bawa was a friend, and was worried about this attack, I helped him out and successfully showed in the media and to the Crown Prosecution Services that the Qadiani attack was ill-founded and full of malice

1. ‘Full-time anti-Ahmad fanatic . . .devoted his professional career’. I am a software architect by profession and rarely find the time to write on Ahmadiyya issues despite hundreds of requests. Maybe I should write more!

2. Offshore accounts are used for international transfers and parking of funds. Even if each country’s charity was legitimate, the question is about international transactions and transfers and why a group of charities needs that channel. Regarding the personal attack on my companies, I was living in UK under the HSMP (Highly Skilled Migrant Program) but was denied renewal due to a technical days’ count issue as I had spent some time in Canada. Instead of appealing, I moved back to Canada and wound up my software company and publishing company in UK. What is so sinister about that? Is there anything wrong?

3. An offshore account is definitely not a crime. My question was simple: what purpose are these offshore accounts serving for a group of international charities? A charity is supposed to be more transparent than a for-profit company. Isn’t it so?

4. A classic straw man attack. The Qadiani donation-collectors hound poor people, thus the leader has to ask them to back off as per the quote in the attack piece. That, in itself, defeats the purpose of voluntary contributions and the religious concept of ‘cleansing’ through financial giving.

5. An example of the ‘dubious’ organization is ‘Mirza Sharif Ahmad Foundation’ (MSAF). The accountant is shared between it and the parent international organization (AMJ International), and so are some of the directors and the goals are almost the same. In its last statement (2018), MSAF and AMJI both says that there are no shared directors and they both claim that Mirza Masroor Ahmad is the spiritual and official head of the organizations and yet they do not declare him as a PSC (person with significant control). AMJI gives millions to MSAF to buy and maintain property in the UK and elsewhere. Why can’t AMJI or AMJ UK do the same work when the people who are ostensibly housed in these properties are AMJ UK employees or designated missionaries?

6. Balancing books for a single organization is a tactical task. Funneling money between related and non-arms-length charities within the same country (UK) and under a single leader is dubious and points to strategic coordination. What is the purpose? Pray tell. For example, if MSAF were to be dissolved tomorrow, its finances would not flow back to AMJI as they were ‘grants’. And since a member of the Mirza Family (Mirza Mahmood Ahmad) is the main MSAF director, would he not have control over any winding up or delegation of funds? Would this be discussed in the Shura of AMJ UK or International Shura? Why does money from Canada and Germany and USA need to be collected in UK under a charity that sends it out to other charities that are not under the checks and balance system of the national charities?

7. Why did Mirza Masroor Ahmad need to dissolve his predecessor’s offshore accounts and set up new companies, new charities and new offshore companies when he came to power in 2003. The investment in properties that is one-way, i.e. money from donations ‘granted’ to newly formed end charities for purposes that are within the remit of the established charities.

8. Unrelated

9. So, are we to assume that the Pakistan organization is saving its money offshore to save it from the government of Pakistan? Isn’t it registered in Pakistan with audited accounts and immense real estate property? Why does it need to hide? Does it ever bring it back? Those are the questions that are not answered. Why try to conflate individuals’ experiences with an organization that is regulated by the government of Pakistan and enjoys all its assets and has not once been threatened with asset freezing. Is cash its only asset that needs to be protected from the government? If it is sent abroad, and not laundered or not brought back, isn’t that the definition of hoarding?

10. Out of the unrelated statements, the only concrete phrase is ‘security, not evasion’. Security I have addressed in (9) above and evasion is not something I accused anyone of. Laundering and transferring to other countries is what I was proposing as the reason of offshore accounts. The question is, if the Pakistan Qadiani organization has billions of non-cash assets that are safe and its accounts are audited annually by the Pakistan government and the government has never confiscated any cash, why park the cash outside in offshore accounts through personal channels? At the risk of repeating myself, is it ever brought back, and if not, where does it end up? What is the benefit to the donor in Pakistan, who is poor and contribute fresh sums every year? In other words, the internal cash flow of the Pakistan organization is steady and continuous.

I will elaborate more on this as time goes on. Now that the fallout from the Panama Papers in Pakistan is well established, I hope that this Qadiani Ahmadiyya setup gets looked into and I hope that it turns out to be all innocent. If there is something amiss, the culprits need to be caught. The disconcerting thing is that a charity had to go to these troubles and mark itself as the only substantial multi-national charity doing this type of financial dealing. And then it had to attack me for asking questions!


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