Ahmadis are not to be trusted. They are living their lives for the success of the Mirza family aka Khilafat. Over the past 130 years, Ahmadis have been known to be working secretly behind the scenes to further the advancement of their non-profit corporation.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Ahmadis cry persecution and accuse anyone who calls them non-Muslim as criminals

Qasim Rashid and his other Ahmadi-PR trolls have been running around the internet and in-person crying to all politicians in terms of their status as non-Muslim in Pakistan. Recently, Qasim Rashid wrote “Clerics Who Accuse Ahmadis of Being “non-Muslim” Are Abetting Violence & Discrimination”  In this essay he has told many lies. I have analyzed his essay in the below.

He writes:

“””The main difference between Ahmadis and other Muslims is that Ahmadis believe in the Messiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Ahmad established the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, which was dedicated to reforming Muslims and reviving Islam by emphasizing the core teachings of peace, service, and justice found in the religion and preached by Prophet Muhammad.”””

  1.  However, this is a lie, the main difference is that Ahmadis believe that MGA was a prophet and thus have thrown themselves out of Islam. In fact, the Lahori-branch of Ahmadis knew how rebellious it was to believe in prophethood after Muhammad (Saw), so they dropped MGA’s prophethood in 1914. However, the Qadiani branch asserted it, they double-downed on it, they even went so far as saying that MGA was greater then Muhammad (Saw) in that era, but they have toned down that rhetoric these days as a political move.1.a.  Qasim Rashid purposely leaves out this crucial piece of information, since he is a liar and a cheat, he lies on behalf of the Mirza family every single day.2. He then writes: “”Ahmadi Muslims do not care if religious leaders accept us as Muslims or not.”””  However, if this was the case, why have Ahmadis made it such a big deal? Why are Ahmadis even crying about this? Why dont Ahmadis accept that their fellow Pakistani’s see that as “constitutional non-Muslims”, and move on?  The reason is that the Mirza family purposely got themselves declared as non-Muslim, since he wanted to start a war with ALL muslims in the world. Further, in 1984, Ahmadiyya leadership purposely got Ord-XX passed, since it was in their best interest to abandon Pakistan, based on the political climate in the 1980’s (the war with the USSR in Afghanistan).


3.   He then writes: “”Ahmadis already have validation from the Prophet Muhammad, who defined a Muslim as someone who recites the Kalima, (There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger), which Ahmadis proudly recite.””” However, this isnt exactly true.  The hadith that Ahmadis quote isn’t given a context, that hadith has a context, and its battlefield related.  Further, any Muslim govt. has the right to define a Muslim or not.  In the past, the Ottoman Empire had no need to define a Muslim, hence they didnt, the Mughals were the same, the Mughals even outlawed Jizya for a time being. Per the Quran and hadith, there is no exact definition of a Muslim. Further, Mirza Bashir Ahmad, the only educated son of MGA even wrote that Ahmadis believe in a different Kalima then all Shias/Sunni’s, since Ahmadis believe in the prophethood of MGA, and since all the prophets are included under Muhammad (saw) in the Kalima, Ahmadis have added an extra prophet. Finally, Qasim Rashid and Kashif Chaudhry will never even try to write commentary on these comments by Mirza Bashir Ahmad in 1916.

4.  He then writes: “””the threat of violence and support for private and public discrimination against Ahmadis created by clerics who accuse us of being non-Muslim”””. This is another lie.  When Ahmadis were declared non-Muslim in 1974, the violence and rioting against Ahmadis stopped, in fact, it made it a crime, the Govt. has decided their fate, and per Ahmadi collusion, now, private citizens must not take matters into their own hands. In fact, it was aggressive Ahmadiyya tabligh which inflames the people of Pakistan and which has led to clashes with the Sunni-majority in Pakistan.

5.  He then says: “”” In Pakistan, for example, Ahmadi Muslims cannot vote, say Salaam, call the Adhaan, go to a mosque, go to Hajj, congregate in public, run for office, or even read the Qur’an”””.  This is yet another lie, Ahmadis are allowed to vote in Pakistan, however, they have been ordered to abstain from voting, by their Khalifa. In fact, there are minority seats reserved for minorities in terms of creating a political party. In 1977, an Ahmadi created a political party and began lobbying the govt., Mirza Nasir Ahmad kicked him out of Ahmadiyya immediately, and Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s order remains valid. Any Ahmadi who even tried to vote in Pakistan will be kicked out of Ahmadiyya.

6.  He then continues to cry about Ahmadi books being banned. However, Ahmadiyya books are inflammatory towards Muslims and Christians. Ahmadis believe that Esa (As) died in Kashmir, in fact, Ahmadiyya books on this subject were banned in the 1950’s in Pakistan. Ahmadis are like Jehovas Witnesses, they use their literature as marketing. In the Muslim world, Ahmadiyya literature is like Pork, hence, it is banned.

7.  He goes on to discredit all Muslims clerics in the world and blames them for not standing up to Western powers. This is ridiculous. The USA controls the world, and the UK. The UK controlled British-India and the entire middle east for a looooong time. There is no end to all of this. This is the current state of political affairs. In fact, secretly, Ahmadis believe that Muslims are being punished, since we have rejected MGA.

8.  He then goes on and on ab out how Ahmadis are engaged in corporate social responsibility, however, this is mandatory of all non-profit corporations, hence, Ahmadis do it, further, its marketing, hence Ahmadis do it, just to get converts and political influence.

Qasim is a liar.  e lies on behalf of the Mirza family every single day.  The reason is…his father is an employee, as are many of his relatives. The Mirza family sent Qasim’s father to the USA for work as a Mullah, hence Qasim came to the USA in the 1980’s, they then paid for him to go to college and helped him start a family, hence, he is indebted to them and he lies on their behalf.
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